Patch Up

Patch Up

by Stephanie Witter


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Skye followed her long time boyfriend to Seattle for their first year of college, but he dumped her after only a week. The relationship brought only pain and destruction in Skye's life, and yet, she can't bring herself to open up and live her life.

"What if I am already broken into pieces?"

She hates to be touched, hiding under her oversized shirts and behind her wild frizzy hair. Even her bubbly roommate can't reach her. And yet ...

"I'm the guy who knows how you can hurt so much that your insides feel like they're cut and bleeding."

The tall, handsome, and tattooed TA in her psychology class changes everything when he literally collides with her and confronts her. For the first time in a long time, she wants to try and open up to this guy whose dark, intense eyes can't hide his own pain despite his dazzling smile getting to her.

However, just when she's starting to live again, her ex-boyfriend comes back, breaking her time and time again, making it all the more complicated.

She wants to fight for herself and for this building thing with the TA, even when he pushes her away, but can two broken people patch each other up?

"I never thought colliding with someone could change lives, but it is possible."

* Due to some shocking scenes, this novel is for readers of 18 and up.

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ISBN-13: 9780989707336
Publisher: Anchor Group
Publication date: 09/16/2013
Pages: 262
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.55(d)

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Patch Up 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 23 reviews.
ClaireTaylor More than 1 year ago
Stephanie Witter Patch Up I finished reading this book in a day. I just couldn't put it down and no matter how much my body wanted to sleep, my brain just wouldn't switch off and kept convincing me that I had to read just one more chapter. Emotional roller coaster doesn't even come close to describing this book, and I found myself becoming attached to Skye and Duke as they tried to break down each other's barriers. I loved the way the pieces slowly came together, and felt such compassion for both Skye and Duke as I learnt their stories. Both are so broken, and barely functioning at times, but they recognise something in each other and their relationship will either bring them back to life or end in total destruction. It's not an easy read, and it will affect some people more than others, but it's a book I won't ever forget. Note to author: If you ever want to write a companion novella, Duke's destructive days would be perfect.
KarenSwart More than 1 year ago
Wow this was such an intense read! After three years of hell in an abusive relationship, Skye is trying to piece herself back together again. But it’s easier said than done. Her ex boyfriend is still around and makes sure she remembers every painful and embracing moment with him. She tries to hide away, tries to hide from everyone, until a TA spots her. Duke forces Skye to step away from the dark corners she was so used to. When Skye finally sees some light in her gloom life, her ex boyfriend see her reaching for another change in life, he quickly reminds her why she hid in the first place. Let me start off by saying thank you to the author. I was one of those people who always judged a girl for staying in an abusive relationship. I mean, what can be so difficult to tell him to go to hell? Stephanie forced me into the mind of such a girl and for the first time I could see how scared they are. And most of all, how painful things can be for them. When the world has been so cruel, why risk another painful memory? At the end of this book I was crying hard and wished I could reach in and save Skye from her fate. One of the things Stephanie brings to a novel is the reality of life. We are so used to happily ever after, that real life issues are suddenly shocking to encounter. Stephanie doesn’t paint a pretty picture, the gives you real life with real people and real situations. I was brought back to earth and reminded that the world can be a cruel place. But I was also reminded that sometimes when we least expect it our savior is right there in front of us just asking for one chance. Another great eye opener in this novel was Duke’s story and feelings. We are so used to guys just shutting down and never baring their feelings, that it was such a great experience to see a guy heartbroken and looking for his own savior. In the end two broken souls saves each other and help mend on another. This was an incredible emotional ride, and to me it gives voice to those that could not be heard before. Well done to Stephanie and a huge well deserved 5 Stars from me. Get this book now! 
