Path of the Higher Self

Path of the Higher Self


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The Path of the Higher Self is the cornerstone of a century of metaphysical literature—a guide to help us ascend the mountain of Being. In one volume—the revelation of the lost code of Identity, Nature, Life itself.

Page after page contains practical and scientific explanations on how to make contact and maintain a relationship with the Higher Self—and with the Masters who have climbed the highest mountain before you.

Here is the one essential guidebook no climber can be without. With a depth and height hitherto uncharted, Mark and Elizabeth Prophet systematically set forth the ancient wisdom of the Ascended Masters. These Masters are the true guides of every spiritual seeker who must find new tools to course the untrammeled reaches of Higher Consciousness.

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ISBN-13: 9780922729845
Publisher: Summit University Press
Publication date: 10/28/2003
Series: Climb the Highest Mountain Series
Pages: 528
Product dimensions: 5.60(w) x 8.64(h) x 1.05(d)

Table of Contents

Authors’ Message to the Reader

Tell Them

1 • Your Synthetic Image

An Allegory

The Quest for Reality

The Soul: A Living Potential

The Dethroning of the Synthetic Image

The Enthroning of the Real Image

2 • Your Real Image

The Light Emanation of Eternal Purpose

The Spirit: Birthless, Deathless, Eternal

God the Macrocosm, Man the Microcosm

The Invasion of the Microcosmic Circle

Manifest Immortality: Putting On the New Man

Vestiges of the Synthetic Image Replaced by Real-Eye Magic

The Discovery of the Real Self in the Natural Order

The Real Self-Mastery of the Natural Order

3 • A Heap of Confusion

Order: The First Law of Being

The Ideal Society

Departure from Innocence

The Coming of the Laggards

The Warping of Man’s Vision

The Psychology of Mass Control

The Force of Human Error

Strategies of Control

A Thrust for a Purpose

4 • What Is Individuality?

The Divine Blueprint

The Christ of Man

Resources of Individuality

The Four Lower Bodies

The Science of Individuality

Freedom in the Macrocosm through

Self-Mastery in the Microcosm

Individual Fulfillment through Service to Life

5 • What Is Consciousness?

Mind and Self, Will and Consciousness

Structures of Identity

God Self-Awareness through Christ


Heart, Head and Hand

Consciousness: The Magnet of Individuality

The Scientific Realization of Consciousness

Liberty Born of God’s Consciousness

Conscious Penetration of the Macrocosm

6 • God in Man

“I AM Where I AM”

The Chart of Your Divine Self

The Flame within the Heart

The Sanctuary of the Most High

A Pillar in the Temple of My God

Our God Is a Consuming Fire

If I Wash Thee Not, Thou Hast No Part with Me

7 • God in Nature

The Flow of Creation

The Father-Mother God in Spirit and in Matter

Becoming One with All Life through the Holy Spirit

Servants of God and Man in Nature

Ecology and Cataclysm: Personal and Planetary

Extraterrestrial Probes

Harmlessness toward Life

El Morya Speaks on the Founding of The Summit Lighthouse




Flame Color-Qualities of the Seven Rays

and Their Perversions

Hierarchs of the Nature Kingdom

The Seven Rays and the Seven Chakras

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