The Path to Mastership

The Path to Mastership

by John-Roger, John Roger



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ISBN-13: 9780914829164
Publisher: Mandeville Press
Publication date: 08/25/1982
Pages: 78
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John-Roger is the founder of the Institute for Individual and World Peace and received the Peacemaker of the Year award from World Arts Expressions. He is the author of Spiritual Warrior, Loving Each Day, Loving Each Day for Moms and Dads, and Relationships. He lives in Los Angeles.

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The Path to Mastership

By John-Roger

Mandeville Press

Copyright © 1982 Peace Theological Seminary & College of Philosophy
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-936514-03-8


The Path Upward

If you look for what is beautiful in everything that happens, you'll find the secret of the great spiritual Masters, which is that everything is in its right and proper place, even if you cannot see it yet. You can exercise the consciousness of mastership in a most dynamic way by saying, "Father, Mother, God, I ask for the highest good of all concerned to be brought forward." When you ask for the highest good in the name of the Christ, the Mystical Traveler, the Preceptor, or God, it will work for you. When you ask within your own Christed Light, the Light of your Soul, you can also be in very good territory because it will be done as you see it through Spirit.

The path to mastership can appear very narrow. The boundary lines may seem to be set very close together — not so close that a universe cannot walk through them, but so close you have to keep yourself within the universe. As you ask, "Father, where is truth?" — that question being the first step on the path — the world starts to unfold because you have opened yourself to the Light and asked it to come into your life. You have knocked, and the door will open to you. As you seek the truth in your life, other steps along the path unfold to you, and you find yourself moving closer and closer to Spirit in a very natural and automatic way. There is nothing strange about this path. There is nothing unusual or unnatural. Spirituality is the most natural expression in the world. It is your true and abiding nature.

Those of you who work in the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness have the absolute freedom to go where you want, do what you want, believe what you want, test whom you want, and doubt whom you want. It's all right with me. I am going to continually maintain my levels of awareness. And it just so happens that when I maintain mine, the people who are working with me can maintain theirs much more readily because the Mystical Traveler Consciousness, which is truth, sacrifice, faith, creativity, intelligence, will, devotion, discipline, service, love, and MASTERSHIP, will maintain the focus of Spirit for all. You can move your whole consciousness forward by developing these eleven key traits which define the path of mastership.

If you get one of these eleven key traits of mastership functioning in your consciousness, all the others will start coming into line. Then you move into mastership by connecting with one who is a force of Light or by moving into your own levels of mastership. You may master your imagination or your desires and lust so they do not control your life. There are a lot of areas you might want to master. You might bypass all the games and go on to greater things.

One thing that will tend to block spiritual upliftment is boredom. If you start getting bored, you find you are no longer in a Master's consciousness. You have ceased to be responsible for your own actions and your own mental and physical health and vitality and have said, "Do it for me; make me feel good or I'll get bored." You might learn something from being bored. And if you do, it'll be a positive action for your growth.

Jesus talked about the path to mastership in a very simple way, saying, "Seek ye the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you." (Luke 12:31) Living the steps of mastership will lead you to the kingdom of God.


There are two truths: an outer truth we call objective truth, and an inner truth we call subjective truth. The inner truth may represent a greater truth than the outer truth because the outer truth is usually in a constant state of change, while the inner truth may be in a state of movement, but not necessarily change.

Many people have asked, "What is truth?" My definition of truth is anything that leads you to God. An illusion will not get you to God; it will take you on a side trip. Eventually, everything, even illusions, will direct you back to the truth and to God, but it will take you a little longer. You're moving toward that Oneness of consciousness called God whether you are momentarily working in truth or illusion. So it's easy to say that truth is everywhere. It is, but it depends on how you look at it. It depends on who you are, where you grew up, your religious training, and so forth. There are a lot of truths. The truth of today may have to be modified or changed tomorrow as you acquire new information. So, based upon the new information, you discover a new truth. You are always looking for what is true and moving toward that, because in a state of truth there is security and an underlying buoyancy where no matter what happens, you can say, "I know." This is not the conceit of "I want you to think I know," but the knowing that says, "I don't care what you say or think; you can do as you please, I know this is so." That truth cannot be shaken or thrown down. That truth does not have to be defended or protected; it stands.