OldVictorianQuill More than 1 year ago
There are few words I can use to express how much I loved ‘Patch Up’ by Stephanie Witter. As a psychology graduate I have a weakness for stories that really delve into the inner depths of a character’s mind, and giving the reader a unique opportunity to see how people who have undergone trauma struggle through their everyday life. ‘Patch Up’ did this beautifully, and I really loved getting to know Skye and Duke, and seeing how the relationship they formed made their scars come to the surface and helped them heal. Skye was a heroine that I think many readers will have to warm to, but I connected with her straight away and really loved her character development right from the first page. Stephanie Witter had Skye’s character pat-down and didn’t falter in her portrayal of a girl who was in a deep depression. I really liked Skye’s cold exterior to start as it heartbreakingly echoed the desperate need she had to keep to herself, as forming attachments can make you vulnerable. Now Duke was my kind of hero. Charming, passionate and stubborn, but hiding a darkness inside him that comes out when someone gets too close. My heart broke for Skye when Duke talked harshly to her, and I really liked seeing how his harsh words became less of a barrier between them as Skye becomes stronger and more focused on helping Duke through his grief. The give and take in their relationship was wonderful to watch and I loved seeing how both characters developed into humans capable and less afraid of love and attachment. This book contains some very distressing scenes of abuse which Stephanie Witter handled perfectly. It is heartbreaking to read what Skye’s ex-boyfriend did, and continued to do to her even after their relationship ended, and it just made me warm and root for Skye all the more. This was a beautiful yet heart-wrenching book which I know will resonate with a lot of people. Wonderfully written and perfectly paced, this is a book not to be missed. 5 Stars!
lovelygen13 More than 1 year ago
I started reading Patch Up and I expected to like it..I really did. Unfortunately, that is not that case. I couldn’t connect with the characters at all! I only like Kate out of all the characters in the story and Derek (that’s saying a lot since Derek was barely in the book). These are COLLEGE people, not high school. They were acting so childish all the time. I’m a Junior in college and I didn’t even act like that in Freshman year. None of the people I knew at college (a lot since I work at the Admissions Office) acted the way this supposedly “college” students act. They were very immature, fighting over any stupid thing. I feel sad saying that it got good at 91% because it was the climax of the story, when something terrible happens. I feel very bad for liking this part but it was the only good thing that I liked and it’s because it showed a true story, not faking the characters to be younger. I have already started Fix Up and I am somewhat liking it better than the first book. The book from this series that I look forward to reading is Change Up because it is Kate and Derek’s story.
Archaeolibrarian More than 1 year ago
I received this book from Xpresso Book Tours in return for a fair and honest review. I will start with the only slight negative which is purely my personal opinion before gushing about the rest so consider this fair warning. I understand the need for well placed adjectives and how important a role they play - however, saying that, I felt that certain adjectives were overused in this book. For example, 'frizzy' hair, 'strong' forearm, 'thin' fingers. I actually lost count how many times these adjectives were used to describe the same part of anatomy over and over again. Like I said though, this is my personal opinion and is the only negative I could think of! As for the rest of the story - I LOVED IT! This is not an easy read, in fact it is quite harrowing in places. It will, however, grip you and draw you in as Skye fights to regain her life. You will cheer for every step she takes forward and commiserate with her as setbacks happen. Duke is the one who first tries to break through the wall that she has built around herself. Duke is not a hero, in fact he is more of an anti-hero. He is just as broken as Skye but manages to hide it and deals with it in a different way. Neither of these characters is perfect and they both push each other away and hurt each other with their words. Trust me though, you will be rooting with everything you've got that these two will make it and survive. There is no insta-love in this book, not a single drop. That is just part of what makes it such a good read. It builds up slowly and is not the main focus at all. Life is messy, complicated and at times incredibly painful, even with the one you want to be with. This book describes all that with such clarity it is incredibly easy to lose yourself in it. The supporting characters are in no way lacking either. They support, comfort and emphasise the story in all the right places, doing their job perfectly. I understand that Derek and Kate have their own story coming too which I am looking forward to. So in a nutshell, be prepared to be blown away by this novel. It will upset you, make you smile, give you warm fuzzies and cold chills. So much more than what I was expecting and I will definitely be reading Fix Up, the continuation of Duke and Skye's story, as soon as I possibly can.
