Passport to Heaven: The True Story of a Zealous Mormon Missionary Who Discovers the Jesus He Never Knew

Passport to Heaven: The True Story of a Zealous Mormon Missionary Who Discovers the Jesus He Never Knew

by Micah Wilder
Passport to Heaven: The True Story of a Zealous Mormon Missionary Who Discovers the Jesus He Never Knew

Passport to Heaven: The True Story of a Zealous Mormon Missionary Who Discovers the Jesus He Never Knew

by Micah Wilder


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“You have a call, Elder Wilder.”

When missionary Micah Wilder set his sights on bringing a Baptist congregation into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he had no idea that he was the one about to be changed. Yet when he finally came to know the God of the Bible, Micah had no choice but to surrender himself—no matter the consequences.

For a passionate young Mormon who had grown up in the Church, finding authentic faith meant giving up all he knew: his community, his ambitions, and his place in the world. Yet as Micah struggled to reconcile the teachings of his Church with the truths revealed in the Bible, he awakened to his need for God’s grace. This led him to be summoned to the door of the mission president, terrified but confident in the testimony he knew could cost him everything.

Passport to Heaven is a gripping account of Micah’s surprising journey from living as a devoted member of a religion based on human works to embracing the divine mercy and freedom that can only be found in Jesus Christ.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780736982870
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Publication date: 06/01/2021
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.00(d)
Age Range: 3 Months to 18 Years

About the Author

Micah Wilder is a cofounder of Adam’s Road, a ministry dedicated to sharing the gospel through song and testimony. Micah was raised a faithful Latter-day Saint, and at the age of 19, he began two years of mission work in Florida. Incredibly, he became born again while still serving his mission. Micah lives in Florida with his wife, Alicia, and their three sons.

Table of Contents

1. Naked and Alone

Micah Wilder, a faithful missionary for the Mormon Church, receives a phone

call from his religious authority, President Farnsworth, wanting to meet with him

for an unknown purpose. His uncertainty and fear as to why he is being called

into a meeting with his church leaders leads to desperate speculation.

2. Take up Your Cross

Micah calls his close friend and confidant, Eric, seeking help to understand his

current predicament. Finally coming to the conclusion this meeting is about his

newfound faith in Jesus Christ, Micah seeks consolation in the scriptures and

comes to know his call of discipleship and the subsequent potential cost of

following Jesus. He heads to the chapel to meet with his religious authority.

3. God’s Army

Flashback to the first day of Micah’s mission as his family takes him to the

Missionary Training Center (MTC), the place where he will be trained over a 9-

week period for his two-year Mormon mission trip to Mexico. Micah emotionally

says goodbye to his family for the next two years.

4. The Band-Aid Mission

Three weeks into his time in the MTC, Micah’s lung spontaneous collapses,

sending him to the hospital and changing the destination of his two-year

mission. Micah receives a new mission call: Orlando Florida.

5. The Bell Tolls
Micah comes face-to-face with President Farnsworth, the man who will interrogate him for his faith in Jesus Christ. Introduction to Micah’s religious superior, and the inner turmoil Micah faces with losing the life he has always known and loved.

6. Mud in the Eyes
Flashback: Micah and his mission companion—due to nature’s call—accidentally stumble upon a charismatic pastor who engages them with love. Pastor Shaw challenges them with truth, and then prophesies over Micah that he will go from Saul to Paul. At the conclusion of the meeting, Pastor Shaw prays over Micah, that the spirit of blindness would be removed from his eyes.

7. Four Pillars
Micah follows Farnsworth to the interrogation room and pleads with God for strength to witness of his new faith in Jesus Christ. Micah reflects on the pivotal moment of his mission when he encountered a Christian minister, changing the trajectory of his life.

8. Zeal for God
Flashback: Micah and his companion, in an effort to prove their salt, deliberately attend a Sunday evening service at a Baptist church in order to convert the pastor and the congregation. After the conclusion of the service, they introduce themselves to the head pastor, Alan Benson, and schedule a meeting to return to his office two days later.

9. Ready to Rumble
Micah zealously prepares for his meeting with Pastor Benson by studying the Mormon scriptures, seeking to convert Benson to Mormonism. Micah and his companion arrive at the church, meet with Benson, and share their core beliefs with the minister.

