Passion: Erotic Romance for Women

Passion: Erotic Romance for Women

by Rachel Kramer Bussel

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ISBN-13: 9781573445603
Publisher: Cleis Press
Publication date: 11/01/2010
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 610,726
File size: 521 KB

About the Author

Rachel Kramer Bussel regularly contributes to Refinery 29, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan, and she hosts readings around the country. A prolific erotica editor, her titles include He’s on Top, She’s on Top, and Do Not Disturb. She lives in New York City Praise for Dirty Dates "This stimulating read is both for experienced players and those just discovering the joy of tying up your lover. Anything For You is a collection of sexy stories of uninhibited, adventurous sex by the county's best erotic writers. Each boldly-wrought tale shared with your lover is another door opened into the erotic mindscape." —YourTango "Rachel Kramer Bussel's is a guidebook to great sex, told story by delicious story of uninhibited, adventurous sex sure to keep the home fires burning Each boldly wrought tale shared with your lover is another door opened into the erotic mindscape." -- Fresh Fiction "A scintillatingly kinky combination of scenarios is offered for the reader's arousal, captivating with words anyone who has a bondage fetish." -- Night Owl Reviews "Each character in these stories shows a tremendous amount of strength and pride. It takes guts to let someone see your innermost desires, and allow them the freedom to grow. There is certainly something for everyone here." -- Coffee Time Romance

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Introduction: Getting Passionate

Passion. It can mean greed, desire, affection, love or simply, emotion. You will find all of those and more in the stories contained herein. As you read these twenty stories, you too will be swept away by passion as you travel to Paris and Greece (and Beverly Hills). You’ll get stuck in an elevator, take a bubble bath and a bus ride (not to mention some subway foreplay and flirting) and explore nature in some very intimate ways. You’ll find couples, and couplings by men and women looking (whether they know it or not) to spice things up in the bedroom.

Here, couples at all stages of their relationships (including the very beginning) kindle their passion in various ways, from exes who reunite to young marrieds on a naughty nature walk to those who mix business with pleasure. When Krista in “Crave You Close,” by A. M. Hartnett, tells Nicky, “I’m so used to having to hold my breath,” she is saying so much about their usual erotic m.o. At night, outdoors, she is free to make as much noise as she wants to.

These couples explore getting kinky, precisely because they feel intimately connected to each other. They go places, literally and figuratively, they wouldn’t dare without the other. They revisit old flames and nurture new ones; indeed, sometimes the men these women crave, such as Maya does in “The Silver Belt,” are not their husbands at all, but someone else, someone special, someone who is seeing them in an entirely new light. Those stories mingle with other tales of longtime lovers ignited to fiery scenes within these pages.

Passion can mean so many things, from the sexual submission of a caning to exploring new bodily territory–sexual experimentation, trying something you’ve fantasized about. It can mean makeup sex or role-play, a change of scenery or simply a change of thinking. It can mean looking at a lover, a husband, a boyfriend or a new boy toy with fresh eyes, sizing him up, baring yourself, daring him to come and get you.

Just as in real life, there are lovers’ quarrels within these pages, slights real and imagined, as couples find tender, erotic ways to heal their hurts and become even closer. There is an element of real, raw emotion in the way love and desire can as easily tear us down as build us up, that makes us appreciate each expression of romance all the more, because we know how truly special it is. I’m grateful these authors skip from playful romps to relationship-saving sex to tender memories to scorching sex scenes, together creating a book that will likely make you blush and make your heart swell.

As the narrator in one of my favorite pieces, “My Dark Knight” by Jacqueline Applebee, says, “I’m a not-so-hopeless romantic. I believe that chivalry still exists, I hope to find quiet nobility in the most random of places, and I believe that people who love each other can live happily ever after.” She finds a dark, very sexy knight who she rescues, seduces, and then...But you’ll have to read the story to find out.

Rachel Kramer Bussel
New York City

Table of Contents

Introduction: Getting Passionate

Big Bed Sex • Donna George Storey
My Dark Knight • Jacqueline Applebee
Dear in the Headlights • Angela Caperton
The Cherry Orchard • Wickham Boyle
Autumn Suite • Suzanne V. Slate
Contentions • Isabelle Gray
The Silver Belt • Lana Fox
Five Senses Rachel •  Kramer Bussel
The Arc of Triumph • Monica Day
Crave You Close • A.M. Hartnett
Any Easy Guy to Fall On • Annabeth Leong
Lingua Franca • Justine Elyot
Third Time’s the Charm • Charlene Teglia
Riding Wild Things • Lizzy Chambers
No Risk, No Reward • Saskia Walker
If • Emerald
Getting It Right • Teresa Noelle Roberts
The Morning Ride • Delilah Devlin
The Efficiency Expert • Portia Da Costa
Rekindle • Kathleen Bradean

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Passion: Erotic Romance for Women 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
LMDF More than 1 year ago
Rachel Kramer Bussell has done a wonderful job choosing several short stories that take the reader all around the world without ever having to leave her own bedroom. Much like a box of rich chocolates, each story should be savored slowly on its own. Sure, they could be read all in one decadent sitting, but the fun is letting the story evolve and further bloom in the imagination. While I enjoyed the entire anthology, there were several standouts: Rachel Kramer Bussell's "Five Senses" brings home just how decadent each sense can be and how indulging just one at a time is worth the effort. Delilah Devliln's "The Morning Ride" and Annabeth Leong's "An Easy Guy to Fall On" has me rethinking my daily commute. And rethinking it. And rethinking it. Portia Da Costa's "The Efficiency Expert" proves that efficiency, streamlining, and getting to the point of it all is worth the effort. "Rekindle" by Kathleen Bradean has made me consider sending simple one word texts to the love of my life.
LASR_Reviews More than 1 year ago
Talk about a collection of stories to make you squirm in your seat! Chilly fall night or a quick pick-me-up to get in the mood-this is the one. Passion: Erotic Romance for Women could be that spicy book you're looking for that has a little bit of everything. Although the stories are short, they deliver the shot of heat needed when the temperatures dip. The writing is tight and fast-paced, ensuring I couldn't put this book down. I'll touch on my favorite stories. First is Third Time's The Charm by Charlene Teglia. This was my first foray into the world of Ms. Teglia, but it won't be my last. The heat sizzles in this short little story of confusion and redemption. I loved Nick. He's not perfect, but he's honest and from the vision I got from reading the description, he's yummy. Lynn came across as a bit cranky, but I understood and liked how she grew through the experience. Plus, who said elevator sex isn't hot? I also loved No Risk, No Reward by Saskia Walker. What if you had to say goodbye to the one person who made you tick, the one who got you out of yourself? Would you do something crazy? I loved how the narrator pined over the man she loved. It was sweet to read her reminiscing. I felt like I was there in the Land Rover with her, struggling to decide what to do about Cameron. He's forthright, but it's good because he takes charge. The ending left me sighing and panting. Yeah, it's that hot. There are several other really great pieces in this. So, if you want a collection of stories that are no-holds-barred, then you need to read Passion: Erotic Romance for Women. I give this group 4 cherries. Originally Posted at Whipped Cream Reviews