psee More than 1 year ago
Patching up the good parts gets me to 2.5 Star review We meet Skye just into her second semester of college, barely existing as she is still reeling from the break up with her boyfriend of 3 years, Sean. While taking a psychology class she literally bumps into her TA, Duke. Duke is described as tatted, sexy, and as I already mentioned he is her older TA. Duke relates to the broken and empty shell of a person that Skye portrays and he actively pursues time with her. He states it is solely to help her as one formerly messed up person to another. But it sort of becomes clear that maybe there is attraction there too and a good part of the story deals with weather two brokens can heal enough to have a relationship with each other. The background laid is one which has the makings of a perfect NA book. Seriously, she had me at the hot, tatted broken hero. Unfortunately, the execution of this story really falls short. It was not that the writing was poor, it is just that I never developed a connection with the hero/heroine and honestly I never got a good feel as to why Sean is such an evil depraved monster in this story. I understand the basis for his depravity, I just don't get why he feels the need to keep coming back and spewing his evil on Skye when there is a college of available females he has the opportunity to abuse.(not that I am suggesting he do that, I just don't understand why Skye needs to be his only punching bag and if that is the case, why did he not need it first semester). Honestly, there were too many other issues I had with this book and I was repeatedly getting frustrated. One of the biggest relationship issues I had aside from the annoyance of the repeated back and forth between Duke and Skye had to do with when they finally connected. (view spoiler) Oh and is it just me but isn't there a major issue with a TA and student being together. Not that I don't normally enjoy the forbidden aspect it brings to a story, my issue is that it never even came up once in this book. So despite my ambivalent feelings for this book, there are likely many NA fans out there that will love this one, it just didn't pull it off for me. Kate is was a great roommate and Derek seems like a stand up guy so there may be hope for the next book and it just might give us a little more on Duke and Skye to show they truly have a connection aside from their brokenness.  Thanks to NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review
LouisaB More than 1 year ago
I connected with Skye in this book.  Many girls become so dependent upon their boyfriends to help them feel worthy.  Skye believes she has done something wrong to make Sean  leave her after just a few days in Seattle. I feel that many girls now a days find that who they are with makes them 'worthy" and its not an easy fact to swallow.  As you read, you find there is more to Skye's feeling about being needed and loved.  There is quite a bit angst in this book that you may find yourself frustrated, but keep going.  Seeing the journey that Skye takes to "come back to life" is worth it.  Both Duke and Skye are both damaged.  They need each other to help move on and they find themselves pushing each other away because they don't know how to move on.  Their pasts, both of them, have made their relationship face more obstacles than most. I believe their need and desire to love and be loved permeated this book. There is some serious issues brought up in this book, so be prepared.  I felt at times I need to put the book down and take a break.  It became overwhelming at times. 
Marlleyy More than 1 year ago
Skye was in an abusive relationship for 3 years. Her ex, Sean, beat her regularly. Damaged she hids underneath her frizzy hair and  oversized clothes. Despitethe fact Sean beat her she followed him to Seattle and the college of his choice only to have him break up with her mere weeks after their arrival. The fact they broke up doesnt stop Sean from beating Skye. This guy is a real douche. He terrorizes her and she takes it. No one knows the things hes done to her she has protected him and kept this secret for years. That is until she meets Duke. Duke is a TA in her psychology class. He sees past everything and wants to her friend. Doesnt matter how much she protests. He refuses to take no for an answer. Hes not a bully about it thought. Eventually she caves and after while she opens up to him and confesses her secret. And because Duke is awesome he wants to protect her and be there for her. He wants to help her overcome the damage Sean has done to her. And slowly she heals. And of course they’re attracted to each other. And its sooo frustrating!!! Sure they are both damaged. Trust me Duke has some pretty serious issues all surrounding the loss of his girlfriend years ago. But the back and forth of it all drove me insane!! Just when I thought they were on the right track things would fall apart. Kate, Skyes roommate was a wonderful character. She really brightens up the story. I mean its pretty fecking heavy. There are a few other  characters but my favorites were Kate and Derek. Patch Up though it was extremely intense and graphic was wonderful. You cant help but want that happily ever after for everyone. Well, everyone but Sean. For him you want him to end up in jail calling some guy named Popeye his Papi if you get what im saying. Especially after the HORRIBLE things he did to Skye. Witter continues to amaze me with her storytelling abilities. I knew this from By My Side I just really appreciate when a writer doesnt disappoint. Also I kinda wish I was named Skye Walker! I only wish Skye had a little more fun with it.
