Passover A.D. 33

Passover A.D. 33

by Joe Just


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A purchase of a worn-out desk at a defunct college leads two older college buddies to seek out what was found in the drawers of this purchase. Contained within are numerous pages that could have been some sort of class project, or they just might be something very different. There is one page that tends to offer their origin. Their search for what was the motive of the papers leads them to discover that what they have in their hands just might be translations of early Christian history.

As the two men read, argue, and puzzle themselves, they come to meet some divergent people, including a slow-thinking strongman that hammers nails for a living. Also, they read about an old woman who at first appears to be senile but who might be the daughter of a person who is featured in Christian Gospels. How does one relate to the carpenter that works with the Romans, the conquering, hated people and rulers that he hates most?

It doesn’t take long for these two old roommates to become enamored with the stories they are now reading and how the stories relate to themselves, and to how they begin to look at the traditional Gospels.

Passover: AD 33 is not a story to change any belief. It does still offer Jesus as having been executed and risen again. It is a story to offer some minor characters that in most cases are not mentioned in Scripture. Those that you will meet are generally common everyday people with everyday hopes, dreams, and conflicted lives. You might find sinners, saints, and just ordinary plain folks whose only real connections are that they were in Jerusalem on that fateful Passover day in AD 33.

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