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Passion Never Ends

Passion Never Ends

by Summer Hill
Passion Never Ends

Passion Never Ends

by Summer Hill



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Off the coast of Georgia is Sea Island of Ardor; “a legacy of love and passion.” A legacy never questioned by Patsy until the sea took her childhood sweetheart, first romantic lover and husband, two years ago. Now she wanted her promised legacy back, knowing she would never find true love again. And,“It was time to put Kevin to rest.”
At the cemetery she noticed a handsome stranger, knowing this is a tourist island.The islander’s couldn’t wait to have her a homecoming for a new life. She would accept red roses for love and passion and money to start a new life. She had accepted Marvin’s death, but not the passion and desires she had lost.
Patsy surprised; finding roses placed in her bakery. A start to many questions to whom desired her and who is this new man on the island called Mr. Kevin Quest. “Was he the handsome stranger in the cemetery?”
Due to finance problems Patsy moves in with her Aunt and rents out her apartment which is over her bakery to Kevin Quest.
Patsy feels a connection to Kevin Quest and it terrifies her. “His smile warms her with his sexy deep voice.” However, She learns fast that Kevin is not bashful when it comes to thinking he can seduce her into his arms. She puts him in his place and she doesn’t trust him. Now there is tension between them as he backs off. She dares not to tell him, she likes his persistence. She is a lady, but she has a secret. “She controls the bed-games.”

Kevin Quest an Atlanta undercover police officer took on a part-time job as a private investigator with a Lawyer, Marvin, Patsy’s husband. And after Marvin’s death, Kevin found a part-time job as a private investigator to resolve and close death settlements.
A year later Marvin’s final two year investigation needed to be closed, Marvin’s body never come to shore and its up to Kevin to investigate and reopen or close with a settlement to Marvin’s wife. He pushed the case off on someone else, but it always ended up on his desk. He stared at the case; “Why not close this part of Marvin’s life and besides he had vacation time. He could close the case and enjoy the Island.”
Kevin takes the ferry over to Sea Island of Ardor. He found friendship and a peaceful life. Years as a rough undercover police officer he wanted passion and a peaceful life with the right woman. He became friends with the islanders and to an incredible, arousing woman, Patsy.
However, Kevin’s secret to why he was on the Island, he kept from Patsy. He fears he could lose her with the truth and she may not like cops and his passion; he likes his lady to be in control with his desires. The truth had to come out or leave.

A deep intense feeling overwhelms Patsy. She is sexually aroused when she is around Kevin, but there is something about him. And she lets her guard down for a playful night on the beach. Her emotions of love fills her heart, but she knows he will leave the Island.
Patsy’s mixed emotion of only knowing Kevin weeks overcome the love she feels for him. She didn’t want to lose him. She rushes to tell him how she feels and with a surprise visit to his apartment as he is in the shower. She stands back to observe his nude body, revealing his tattoos. She questions “Who is he?” A gang member? Does she dare to trust him?
Patsy’s backs away and on her way out, she notices a letter, addressed to her. The passion and love of Kevin's written words touched her heart as she returns to the shower as she takes control of his desires.

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BN ID: 2940154068885
Publisher: Summer Hill
Publication date: 03/14/2017
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: eBook
File size: 354 KB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

I’m the tenth generation from the Blue Ridge Mountains. And to understand my passion to write, you need to know my history.

My mother moved with her sister to the Atlanta area to help her with her four boys as her sister worked in the cotton mill. Mother was only 11 as she met my father and married at 12.

I was the second child born and every other weekend we travel right back to the mountains. “We couldn't stay away for its in our blood.” And every summer all the grandchildren helped grandma and grandpa for months.

My childhood and teenage years were about family, and at night, everyone came to eat, pick and sing. Everyone, knew who made moonshine in the family, but they called themselves lumberjacks, transporting trees down the river. “We all knew the rules.”
Mountain children never fooled anyone for we entertained ourselves. Having a little fun, locking the neighbor down in the hollow in his outhouse, finding a rat in the well-water bucket or taking grandma’s mason jar that she filled with milk, right out of the creek. “Cold and good!”
We climbed trees higher then the sky. We even climbed a plum tree with branches that hanged over the hog pen. Yes, we fell right into the hog pen. Oh, yeah, grandma knew we would try to reach for her plums. “Never a dull day!”

I began telling stories at an early age. Listening around the corners for gossip or truth, adding romance or mystery. My family said, I was a little strange, but mountain people have different ways and the stories grew. “Truth or lies?”

Romance was everywhere, barns, fields, even in the outhouse. Yes, love was deep and forever for passion always tells a story. And a visit to the ocean opened my range for I seen love everywhere—

“My heart is to write as real to life fiction stories of romance passion.” A romance is not always happy. Life and passion comes with sadness, laughter, surprises, failed relationships, and a true romance for life.
You will need soft tissue near by or a cup of hot tea to stay awake for you will enjoy the next surprise with laughter.

I often think of my great-great uncle as the story was told. He sat by his wife of 85 years until she passed. He never stop crying as he walked far up a mountain and sat down in the place, she and him enjoyed. He looked out at the mountains as he took his rifle and shot himself, only to find him years later. “Their passion lived on through me and now you.”

What I want to give my romance fans--

“A romance story that touches their hearts and a story to recall.”

Summer Hill

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