MeganRC More than 1 year ago
This book really pulled at my heart. Two people both dealing with issues that have broken them find each other and learn to heal and move on. This story deals with an abused (mentally and physically) woman and how she’s coping with the aftermath. It also shows a man lost and broken after a major loss. These two do a lot of push and pull but slowing build something that could be wonderful. Duke and Skye literally run into each other the first time they meet. Duke recognizes something broken in Skye and is determined to become her friend and help her. However, he’s also dealing with his own issues of grief, guilt, and loss. So despite both of their best efforts, there’s a lot of push and pull going on in this story. Once she starts to come out of her shell a bit, you can really see what a great personality Skye has and not only is she smart but also compassionate for her friends. Duke put so much effort into bring Skye out of herself and trying to protect her that I think he was trying to bury his own issues. These two move through a rollercoaster of emotion throughout this book. The story line was well laid out and transitioned smoothly from each scene. The author did an excellent job of portraying the emotions the characters were feeling and I easily found myself lost in their world. This was an excellent story and despite all the dark parts, it was totally worth it in the end. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book in the story. 5 out of 5 stars!
TracyG-1 More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Skye Walker-----> An open invitation to bear the brunt of endless Star Wars jokes which is usually the case for poor Skye, but she takes it in her stride and as a matter of interest she's never watched any of the movies.  Skye harbors a dark secret and the burden of it leaves her insecure and anti-social. When Skye finishes High School she decides to further her studies, so she follows her boyfriend to Seattle.  Her life takes an unexpected turn which leaves her disillusioned, heart broken, and scared. Sean------> Skye's boyfriend for the past 3 years and good riddance to bad rubbish I say!  He's manipulative, abusive, and obsessive!  A recipe for disaster... I'd like to give him a damn good beating myself!  A spineless coward that uses bully tactics to get what he wants and to make himself feel powerful, what a douche! Kate-------> Curvy, blonde, petite, and blue eyed, Skye's roommate and very different from Skye.  Kate is vivacious, outgoing, and flirtatious.  But she also harbors a secret.  She's also determined to get Skye to open up, relax, and live a little, and to be open to a friendship.  It would seem our girl has a love affair with M&M 's LOL! Duke----->  A psychology TA .  He's inked, smooth, HOT and fresh kryptonite material!  He has a way with Skye that no one else does.  As an ice breaker he 'analyzes' her psyche, and for each of his observations she has an explanation.  He sees she's hurting and hiding something, and he wants to help her and reaches out, but he's also hurting will it end up that they both help each other? My heart aches for Skye.  Not only has Sean beat her body and crushed her spirit, but he's made a mockery of her so his friends also jump on the band wagon and tease her, but I wonder what they would say when his true nature is revealed, they should hang their heads in shame! Duke tries really hard to get through to Skye, and he's very perceptive and patient with her.  One night his path crosses with Sean, and let's say he doesn't leave a lasting impression on Duke who now has suspicions as to why Skye is the way she is.  Duke opens up to Skye and reveals a piece of his own darkness that haunts him but still Skye holds back, and I'm sure Duke will get through to her and let her see that she is safe with him and he can be trusted. Duke and Skye share a moment and Duke puts into words what Skye can't and just like that her demons are out in the open!  At times I find them infuriating  because of their constant running from each other and what concerns me is that he's got issues, she's got issues.  Are they going to save each other or drown each other? Kate shares her painful secret with Skye after they have a disagreement of sorts.  By  Kate making herself vulnerable, I'm hoping Skye will trust her enough to open up and share her own secret, but also Skye now has a better understanding of Kate. After their little heart to heart Kate tells Skye that Duke isn't doing well and she knows just where to find him and when she does it ends in tears and again someone is running *grrrrrrr* Sean finds Skye on her own doing laundry, and I feel frightened for her and it would seem I have good reason.  Duke finds out about Sean's 'visit' but for the sake of his friendship with Skye he respects her wishes, but it kills him to do it. Sadly Skye's parents have no clue of the abuse she experienced and still is experiencing at Sean's hand.  What makes things even stickier is that the parents are friends, but even friends have secrets they don't share and in this case the apple really didn't fall from the tree! Kate and Duke get to meet Skye's parents, and I can't help but chuckle at the reaction Skye's mum has to Duke with his good looks and charm!  