Passages for Unseen Translation from Latin and Greek Authors

Passages for Unseen Translation from Latin and Greek Authors


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Originally published in 1923, this book was aimed at school students and undergraduates and contains a varied collection of Latin and Greek extracts for unseen translation to complement the already existing translation books in circulation within the educational system at the time of publication. This book was produced in the hope that the 'new collection of passages may, if not actually filling a gap, at any rate prove an attractive change'. Keeping strictly within the limits of the Classical Period, Latin extracts include, Valerius Flaccus, Manilius and Seneca's Tragedies, whilst Greek extracts include, Homeric Hyms, Pratinas and Menander. Passages, which are particularly difficult, have been marked with an asterisk in the table of contents and overly short and long passages have also been included in order to meet different circumstances. This book will be of great value to anyone with an interest in Latin, Greek and the history of education.

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ISBN-13: 9781316612606
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 07/28/2016
Pages: 334
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.01(h) x 0.75(d)

Table of Contents

Preface; Part I. Latin: 1-6. Plautus; 7-8. Terrence; 9-14. Lucretius; 15-16. Caesar; 17-38. Cicero; 39. Cicero, Catullus, Quintillian; 40-44. Catullus; 45-48. Sallust; 49-54. Virgil; 55-56. Appendix Vergilliana; 57-68. Horace; 69. Tibullus; 70-77. Propertius; 78-85. Livy; 86-93. Ovid; 94. Manilius; 95-104. Seneca; 104. Persius; 105-111. Lucan; 112-117. Petronius; 118-119. Veronius Flaccus; 120-123. Quintillian; 124-129. Statius; 130-131. Silius Italicus; 132-143. Martial; 144-149. Juvenal; 150-161. Tacitus; 162-165. Pliny; 166-170. Suetonius; 171-172. Gellius; Part II. Greek: 1-7. Homer; 8-10. Homeric hymns; 11-12. Hesiod; 13-14. Simonides; 16. Pratinas; 17-19. Pindar; 20-21. Bacchylides; 22-29. Aeschylus; 30-35. Herodotus; 36-41. Sophocles; 42-54. Euripides; 55-62. Aristophanes; 63-72. Thucydides; 73. Andocides; 74. Lysias; 75-78. Xenophon; 79-92. Plato; 93. Isocrates; 94-104. Demosthenes; 105-108. Aristotle; 109-111. Theophrastus; 112. Dinarchus; 113. Menander; 114-116. Theocritus; 117. Moschus; 118-121. Apollonius Rhodius; 122. Callimachus; 123-125. Plutarch; 126-131. Lucian; 132. Longinus; 133. Musaeus; 134. Anacreontea; 135-138. Anthologia Palatina.

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