The Pastoral Epistles Through the Centuries / Edition 1

The Pastoral Epistles Through the Centuries / Edition 1

by Jay Twomey
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The Pastoral Epistles Through the Centuries / Edition 1

Drawing on scholarly insights and a comprehensive array of textsfrom the entirety of Christian tradition, The Pastoral EpistlesThrough the Centuries explores the rich legacy of the Pastoralsas it has unfolded over the centuries.

  • Explores the important role of the New Testament letters toTimothy and Titus, known collectively as the Pastoral Epistles, inthe development of early Christianity
  • Surveys the many theological, cultural, literary, political,and artistic uses of the Pastorals, and the broader influence theseletters have had throughout the ages
  • Considers the Pastorals’ complex influence on issues suchas church structure and rites, the roles of women in Christianreligious life, the authority of scripture, and the development ofmonastic orders
  • Examines the many ways in which language and concepts from thePastoral Epistles (such as “fight the good fight” and“the root of all evils”) have filtered into ourcultural vernacular
  • References the works of major theologians and interpreters fromall periods, and places special emphasis on traditionallyunderrepresented interpreters

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ISBN-13: 9781405126144
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 01/06/2009
Series: Wiley Blackwell Bible Commentaries Series , #14
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Jay Twomey is an Associate Professor in the Department of English and Comparative Literature at the University of Cincinnati. His specialization is in the reception of the Bible in literature and critical theory.

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Table of Contents

Series Editors’ Preface.


Historical Overview.

The Interpretations.

Areas of Interpretive Interest.


The Commentary.

1 Timothy 1.

The Salutation (1:1-2; 2 Tim 1-2; Titus 1:1-4).

The Opponents: Speculators (1:3-7; 4:1-5, 7; Titus 3:9).

The Opponents: On The Law (1:8-11).

‘Paul’ (1:12-17; Titus 3:3-4).

The Opponents: Excommunication (1:18-20; 2 Tim 2:17;4:14-15).

1 Timothy 2.

The Church: Politics (2:1-2; Titus 3:1).

Theological Speculation: Christ as Mediator (2:4-6).

Women: Silence in The Church (2:8-14).

1 Timothy 3.

The Church: Bishops and Deacons (3:1-13; 5:1, 17; Titus1:5-9).

Theological Speculation: The Mystery (3:14-16).

1 Timothy 4.

The Opponents: End Times (4:1-10; 2 Tim 3:1).

1 Timothy 5.

Women: Widows (5:1-10).

The Church: Elders (5:17-22; Titus 1:5).

Timothy (5:23-25).

1 Timothy 6.

The Church: Slaves (6:1-2; Titus 2:9).

The Church: Wealthy Christians (6:6-10, 17-19).

Theological Speculation: God’s Dwelling and Being(6:12-16; 1 Tim 1:17).

The Opponents: Dissent (6:2b-5, 20).

2 Timothy 1.

The Thanksgiving (1:3-7).

Timothy: Ordination (1:6-8; 1 Tim 1:18, 4:14-15).

Theological Speculation: God’s Plan (1:9-10; 4:1, 8; 1 Tim6:14; Titus 1:2; 3:4-5).

‘Paul’ (1:13-18; 4:11, 19).

2 Timothy 2.

The Church: Pauline Succession (2:1-2).

The Church: Christian Soldiers (2:3-7).

‘Paul’: The Gospel (2:8-10).

Theological Speculation: Divine Consistency (2:11-13; Titus1:2).

The Opponents (2:14-18).

The Church: A Large House (2:19-26).

2 Timothy 3.

The Opponents: Home Breakers (3:1-9).

‘Paul’: Suffering (3:10-13).

The Church: Scripture (2:14-17).

2 Timothy 4.

The Opponents: Entertaining Teachers (4:1-4).

‘Paul’: The Good Fighter (4:6-8; cf. 1 Tim 1:18;6:12; 2 Tim 2:5).

Conclusion and Greetings (4:9-22).

Titus 1.

The Salutation (1:1-4; 2 Tim 1:9).

The Opponents: Cretan Liars (1:9-16).

Titus 2.

The Church: A Household Code (2:2-10).

Theological Speculation: Christ the God (2:11-14).

Titus 3.

The Church: Baptism (3:1-11).

The Opponents: And Also Some Friends (3:10-11, 13).



Brief Biographies.


Name Index.

Subject Index

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

"It is hard to represent the wealth of material contained in each of these two volumes. Both for the seasoned scholar and the preacher looking for fresh inspiration there is much to challenge and enliven the understanding of the biblical texts. These are two superb volumes." (The Expository Times, 2011)

"This is a fine addition to the Blackwell Bible Commentary series . . . Twomey has given us an excellent commentary, lucid and elegantly written, further enriched by inclusion of interpreters from his own field of English literature: Chaucer, Charlotte Bronte, Thomas Hardy and Jeanette Winterson. " (Journal for the Study of the New Testament, 2011)

"Overall this is an excellent guide to the very significant and varied reception history of the Pastoral Epistles. The volume testifies to the role the Pastorals have had in shaping the church and at times wider culture too, and makes accessible in one volume the evidence for this highly significant role." (JTS, 9 April 2011)

"The Blackwell Bible Commentaries are a rare and valuable treasury of information, and Jay Twomey's volume on the Pastoral Epistles is a fine addition to this series. From Augustine, Aquinas, Calvin, and the Wesleys to Mary Astell, Amiri Baraka, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Jeanette Winterson (among a great many others), these biblical writings have been developed, transformed, and opposed in many ways and for many purposes. Twomey's survey further delineates the enduring power of the biblical canon to both stimulate and control "a steadily continuing history of complex and contradictory readings." George Aichele, Adrian College (retired)

“Jay Twomey straddles the fields of biblical studies and literary studies with enviable ease. He is familiar with the history of biblical interpretation, both critical and pre-critical, but that is only the beginning. In addition to the more usual ecclesiastical and theological suspects, he is able to adduce a wonderfully diverse range of literary authors, over several centuries, who cite the Pastoral Epistles or allude to them, which imparts a rare richness to his reception history.” Stephen D. Moore, Drew University

“A rich feast to suit every palate. Commentators from deep in the past stand side by side with those who trouble the texts in the present, especially feminist, queer and cultural counter-readings. In Twomey's hands the Pastoral Epistles emerge as sites of tension and struggle; in other words, they come to life and engage. A real bonus is Twomey's ability to write well. It is a lucid, finely written text that draws the reader in.” Roland Boer, Monash University

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