During a conversation Duke says to Skye ''Because you're already so much more than anyone else, you must be breathtaking without all the pain still darkening your features'' ----this was a major kleenex moment for me for various reasons, but this must be the best part of the book, it's artistic, it's beautiful, raw, honest, and real.  Naturally Skye's train of thought leaves me howling and reaching for more kleenex! Skye is in for a nasty surprise waiting in her dorm room!  Kate finds her and not knowing what else to do she calls Duke.  Finally Skye opens up to Kate about Sean and their relationship.  This is a liberating step for Skye and it's here where I think she realizes that enough is enough. The time has come for Skye to tell her parents and my heart aches for her parents especially her father, but I'm so proud of Skye for taking a stand and standing her ground.  She also goes to the frat president and tells him about Sean's colorful nature.  Fortunately he's on her side, and I think he had a bad feeling about Sean from the start to be honest. The bridge from roomie to friend is crossed  at last, and again I'm so proud of Skye for trusting someone and letting them in.  Skye meets Duke's family and what happens floors me! After yet another run in with Sean, Skye runs to where she feels safe....Duke♥  Now I feel like a peeping tom.  Duke and Skye share an intense, private, passion filled moment laced with desperate desire! Duke has it out with Sean and his true character comes to light and his frat brothers are witness to the spectacle. Duke's biggest fear is loosing Skye, but the only thing lost is his heart.  I think♥what they share is difficult, passionate, and really intense. Sean is waiting for Skye and he's gotten bold or rather desperate which is scarier actually and he's loosing his grip on reality.  At this point I'm really scared for Skye and what can happen.  My heart is pounding and I feel sick to the pit of my stomach!  As I read on I can feel  bile rising in my throat.  I'm screaming at her to fight and not give up!  Duke saves Skye in more ways than one, and she in turn is his healing balm♥ Really looking forward to reading Duke and Skye's journey . Patch Up is a ¿¿¿¿¿ read that gives a voice to those who are to scared to speak up, thank you♥ Reviewed by Heidi
wheeldav More than 1 year ago
So much about this story needs to be shared with girls and women out there that think things can never behest better. They can. To have made it through, you have to be strong, so you can make it further. It is worth it. This is a very good and honest book about a girl that has been broken and trying to find the strength to live her life again. True glimpses into her feelings and relationships are touching and genuine. Very, very good read. ARC provided in exchange for honest review.
BookMama_1 More than 1 year ago
It's not very often a book can bring me to tears. I cried with Skye and I could feel her pain as well as Duke's frustrations with everything going on. They both needed to move on and they were the perfect couple to help each other thru their struggles. I don't think there could have been characters for a book. The main characters, Skye and Duke, have been thru some pretty tough times. Not something they shouldn't have to deal with at such a young age. But it was their inner strength that shone thru in the author's writing that kept me reading. Because I knew they could lean on each other and get thru this. This book is not for the faint of heart. Stephanie Witter: Awesome job on this one! I can't wait to read more of Duke and Skye's story. ***I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review***
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What a roller coaster ride! Skye is not your average college student. Moving to the same college as her one time boyfriend seemed to not be her smartest move, since he broke up with her a short time after moving there. Now on her own, harboring a dark secret that she cant let anyone know, she runs smack dab into Duke. Duke, (the hot TA) sees right through her shell. She wall she has erected to keep people out, even her parents. But Duke is not deterred very easily. Every time they meet, he knocks down another piece of her wall. The only problem is... Duke's got a secret of his own. And if they let it, will it be enough to tear them apart? When Sean, Skye's ex tries to remain a part of her life, things get rough. Will they be able to overcome their faults and help deal with their dark pasts? You'll have to read the book! A total recommend. If you want a full force book, with lots of stomach droppers as well as jaw droppers, this is right up your alley. For fans if Beautiful Disaster, this will be for you as well. This book was given to me for a honest review. Thank you Stephanie, for letting me read your work. I am glad to see that someone has already recommended that you write a story for Derek and Katey. Cant wait for that one. ;) But to also know there is a book two. WILL BE DEFINITELY READING!
