Passport through Darkness: A True Story of Danger and Second Chances

Passport through Darkness: A True Story of Danger and Second Chances

by Kimberly L. Smith
4.7 33


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Passport Through Darkness 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 33 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Amazing how open the Smiths shared their story and others they have met. Changes my outlook on daily irritations in this blessed nation we live in. Always have had my heart tugged to help orphans and women in africa but this made the struggles they face more real
vernie24VE More than 1 year ago
To be completely honest, this book is not an easy thing to read without getting affected along the way as I was teary eyed in between pages. This is a true-to-life story of an American couple who is living a very comfortable life but gave it all up one day as they both decided to follow a much higher noble calling or to surrender to a yearning---how to serve God better! They left their comfort zones to serve the Lord in probably the most darkest place in the whole planet Earth---Darfur, Sudan! The Author shared with us through this book her journey to this where she gets to experience the outcome of the horrors of war, there is rape, torture and murder. Evil is so much written in this place that one would ask " Why did Kimberly stayed on?'. Perhaps, Kimberly Smith is truly living the Purpose Driven life along with her husband Milton, they gave hope and they continued the good fight to start an orphanage there and established a organization to end human trafficking. I must really emphasize that this book is really hard to put down once you get up with all that suspense and drama involved. It is not really much about the suffering in Sudan, but the question far will you go as a devoted Christian? There is so much revelations here that might shock you but that is the reality, it is something you can't simply ignore. Overall, it is kind of a depressing but this will help you dig deeper to your faith and know what it means to truly follow Jesus Christ not only by reading the bible but by practicing it. this book is trying to not just a word --it is something every one of us should act upon with conviction despite all the odds. I received this book from B&B Media group for a book review. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own.
Evangeline_Han More than 1 year ago
Passport Through Darkness is an autobiography of a woman's journey in one of the darkest land in the world, Sudan. Kimberly L. Smith was a successful woman with everything that she could ever achieve in her American Dream and yet, she was discontented and dissatisfied. Until one day when she dared to allow God to use her and her husband, Milton. Their lives has never been the same since then. I found this autobiography an enjoyable read. Smith writes in brutal honesty as she gives us gut-wrenching glimpses of life in Sudan. She is not a professional writer but manages to communicate her message in a simple and effective manner. Smith is also honest in the book and does not try to put up a facade to hide her character flaws. There is many stories in it that is both informative and interesting. I found it difficult to put the book down until I finished reading it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the most thought provoking, gratefulness inducing, eye opening book i have ever read. It was the last push i needed to start making any difference i could. I recommend everyone read this book. Those of us that have much have no excuse for not sharing with those less fortunate.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I read this story because we actually sent missionaries to this orphanage. It is truly awesome how God calls those to serve and they go. What an astonishing and touching story that will leave you grateful for the blessings that we have here in the US. This story is not an easy book to read. It is amazing how a loving God uses an ordinary woman to reach the unwanted orphans in a ravaged country.
MariaSavva_Author More than 1 year ago
Passport Through Darkness, is a true story, told with great passion by the author. Kimberly L. Smith was an ordinary American woman, happily married with a successful career. Most of her children were grown up and had left home, and she was starting to feel as if her life was stuck in a rut. On her way to work one day she was struck by the realisation that if she died on that day, she would soon be forgotten and nothing she had left behind would be of any value. She wanted her life to have a meaning and purpose. This feeling was so strong that it overwhelmed her, she felt that she could no longer go on living the life she was living. She found herself begging God to show her what her purpose was. Around this time, her husband was beginning to feel as if their lives had become stale and they should be doing more, trying to make a difference for themselves and others. In his past he had worked as a missionary in Spain, as if by chance there was now an opening for missionaries to work in Spain. Her husband suggested that they move there. At first unsure about the upheaval, eventually the author and her husband and their two teenage children made the move to Spain. This adventure was the start of the author's 'Passport Through Darkness' , the beginning of her journey to realise the reason she was put on the earth. It started a chain of events that would eventually lead her to Sudan, alone, where she was to face her worst fears and risk her own life, to save orphans and widows from the atrocities they faced on a daily basis. Passport Through Darkness is an eye-opening read, a hard-hitting story about life in Sudan and other war-torn countries. It's a book that has the power to change the way people see themselves and their lives. It is an intense book, there are many shocking realities within the pages, but it is a book that begs to be read, and contains the very important message that each one of us has a purpose. By facing her deepest fears, and risking losing everything she cared about, Kimberly L.Smith was able to fully experience life and come to appreciate the person she was put on the earth to be. Kimberly L. Smith and her husband are the founders of Make Way Partners (Make Way Partners) which helps prevent human trafficking worldwide. Reviewed by Maria Savva as a reviewer for Bookpleasures.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love to know there are some people that honestly care.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is incredible. I couldnt put it down.
SuperTuper More than 1 year ago
This story had to be told. We here in America need to know what is happening across the seas to these helpless women and children. I admire Kimberly for being able to recount these painful memories. I don't believe her spirit would have allowed her to do otherwise. Kimberly is a gifted and talented author whose word usage and style are exceptional. Her storytelling abilitiy is incredible. She writes with humility and transparancy that allows the reader to see her endearing personal qualities. The reader sees her down-to-earth humanity and can connect with her. The stories themselves are engaging and you become captivated by these human beings who have had to endure such unspeakable horror. Their stories of survival will touch your heart in a way nothing else can. Praise God for moving Kimberly Smith out of her comfort zone and into the pit of hell. Thank you Kimberly for answering the call of those crying out in the wilderness for a Savior. Their Savior is Jesus and Jesus is working through Kimberly L. Smith. If you read this book and you are not moved by the stories of survival, not moved my Kim's faith and perseverance, not motivated to seek out how God may be challenging you, then re-read it until you are.