When you reside in the truth of your own conscience, you don't have to defend yourself. If you find you must defend yourself, it may be because you are standing in an illusion. So check carefully and ask yourself if you are working in areas of illusion or truth. If it turns out that you're working in illusion, you may want to change and bring more truth into you. In truth, there is no deviation from perfection. Perfection has a very wide scope, sure, but no "exclusion" or prejudgment. Truth recognizes that you are expressing the eternal movement, the eternal cosmogony of life as you flow from point to point. You don't have to defend the car you're driving as being the best or worst. If that's your car at the moment, you just go ahead and flow with it. It serves the purpose of moving you through this physical world of reflected Light.


The thing that's interesting about truth is that you may have to sacrifice part of what you call truth to fulfill another part of what you call truth. At some point in your search for truth, you will place some things in a subordinate position to others. An example might be that although it's true you love to go out dancing until three in the morning, it's also true that going to bed earlier means doing better work the next day. So you give up one aspect of what is true to gain another. You may say, "Yes, it was fine to run around town when I was younger, but now those things must go. I must sacrifice to reach into new and greater things which hold promise for me." Whether or not that promise is a spiritual promise, you have to decide.

The state of sacrifice can be a beautiful thing. Maybe you give up that ten o'clock television show to do your spiritual exercises. Or you give up the Tuesday night poker game to go to a class or seminar, knowing that you're going to find some advancement or enlightenment. Sometimes you enter into "sacrifice" on the faith of what you've seen other people gain. People who were "boozing it up" or "getting loaded" just as often as you were, come into a more balanced expression. You notice they're not expressing themselves through drinking or drugs any longer, and they seem happier. So you enter into faith that these changes can happen to you also.

As you work in truth, you sacrifice relative truth, always with the faith that you will find a more exacting and fulfilling truth. Then you find yourself on a spiritual path, seeking truth, sacrificing those things which are not true, and having the faith that you can find those things which are true for all people. You enter into a great sense of creativity, allowing each person to create for himself beautiful things which last and endure as truth.

It's very easy to follow the truth, but it can be very difficult to discern the truth. Or we could say it's very easy to follow a wise man, but a wise man is hard to find. When you find the truth, the wise man, or the Light, have the wit to follow and to be creative in your approach. Work with the truth to see what you can build with it; see what the limits of your own expression are. If you're involved in something that has boundary lines or limitations, be careful because someone outside that dimension may look at your action and say, "That's not true; that is not truth." And you find yourself back in the area of relative truth.


Relative truth can be tricky. For example, if I told you the sun wasn't going to come up tomorrow, you might dismiss me as a false prophet. Of course, there is no real guarantee that the sun will come up tomorrow, but in a faith area you know it will. You know, and this type of faith becomes so strong nothing can shake it. But if I put you deep in a hole in the ground and shut out the light, the sun wouldn't come up for you. That's subjective truth coming in. So you always have to qualify your statements, which keeps your consciousness moving. You don't hold to a rigid point, like, "I've got it; this is it; no other way works." Rather, you say, "This way is working right now." And if it's working ten minutes from now, keep working with it. But if it stops working, move on to something else because it will no longer be true for you. When you reach the Supreme God, you won't be working in transitory truths. But until you do find God, you will be working in areas of relative truth because you have no other choice. Work them beautifully while you are here.


After you have entered into the areas of faith and acceptance and have learned to flow with that which is, you may start to feel a great urging within you. Something says, "Let's do things. Let's accomplish. Let's become creative." You may feel artistic expression flowing through you, and you might want to grab a paintbrush and paint. You might want to clean or fix up the house or do the laundry. You might want to go surfing to see if you can do something greater than ever before. You might want to design some new clothes for your family or cook some new dishes for dinner. There are lots of creative expressions that are available to everyone.

As your creativity comes forward, you want to give into life. You take from life, sure, and life is here to be taken from, but it's also here to be given to. So you get a chance to enter into creativity. In creative endeavor, your intelligence is stimulated. You may see a picture and say, "Oh, what a fantastic idea," and your mind opens, and you have fourteen new ideas because the intelligence came in. Sometimes I'll talk to people about a certain idea and see their consciousnesses unfold and expand as more ideas come forward. My creative approach to a concept may cause them to suddenly see all sorts of other possibilities. Intelligence and creativity move together.