NerdAlertBL More than 1 year ago
“It’s not a fairy tale; it’s not all hearts and flowers. It’s harsh, hard, strong, and passionate…” And it is. Patch Up is story of Skye and Duke, college students in the Pacific Northwest; both of whom are struggling to shield themselves from the pain of past losses, yet not quite able to actually heal from those blows. They develop a cautious friendship, push each other away, nurse hurt feelings and bruised emotions but time and again, walk back out onto the tightrope of their tenuous connection to reach out to each other. This somewhat repetitive behavior only underscores how well Stephanie Witter builds her world of college students and the relationships of late adolescence as the characters continue to grow, learn to define themselves as adults, and move along the continuum of growing up by inches as well as by the occasional leaps and bounds. The wounds that could cripple Skye and Duke are deep and substantial, not easily overcome; luckily Witter takes her time in building the story and the relationship between these two which only serves to make both believable and satisfying. I found the main characters both believable and likable; Skye and Duke are paired up with good friends who are another pair of good characters, Derek and Kate - the nearly perfect roommate who is determined to be Skye’s friend whether Skye likes it or not - she’s a doll. The only characters who aren’t as well drawn as the others are Skye’s parents. I found it hard to believe that an Air Force officer would not react to the situation more emphatically, if not physically.  I enjoyed the book and hope that the promised sequel will focus on the relationship hinted at  between other characters, with updates on Skye & Duke; letting the main and secondary characters of this novel trade prominence in the next one; can’t wait to read it.
Gina_M More than 1 year ago
A Must Read This book is raw, disturbing and very emotional to read. Although it deals with serious subject matter that is at times hard to read, you will get so wrapped up in the reality of the situation that you will not be able to put this book down. Skye follows Sean, her boyfriend of three years, to Seattle to attend the same college. After only one week, he breaks up with her. Skye is struggling to find where she belongs and is having a difficult time adjusting to the “college experience.” She keeps to herself, has no friends and covers up her depression by immersing herself in her schoolwork. Skye’s biggest obstacle is keeping the horrific secret from her relationship with Sean a secret. Although Sean doesn’t want her any longer, he is determined to break her and attempts to make sure she will always “belong” to him. Duke, a TA in her Psychology class, is battling his own demons. He sees that something is wrong with Skye and wants to help her. He has an instant attraction to her but is afraid to let himself be happy. They need each other; but can they get past all the hurt they’re dealing with and trust each other enough to risk falling in love? As a Mom, this book was heartbreaking; knowing that this story is true for so many young women (and men). Skye comes from a loving family. She has a good relationship with her parents but that isn’t enough to help her seek the help she desperately needs. Skye and Duke need to move on and not let their past define them. They are survivors! Their story is of hope, bravery and courage and how with love from the right partner, anything is possible.
