by Tracy Gensler, Z. Altug



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ISBN-13: 9781463521332
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 02/28/2012
Pages: 326
Product dimensions: 5.51(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.69(d)

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Patalosh 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Lit Amri for Readers' Favorite "Patalosh: The Time Travelers" is about Orion Spence, a ten-year-old boy who lives with his parents on Earth in Antarctica. His parents are gone, his home is destroyed and the HMS Exploricus airship is crashed. Orion knows it was "Red Eyes" who took his mom and dad; the horrible Emperor Daaggerd outside his window during the storm. He finds out that only he has the key to stop Red Eyes and rescue his parents. Orion begins his journey with his friends, to unravel the clues to the seven keys on each continent needed to open the Ancient Book of Spells and save his family. What a way to revisit my childhood. Despite it being a children’s book, it is fun to read and I have no doubt that young readers will find it fun as well. The short chapters are well-suited for impatient kids. The story is lively with an amazing, cool plot of time travel, magic and adventure and visiting different continents on Earth. On top of that, the illustrations are fun and marvelously done. Authors Z Altug and Tracy Gensler know how to entertain and engage young readers with their descriptive writing. There is even a Patalosh pumpkin pie recipe for readers to try. Moreover, Orion’s favorite training programs and food list are a cheeky way to highlight Altug and Gensler’s background as a fitness consultant and a dietician. Parents wouldn’t want to miss this well-written book; it is a great reading material for middle school kids.
BillyB More than 1 year ago
Authors Z. Altug  and Tracy Gensler have created an entirely new world in Patalosh: The Time Travelers. The ancient civilization of the Taloshians live on the island of Patalosh on the planet Lumina, where they built the HMS Exploricus airship that can time-travel through portals. They arrived at Earth and settle in Antarctica. Ten-year-old Orion Spence lives aboard the airship. One day he wakes up to find that his dad (the captain) and his mother (science officer) have been kidnapped by the villain Emperor Daaggerd, who wants control of the HMS Exploricus and the Orion's family book titled Ancient Book of Spells. Orion locates the first officer and the rest of the crew. He goes on a quest to rescue his parents from the evil Emperor's clutches. When I first saw the pumpkins on the cover I thought the book would be set around Halloween, but to my surprise Patalosh: The Time Travelers is a well written science fiction tale with an original plot (no vampires or werewolves here). Though the book is aimed at kids, I think adults will enjoy Orion's adventure. Overall, I thought the book was cleverly written and I recommend it to other readers.   
AuthorRJParker More than 1 year ago
PATALOSH: THE TIME TRAVELERS by Z Altug and Tracy Gensler is a most interesting read. I really liked this book as it had a captivating story line that kept my attention. I just didn't want to put it down so I finished it in two sittings. The author created very likeable characters, and a fast-paced adventure. Well-written with descriptions that made it easy to visualize.   In a nutshell, this book is a story about the fantasy world of Patalosh; a young hero named Orion, and his time travels through the universe. His quest takes place on a magical ship called Exploricus and he must solve 7 riddles to save his parents from the bad Emperor, Daaggerd. Along the way he gathers friends who have strange abilities who help him in his travels. The end of the journey opens up a whole new adventure and leaves the reader anticipating the next book in the series. Highly recommended and looking forward to future books by these two authors. Bestselling and award-winning author, RJ Parker