andrea259 More than 1 year ago
This book changed my view on life! I realize now,I have never had a problem, and never will have any problems. The truth shall set you free, and this book is a great example of the truth. Here in the USA we are kept pretty much in the dark and feed pop culture. Although this is not by our default, but we are sheltered from evil in the world. This book sheds light to the real world we live in, and once you have read this, you can no longer go back to the way you used to view the world. This is a MUST read!
kherbrand More than 1 year ago
I love that last line - Live the life God dreamed of when He first dreamed of you. When you were growing up, how often did you dream about what your life would be like - what you would do - who you would marry - what your kids would be like. I find it amazing that my Creator would dream about me and what he wants for my life. Through this book, Kimberly tells the story of how she came to be living the life she believes God had in mind for her. By the end, she bares her soul for all, things that she even kept from her husband for a time. Be sure to keep the kleenexes handy when reading - as you will surely need them. I found myself thinking about the conditions she describes in this book as I went about my day - thanking God for all those things we take for granted, like fresh water, shelter, security. It has definitely made me take a deeper look at how I can best serve God. This is a must read book, both to bring awareness to a part of the world where atrocities abound on a daily basis, and to bring awareness to hearts that might not know God's path - or even know God.
Psalm22 More than 1 year ago
This book has changed me forever. It's really quite astounding to realize that one person can make such a huge difference in the suffering of others. I am so thankful that Kimberly shared her story with us, now I must decide what I'm going to do about it.
Steve52 More than 1 year ago
A gripping account of mass murder, terror, torture, enslavement, rape, and famine in Sudan; An unblinking, intimate telling of its horrors; An unvarnished insight into the cultural, historical, religious, economic and geographic/ climatic forces at work; A sobering assessment of probable failures tempered by inevitable triumph; A clarion call to the Body of Christ; An author courageously sharing her own enslavement to self doubt and feelings of worthlessness; A testimonial to God unshackling her; A powerful paradigm for putting the Good News into action. Kimberly L. Smith's Passport Through Darkness is all these things and much more. Its value obvious to those with a heart for the Sudan and the enslaved everywhere, it should be read by the Church, leaders, and seekers everywhere. Ironically less obvious is its greatest gift: Passport Through Darkness shows not only how to set free the victims of war and modern slavery - it grants a passport to each of us, showing us how to escape our innermost torments or doubts and live fully as a freed child of God.
Joanna58 More than 1 year ago
Passport Through Darkness is one of the best books I have read in a long time. It truly pierced my heart-- If you are looking for something deeper than your same old self-help, feel good book---then this is for you! After reading this book-I am so encouraged---for I see how God's plan and desire to use average people is not just for biblical characters--- but this book helped remind me that God has a purpose for little average me. Read it and see what God is doing and desires to do in you!
MooreAudrey More than 1 year ago
Passport through Darkness is a must read! I brought the book on a long flight and couldn't put it down. Kimberly invites us in to her story of pain, suffering, joy, beauty, reconciliation and then challenges us to go on our own deeper journey of finding the adventure God has for my life when I am willing to risk and trust He is at work even in the darkest of times in the world and in my own heart. I've followed Kimberly Smith's writing for a long time through her blog and was blown away by the power of her writing in this book. It is not only a powerful story but a beautifully weaved work of art. This is a book I will read again and again and again - like spending the day sharing the realness of life with a trusted friend who has walked the path before me.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ENCOURAGING Awe-Inspiring Testimonial! Highly recommend
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ptm711 More than 1 year ago
This book shook up my world! I am already involved in the dark world of anti human trafficking, but this book really opened my eyes, with such detailed description, to the atrocities occurring in other parts of the world. It makes you want to dive in and help her change the world! Kimberly tells the story in such a detailed and vulnerable way, it makes you want to shut the book and never open it again (because what's happening is terrible and very descriptive) but you can't because it's so intriguing and you have to know what else is going to happen. She is a strong, selfless woman, and I'd recommend this book to anyone. I couldn't stop thinking about it for days after I had finished.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very intense true story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Not bad.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
kamas716 More than 1 year ago
** spoiler alert ** This was a very emotional book, but I was slightly disappointed. From the blurb I thought it was more about the actual trafficking in slaves and less about the atrocities of war. In actuality, the book is really more the authors memoir of her journey to God through Christ's example. It was well written, just not quite what I was expecting. It opened my eyes to the callousness of humanity nearly as much as Shake Hands With the Devil by Romeo Dallaire. I was already aware of the genocide and torture/mutilation occurring in Sudan. I was not aware of the corruption and lack of sympathy portrayed by the Portuguese authorities. Coming from a background of law enforcement, and with several relatives and close friends in the field, it's hard for me to understand how they can turn a blind eye on the continual sexual abuse of children. The small section dealing with Portugal was also the only part of the book that dealt with what I would consider what most people think of as 'human trafficking', which was the importation and holding of children as sex slaves. The majority of the book dealt with her experiences along the Kenya/Sudan border with the widows and orphans of the civil war in Sudan. The females who aren't captured as slaves are raped and mutilated so that if they survive, no man will want them. The children who aren't taken away as slaves are left to fend for themselves against the lions, hyenas, heat, dehydration, malnutrition and disease. One thing I found rather unsettling was her rather casual, almost flippant, description of her rape and how she dealt with it at the time. It was almost like it was thrown into the book as an afterthought; as in "Oh, yeah, this also happened". Another part of the book dealt with her and her husbands strained relationship due to the fact that they felt they needed to hide things from each other to remain strong for the other. Part of this may have been due to the extreme distance, time and culture that separated them.