skizzles22 More than 1 year ago
*I received a copy of this from the author in exchange for an honest review. Patch Up was such a slow read that I found myself speeding along just so I could finish it. I hated the main character with a burning passion, and the writing style was so awkward. Honestly, this book was really boring. And I seriously felt like the characters were in high school! Most of their reactions to things, and the way they acted (the teasing!), just felt like a bunch of YA characters who hadn't matured yet.  The reason I hated this book so much was the main character. I couldn't find myself sympathizing with Skye at all, nor exactly cheering her on. And I couldn't connect with her, either! She's very judgmental. There was a lot of slut shaming going on! The way she described other women was absolutely ridiculous and just petty jealousy. She calls Duke a player just because he's hot. Skye was also a very weak character who let herself get too easily hurt. I get it--her boyfriend mentally and physically abused her for three years. But honestly? Her constant self-deprecation, whining, and mistrust was so off-putting and hard to take. She should have been seeing a professional for help instead of taking psychology classes so she can figure it out herself, because she doesn't just have depression; no, she has bipolar disorder, anxiety, and numerous other issues. But her constant up and down moods, back and forth feelings, and highs and lows were really difficult to manage. And I didn't think she tried hard enough to fight for herself or to make her life better. I understand why she shied away from people, and why she needed to protect herself, but she was so hot and cold. She was harsh, cold, judgmental, and anti-social. She'd push people away one minute, apologize, and then repeat the cycle. Her inner dialogue was extremely immature and was just as confusing and muddled as her bipolar reactions to the other characters and certain situations. I also had issues with her and Duke. I honestly did not see the connection between them, other than that they both had painful pasts. Not to mention, their first few meetings with each other were just plain weird and seemed unrealistic. Their third meeting, Duke actually told her she was depressed. I'm sorry, but no one does that! People don't like talking about mental health issues, and most don't even do that with family and friends that they've known a long time. After that, I just didn't get them as couple. Their constant back and forth feelings, push and pull, and petty arguments just made me roll my eyes.  I also didn't fall for Duke, or even like him that much. He had bipolar reactions to everything, too! He'd be just as hot and cold as Skye, not to mention he was just as immature in dealing with their "fights" and his "feelings" for her. And other than learning that his girlfriend died in a car accident, and why he has misplaced guilt about it, we don't really find out anything else about him. I couldn't connect with him, either. And I just can't believe it went on for three years without ANYONE noticing anything. Apparently, her personality had changed a lot, not to mention she always wore baggy clothes and shied away from guys. Those are telling signs for people who know her well enough to actually recognize them, especially her parents. I'm just surprised that no one realized she was faking, because she's not very good at it! And I so wish someone would have made her file a police report or took more action against Sean. I'm surprised her military father let everything go, and I'm also surprised everyone thought nothing would happen after they talked to the president of Sean's frat. It was in how the characters handled this situation, and their reactions, that just didn't feel believable to me. The only reason this is getting two stars is because the last 20% of the book was actually good. I felt like I saw a real connection between Duke and Skye, and I thought Skye had finally let go of her pain and was moving onto a brighter future. I was really excited for Patch Up, but I was sorely disappointed. Suffice it to say, I won't be reading their sequel. But I would like to read a book with Kate and Derek! I loved Kate's character! And I was more intrigued by their relationship than Duke's and Skye's. I would totally read a story about them. :)
jukelley More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. G 3.5 stars It took me some time to get into this story, and a little longer than that to warm up to the main character, Skye. Once I got into this one, though, it was really good. Both main characters have serious issues they are dealing with, making this story pretty intense and serious. For me, it felt real. It was frustrating to watch Skye not do anything to help herself, over and over. However, from the little experience I have with people living in this situation, I find her thoughts and actions to be very real. This is a hard, very sad issue. It's frustrating and horrifying for family and friends to watch happen in real life just as it was me, as the reader, to watch it play out. In that respect, I thought it was a well written story.
Misscrazi93 More than 1 year ago
If Possible i would give this more than 5* I had high hopes from the information i got on the book, but didn’t realised just how good it would be! After starting it at 10pm hoping to get past the first chapter, i could not put it down until it was finished! This book is about a young girl called Skye that has been really damaged both mentally and physically by her ex-boyfriend. Through a lot of persistence and stubbornness, her new Psychology TA manages to get close to her in hopes of fixing whats wrong. Duke (the TA) has a lot of his own history still tormenting him, so together Duke and Skye help each other heal while their friendship grows stronger. This book has been written really well and the way the abuse and other problems are handled and portrayed are really realistic and cleverly written and i can’t wait to read more of Skye and Duke’s Story!