As your consciousness opens to new concepts, you are entering into the area of intelligence. You may study, search, read the works of the great philosophers, and study with the great teachers. Your quest is for that which will work for you. You may read the works of the great historical philosophers and say, "But I don't believe that." Yet they wrote it as truth, as an avenue or expression of truth as they knew it. You may come to the point where you don't want to study other philosophies because you don't want their truth. You want your own truth. Many people say, "I don't want to study history because I think a lot of people lied when they wrote things down; they were prejudiced and untruthful and didn't record it the way it was. They wrote it from a prejudiced point of view and I don't want that. I want to see the truth. Dear God, I don't want lies. I can lie to myself, but I don't want to do that. I want to know the truth." To discern truth, you can use your intelligence. Intelligence is the key to bypass your hangups and move into what is without judgments, prejudice, or the idea of personal gain.

When the Light descends in your consciousness, it allows you to reach into the "hope chest" and bring forward those ideas which will work for you — ideas which you can use later because your intelligence will still be in those areas. I'm not talking about mentalizing, which is more of a "record/play back" process. I'm talking about the ability to take idea "A," idea "B," and idea "C" and, within yourself, jump over to "H" and create a whole new process. This is the type of intelligence that makes it possible for people to find their own way once they have been shown the Light.

With intelligence you can bypass your prejudice. You'll know what it is, but you'll be able to hold it in line and consciously move where you wish. This process is more than using your brain. It is the Soul bringing forth its intelligence. When you get an intuitive "I see it" understanding, that's the Soul passing the spiritual energy right through the mind as intelligence. The more you can move into the Soul and bring it forward, the higher you go each day. As you feel yourself beginning to lift into Soul consciousness, if you bring your mind in, you'll bring yourself right back down here to the "tiddly-wink" games of the physical level. The trick is to just keep doing and moving forward into each new moment.


As you use your intelligence to perceive more clearly and begin to decide what you will do to increase your awareness and further your progression, you may begin to assert your will by saying, "I will do this. I will do that." To assert the will is fine, as long as it is useful to you. Some people become very "willful" and turn away from the positive expression saying, "I won't do that. I don't care if you say it's good for me. I won't do it." They move into the shadows of their own consciousness and become very frightened as their will backfires on them. You can create monsters in your mind who lie and wait for a chink to appear in the "armor" and then attack — usually when you're alone or when you're not really sure of what's happening. Your will isn't too helpful to you at those particular times.

When will fails, you say, "Oh, God, what do I do now? I insisted on my way, not Spirit's. Now I'm doing it my way and everything is falling on my head." When you decide you will do something, you often botch that area because you become possessive and tell people, "You will do it my way or else." They're probably ready to take the "or else" just for the fun of it. Your challenge is to make your will useful to you, not to let it stand in your way. But it's very easy to get trapped by the will and say, "You didn't do it my way; get away from me. I hope I never see you again." If you place this type of action in motion, you're most certainly going to be incarnating back to balance that action. Those negative expressions have to be worked out and resolved. Make your will useful to you. Make it flow toward your divine destiny.

A certain Light quality resides within each person. Using your will, you can bring the Light forward in more complete ways. Then your will has become useful to you because it has taken you deeper and further into the consciousness of God, the One God who resides both within you and in objective reality. Then when you say, "Father, Thy will be done," you are saying, "Your will through me becomes One will, and I give it to you." Your will has become useful to you because you're moving it toward ultimate truth. It becomes easy to sacrifice your own beliefs about what must be the right way to the greater idea that all things are right and proper.

Many times when you say, "Everything just really went badly today," we say, "Did it really go that badly? Or were you placed in a protective blessing so that you didn't fall into the abyss in another area?" You may say, "I don't know. Maybe, maybe not." Where is your faith that everything is right and proper in God's holy thoughts? As you exercise and move back into your faith, you start becoming creative again; the intelligence flows, and the will comes forward to blend with the Father's will, and finally you say, "Oh, Father, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."


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