Passage to Paradise: Time is coming to an End

Passage to Paradise: Time is coming to an End

by Palmer Paxton Stoutt
Passage to Paradise: Time is coming to an End

Passage to Paradise: Time is coming to an End

by Palmer Paxton Stoutt


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An undeniable unique viewpoint to understanding end of times, word of God.

There have been on this earth many natural disasters that came upon us that we were not prepared for leaving a trail of destruction and death. It has often been said: "If only we were better prepared so many lives would not have been lost." In the case of a tsunami, hurricane, tornado, snow storm, flood, earthquake, typhoon, or volcano, natural disasters have caused severe death and destruction in many corners of this earth. If we knew beforehand about one of these imminent disasters, we would most certainly be prudent to prepare ourselves to avoid loss of life.

Just as in the case of being prepared for the aforementioned disasters, how prepared are we for what's coming at the end of time?

Even with all the present day's science and technology, and with future inventions of science and technology, no one upon this earth will know the exact time of this coming end.

For thousands of years, before books even existed and subjects developed in the sciences and technology, we were given the key to knowledge by the word of God to warn us to be prepared for the end of time.

In Passage to Paradise: Time is coming to an End, author Palmer Paxton Stoutt presents a fascinating and remarkable viewpoint throughout time on this earth as he weaves together information supported by the King James Version of the Bible. He ties together events leading from the beginning to the end of time, and reveals new information on undeniable key signs which will warn that time is coming to an end, including without doubt the names of the last two kings to rule over the world kingdom at the end of time; key disclosure on the true meaning of the feared number 666; and most significantly, knowledge and understanding through the word of God to seek the only person with the keys to the hidden treasure of true riches which must be a focus in our lifetime to survive the end of time.

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ISBN-13: 9781475041484
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Publication date: 08/16/2012
Pages: 426
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About the Author

Palmer Paxton Stoutt is an entrepreneur who has traveled extensively in Asia, Europe, Caribbean and North America. He earned his bachelor's in computer science from Queen's University in Canada and a master's in management and information systems from the University of London in England. Stoutt vividly remembers receiving a Bible from his parents before going to boarding school. He has kept the Bible throughout all of his education, and it still sits among his collection of King James Version Bibles. Stoutt is a daily reader of the Bible, believing the word of God is both inspirational and instructional to his life. Having accepted God's call to spread His word of the everlasting kingdom, Stoutt published his first book, "Passage to Paradise: Time is coming to an End."

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