colormeblueex More than 1 year ago
This story was heartbreaking at parts, but in the end it was a beautiful story. Skye has been living with a secret for almost 3 years. Even though she and Sean have been broken up for a few months she still has to see him a lot and that is not helping. She is closed off and doesn’t let anyone get near her. On the first day of psychology class she literally collides with Duke, one of the TAs. From then on he is trying to become her friend. Duke also has trouble in his past and is closed off. Slowly they both begin to open up to each other. The romance in the story is slow paced but that doesn’t take away from what plays out between Skye and Duke. A lot of what they say is very cryptic and it had me guessing until they actually revealed what was going on. This kept reading, I couldn’t put this book down until I finished. My heart would break for each of the characters and this story is definitely not for the faint of heart. There are a lot of very serious topics that the characters have to deal with and some of it can be a little graphic but I think that only added to the story. I thought the author did a good job describing the story for me and I was able to follow with a clear picture in my head. I felt so bad for Skye at parts and just wanted to be her friend. I liked Kate, Skye’s roommate. I would love to see a book depicting her story too. She sticks up for Skye and doesn’t give up on her even when she closes herself off. It was great to see the characters really open up and I was rooting for them throughout! I look forward to the next book in the series! I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.
RomanceBook_Junkie More than 1 year ago
You know how sometimes you come across a book that just takes you completely by surprise? The way you connect to the characters… the feelings the story itself brings out… It lingers in your brain long after you’ve finished reading. It just stays with you. Well that is exactly what happened with me after reading this book! Patch Up is a beautifully written intense story that will introduce you to a very brave young woman whose spirit has been utterly broken, no… shredded.  Skye is a college student with a traumatic past that keeps invading her present in the worst of ways. Her goal is to keep her head down and get through her classes while being completely invisible to everyone else. Her plans are shot to hell when she meets Duke - the swoon worthy, ridiculously handsome, tattooed (bonus!) TA in her psychology class. From the moment Duke and Skye exchange words, he sees something in her that he can identify with… pain.  Duke has his own set of demons to deal with when he meets Skye but she is definitely a game changer for him. She brings out his inner protective alpha-male, which just scares the crap out of him. There is no “insta-love” moment with these two but their connection is so strong that it evolves into so much more. Their sexual chemistry is crazy and it got stronger with every chapter. The way the author developed their relationship was at times intense, frustrating, loving, passionate, fragile, and ultimately beautiful. Duke and Skye are survivors and I felt every emotion they went through as their story unfolded... from anger and fear to passion and happiness and back again. I loved getting lost in this book and, honestly, I just want more – I’m so greedy! What else is there left to say except go out and read it for yourself – you won’t regret it! I received this ebook in exchange for an honest review.
purpleshadowhunter7 More than 1 year ago
Goodness,PATCH UP pulled at my heartstrings all throughout the story.I wanted so much for Skye and Duke to just get over their past hurts and let each other in.Time and time again they would take two small steps forward and like a giant leap back.So afraid of getting hurt gain, they push each other away only to want nothing more than to fix each other.I so wanted to reach inside the book and do something to take their pain away.Both damaged by past painful relationships.While those relationships were totally different from each other,both ended in pain.Duke is haunted by the loss of his ex~girlfriend and blames himself.Skye is haunted by an abusive ex~boyfriend who not only haunts her nightmare but also in real life.Though this isn't quite a happy~go~lucky story it is one that happens more often than we know yet is never told due to the fear of what others will think of them.They are ashamed and blame themselves for things that were really out of their control.I know the fear Skye lives in and can relate with the way she tries to just shut the world out and coast through life on survival mode because that is easier than taking the chance of getting hurt by letting others in.This is not a healthy way of living and Skye must decide if she can let down the walls she has built around her so she can move towards healing.Duke must decide if he can let someone in without the fear of losing them run him off.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Such a powerful book to read. Wasn't sure what to expect but i went through every human emotion reading it. A great story with diverse characters, and i can't wait for the sequel. Recommend this book, especially if you liked the book Easy.