10. Enemy of the Cross
Waiting with trepidation, Micah prepares his heart for the response from Pastor Benson. Benson lovingly but boldly rejects the message of the missionaries, responding with the Gospel of Christ while sharing scriptures from the New Testament.

11. Like a Child
Micah and Benson engage in a back and forth, which ends with Micah furiously refuting Pastor Benson’s message, testifying of Mormonism, and storming out of Benson’s office. Pastor Benson gives Micah a simple yet life-changing challenge: read the Bible like a child.

12. Quite a Calling
Micah’s meeting with Farnsworth officially begins. Micah is questioned about his plans following his mission, which leads to a bold confession. His revelation is followed by a line of questioning, forcing Micah to reconcile his faith verbally for the first time.

13. Mormon of Mormons
Micah recaps his zeal for the Church and the perpetual gulf that had formed in his heart as a result of his desire to serve God—but never feeling fulfilled through the Church. Micah’s heart constantly longed for more, but didn’t know where to find it. Micah’s missionary companion tells him about a unique man—Eric.

14. It’s all about Love
Flashback: Micah learns of his transfer to a coveted missionary destination: Winter Garden. Upon arriving in his new home, Micah anxiously meets Eric for the first time. Eric shares a life-changing truth with Micah: “It’s all about love.”

15. Charley
Flashback: Micah experiences the first of three hurricanes, where he is sequestered with twenty missionaries at a local chapel. Micah meets Joseph Warren, who becomes his best friend. They share a comical experience that leads to an important lesson after accidentally breaking a water pipe at the church.

16. Frances
Micah and Joseph experience their second hurricane, this time while serving as volunteers at a Red Cross shelter in a local high school. Micah challenges Joseph to read the New Testament like a child.

17. Jeanne
Micah endures his third hurricane in six weeks, this time serving at Eric’s hotel with three other missionaries. Seeking answers for his unfulfilled purpose, Micah spends one-on-one time with Eric where he is given a startling revelation—and a letter he promises not to open until the end of his mission.

18. Shadows of David
Micah recounts his history and background growing up in a Mormon home in Indiana, his childhood, his relationship with God as a young boy, and his zeal for the Church.

19. This is the Place
Micah and his family’s relocation to Utah during his teenage years, his faithfulness in the Church, meeting of his girlfriend Alicia, and his rigorous preparation for his two-year mission.

20. Confess and Believe
The interrogation with Farnsworth continues as Micah recounts a pivotal experience of his mission, when he received the shocking news that his childhood best friend, Schuyler, and his mother were killed in a violent car accident. Micah is forced to reconcile this tragedy with Schuyler’s faith, which catapults Micah into the Word of God where he reads Romans 10.

21. Love Elders
Flashback: Micah’s slow transformation through reading the Bible reflected in his leadership position begins to cement a division within the mission: those who adhere to Farnsworth’s emphasis on numbers and obedience, and those who focus on Micah’s emphasis on love and faith. Micah endures yet another hurricane, Wilma, this time at his apartment in Stuart, FL.

22. Standards of Excellence
Micah attends a leadership meeting, where his loyalty to the systematic “Standards of Excellence” is tested. Micah witnesses of what he is learning through the Bible, and encourages the missionary leadership to focus on love, faith and Jesus; not numbers. Micah is reprimanded by his leadership.

23. Banished to Patmos
As a result of his bold stance at the leadership meeting, Micah is given a “special” assignment, which includes his demotion from leadership and relocation to a remote area where he can no longer have influence over other missionaries. In his isolation, Micah dives deeper into the Word of God and has a life-changing revelation through reading the Book of Hebrews—the sufficiency of Jesus Christ.

24. Born-Again
Micah shares his testimony to Farnsworth of God’s intimate love in Christ and professes that Jesus is all he needs to be saved—and that he indeed has been saved by God’s grace. Micah recounts his experience of being born-again, which took place just four days before his meeting with Farnsworth.

25. Passport to Heaven
President Farnsworth has heard enough, and proceeds to ask Micah the official “Temple Recommend” questions, which determine his worthiness to continue on as a missionary. Micah’s faces overwhelming turmoil in answering the questions honestly, fearing the repercussions. Through God’s strength, Micah witnesses of his new testimony, answers the questions honestly, and is stripped of his temple recommend—and in turn Mormon salvation itself.

