Pastoral Practices: A Wesleyan Paradigm

Pastoral Practices: A Wesleyan Paradigm


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Pastoring is tough. The challenges are many, expectations are high, and tasks are wide ranging.

Pastoral Practices is a guide to help pastors draw on the insights of Wesleyan theology and incorporate them into their ministries. Whatever the task may be—preaching, discipling, evangelizing, or administrating—this book will shed light on the way Wesleyan theology refines, informs, and enhances the theories and methods of each pastoral practice.

Not only will pastors and their associates find this book a worthwhile asset, but lay leaders, small-group facilitators, and others doing ministry in the church will also benefit from its invaluable insight and well-reasoned advice.

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ISBN-13: 9780834130098
Publisher: Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City
Publication date: 07/28/2013
Pages: 191
Sales rank: 1,105,719
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Diane Leclerc is professor of historical theology at Northwest Nazarene University. She received her BA at Eastern Nazarene College, her MDiv at Nazarene Theological Seminary, and her PhD at Drew University. She has published many articles and four books, including Discovering Christian Holiness: The Heart of Wesleyan-Holiness Theology. She has served as president of the Wesleyan Theological Society and is a member of Wesleyan Holiness Women Clergy.

Table of Contents

Contributors 11

1 A Wesleyan Way to Pastor: Wesleyan Theology as Pastoral Practice Mark A. Maddix Diane Leclerc 15

2 Ordained to Word: Preaching in the Wesleyan Spirit Jeff Crosno 27

3 Ordained to Sacrament: Wesleyan Theology as Sacramental Practice Phil Hamner 38

4 Responsive to God: Wesleyan Worship as a Means of Spiritually Forming Grace Paul Willis 52

5 Representing God: Pastoral Care as a Wesleyan Essential Jeren Rowell 63

6 Standing in the Gap: Wesleyan Foundations for Pastoral Counseling Glena Andrews 73

7 Filling the Bucket: A Wesleyan Way to Care for Yourself and the Ones You Love Michael Pitts 86

8 Leading with Basin and Towel: Servant Leadership in a Wesleyan Framework Ed Robinson 97

9 "Orienteering": Administration as Wesleyan Cooperation Stan Rodes 108

10 Via Salutis: Discipleship on the Wesleyan Journey Rondy Smith 119

11 Reaching the Least of These: Hospitality as the Heart of Wesleyan Identity Nell Becker Sweeden 129

12 The Divine Dance: Evangelism in a Wesleyan Matrix Dana Hicks 139

13 Graceful Inclusion: Special Needs as a Test of Wesleyan Ecclesiology Joy Wisehart 149

14 Wesleyan Contextualization: Pastoral Practices in a Multicultural World Mario Zani Carol Rotz 160

15 Case Study: Wesleyan Practical Theology at Work in the City Jon Middendorf 169

Notes 179

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