Pasoh: Ecology of a Lowland Rain Forest in Southeast Asia

Pasoh: Ecology of a Lowland Rain Forest in Southeast Asia

Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2003)

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Pasoh: Ecology of a Lowland Rain Forest in Southeast Asia by T. Okuda

The Pasoh Forest Reserve in Malaysia is one of the most species-rich ecological systems on our planet. Since the 1970s it has been the site of intensive research on lowland tropical rain forest across a diverse range of disciplines including ecology, forestry, meteorology, and hydrology. Research has focused on biodiversity and sustainable management of tropical rain forests as well as the role of tropical rain forests in maintaining global climate and carbon sinks. This book compiles diverse studies of the ecology and natural history of the Pasoh Forest Reserve and focuses on six areas: Physical settings and environment; Vegetation structure, diversity, and dynamics; Plant population and functional biology; Animal ecology and biodiversity; Plant–animal interactions; and Anthropogenic impacts and forest management. This book is of interest to tropical forest researchers worldwide in ecology, conservation biology, taxonomy, and forestry.

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ISBN-13: 9784431670100
Publisher: Springer Japan
Publication date: 02/03/2013
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2003
Pages: 628
Product dimensions: 0.00(w) x 0.00(h) x 0.05(d)

Table of Contents

I: Physical Settings and Environment.- 1 Pasoh Research, Past and Present.- 2 Logging History and Its Impact on Forest Structure and Species Composition in the Pasoh Forest Reserve—Implications for the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources and Landscapes.- 3 The Trees of Pasoh Forest: Stand Structure and Floristic Composition of the 50-ha Forest Research Plot.- 4 Rainfall Characteristics of Tropical Rainforest at Pasoh Forest Reserve, Negeri Sembilan, Peninsular Malaysia.- 5 Soil Nutrient Flux in Relation to Trenching Effects under Two Dipterocarp Forest Sites.- 6 Characteristics of Energy Exchange and Surface Conductance of a Tropical Rain Forest in Peninsular Malaysia.- 7 Soil and Belowground Characteristics of Pasoh Forest Reserve.- II: Vegetation Structure, Diversity and Dynamics.- 8 Leaf Phenology of Trees in the Pasoh Forest Reserve.- 9 Eco-Morphological Grouping of Non-Dipterocarp Tree Species in a Tropical Rain Forest Based on Seed and Fruit Attributes.- 10 Microhabitat Preference of Two Sympatric Scaphium Species in a 50 ha Plot in Pasoh.- 11 Diversity of Putative Ectomycorrhizal Fungi in Pasoh Forest Reserve.- 12 Community Structure of Wood-Decaying Basidiomycetes in Pasoh.- III: Plant Population and Functional Biology.- 13 Comparative Biology of Tropical Trees: a Perspective from Pasoh.- 14 Palms of Pasoh.- 15 Flowering Predictions Based on 20 Years of Phenological Observations of Neobalanocarpus heimii (King) Ashton.- 16 Leaf Physiological Adjustments to Changing Lights: Partitioning the Heterogeneous Resources across Tree Species.- 17 Gas Exchange and Turgor Maintenance of Tropical Tree Species in Pasoh Forest Reserve.- 18 Sunfleck Contribution to Leaf Carbon Gain in Gap and Understory Tree Seedlings of Shorea macrophylla.- 19 Molecular Phylogeny of Dipterocarpaceae.- 20 Regeneration Strategy and Spatial Distribution Pattern of Neobalanocarpus heimii in the Lowland Dipterocarp Forest of Pasoh, Peninsular Malaysia.- 21 Mating System and Gene Flow of Dipterocarps Revealed by Genetic Markers.- IV: Animal Ecology and Biodiversity.- 22 Aspects of the Diversity of Geometridae (Lepidoptera) in Pasoh Forest Reserve.- 23 Seasonal Variation and Community Structure of Tropical Bees in a Lowland Tropical Forest of Peninsular Malaysia: the Impact of General Flowering.- 24 Vertical Stratification of Ambrosia Beetle Assemblage in a Lowland Rain Forest at Pasoh, Peninsular Malaysia.- 25 The Communal Lifestyle of Web-Building Spiders in Tropical Forests.- 26 The Ant Species Richness and Diversity of a Primary Lowland Rain Forest, the Pasoh Forest Reserve, West-Malaysia.- 27 The Bird Community at Pasoh: Composition and Population Dynamics.- 28 Herpetofauna Diversity Survey in Pasoh Forest Reserve, Negeri Sembilan, Peninsular Malaysia.- 29 Small Mammals Diversity in Pasoh Forest Reserve, Negeri Sembilan, Peninsular Malaysia.- V: Plant-Animal Interactions.- 30 Insect Herbivores on Tropical Dipterocarp Seedlings.- 31 Spatial Distribution of Flower Visiting Beetles in Pasoh Forest Reserve and Its Study Technique.- 32 Ant Fauna of the Lower Vegetation Stratum in Pasoh Forest Reserve with Special Reference to the Diversity of Plants with Extrafloral Nectaries and Associated Ants.- 33 Ant-Plant Diversity in Peninsular Malaysia, with Special Reference to the Pasoh Forest Reserve.- 34 Leaf Herbivory and Defenses of Dipterocarp Seedlings in the Pasoh Forest Reserve.- 35 Native, Wild Pigs (Sus scrofa) at Pasoh and Their Impacts on the Plant Community.- VI: Anthropogenic Impacts and Forest Management.- 36 Is the Termite Community Disturbed by Logging?.- 37 Small Mammal Community: Habitat Preference and Effects after Selective Logging.- 38 Woodpeckers (Picidae) at Pasoh: Foraging Ecology, Flocking and the Impacts of Logging on Abundance and Diversity.- 39 Regeneration of a Clear-Cut Plot in a Lowland Dipterocarp Forest in Pasoh Forest Reserve, Peninsular Malaysia.- 40 Prospects and Priorities for Research Towards Forest Policy Reform and the Sustainable Management of Biodiverse Tropical Forests.- References: Ecologidal Studies in Pasoh Forest Reserve (1964—).- Contributors.

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