26. Nehor
President Farnsworth, frustrated, calls Micah’s Stake President (another religious authority) back in Utah. Micah speaks to President Allred and shares his faith in Jesus. Allred responds in anger, threatening Micah with ex-communication and calling him an anti-christ. Farnsworth tells Micah he is filled with the spirit of the devil and on a path away from God.


27. Jesus is Enough
The meeting with Farnsworth ends and Micah leaves the chapel after his multi-hour interview. Driving home, he reflects on his public testimony of Christ which had contributed to his current dilemma. Micah recounts sharing his newfound testimony of Jesus Christ just two days previously in front of his missionary peers and leadership—an emotional and powerful witness of Jesus alone.

28. The Letter
Upon returning back to his missionary home, Micah is uncertain as to what to do. Knowing he no longer has a future in the LDS Church, he calls Eric in deliberation. Realizing his mission is over, he reads the letter given to him by Eric during the hurricane and is given clarity on facing his predicament. Micah packs his bags, calls Eric for a ride, and decides to go to the hotel for refuge.

29. Kiss of Judas
Micah calls one of his closest missionary friends, Buchanan, seeking for help in his conundrum, including a location to drop off his companion. Micah arrives at Buchanan’s house and finds out he has been betrayed by the very person he had trusted. Micah is confronted by his missionary leaders.

30. Jonathan and David
Micah and Eric leave and head back to Eric’s hotel. Farnsworth comes to the hotel to give Micah a promise of safe passage back home to Utah to be honorably released from his mission by Allred, coupled with the promise that he won’t be interrogated if he returns. Micah is uncertain and fearful about facing his leadership. Micah talks to his parents and expresses his concerns.

31. Salt Land
With apprehension, Micah makes the decision to return to Utah to please his parents. He flies back to Utah later that day and meets his family at the airport. Unknowingly, President Allred had scheduled a meeting with Micah and his parents immediately upon his arrival.

32. Saul
Micah and his parents meet with President Allred late at night. Allred, in an attempt to bring Micah to repentance, vehemently condemns Micah, attacks him, and challenges his faith. Micah responds with his testimony of the Gospel of Christ. Micah is officially released from his mission.

33. I Would Die For You a. Micah returns to Florida, marries Alicia, and begins his new life at the hotel as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Joseph, having written down Micah’s final testimony, writes a song based on his message, titled “I Would Die For You.” Joseph’s mission concludes, he is born-again and is baptized by Micah. Adam’s Road—a musical ministry—is formed.

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

“Micah’s journey from obedience-based religion to experiencing God’s grace and love is an inspiration to all of us. The reader will gain a better understanding and empathy for those who come to Christ after going through a faith crisis.”
Sandra Tanner, president, Utah Lighthouse Ministry

“This is one of the most captivating and well-written testimonials I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. It’s hard not to see and feel Micah’s passion in his words. I believe every Christian should read this book not only to accurately understand what Latter-day Saints believe, what they go through, and how to love them, but also to be given the gift of having a different perspective on what ‘Jesus is enough’ truly means.”
—Melissa Dougherty, ex-New Ager, apologist, and speaker

“A passport gives you permission to travel to a desired destination. Through this personal story, my friend Micah Wilder will take you on an exciting and inspiring adventure that is wilder than you could imagine—big-church religion, hopes shattered, heavenly revelation, new life, facing challenges with the courage of a warrior, and miraculous deliverance. Buckle up for an unforgettable ride with Passport to Heaven!”
—Kirk Cameron, actor and producer

“Micah’s story is a powerful look at a young man whose search for God led to authentic faith in Jesus Christ. As he read through the Bible for himself, he discovered that what he had been taught all his life was wrong. Eventually he had to tell his parents—both of whom had important roles in Mormon circles—that he could no longer accept Mormon teachings as the truth. Micah’s story may well change the way you interact with Mormon missionaries who come to your door.”
—Dr. John Ankerberg, founder and host of The John Ankerberg Show (

“When I wrote my own book about leaving Mormonism, I stated that I’d never known of a Mormon missionary who had left his mission to become ‘just a Christian.’ The remarkable story of Micah Wilder’s ‘whirlwind of spiritual clarification’ that led him to Jesus alone is filled with suspense, insight, and spiritual intimacy with the Lord that left me tearful and humbled. Here, indeed, God had ‘treasured up His bright designs, and worked His perfect will’ in the genesis of a unique and vital ministry.”
—Latayne C. Scott, PhD, author of The Mormon Mirage and other books

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