Pathfinder Chronicles: Campaign Setting

Pathfinder Chronicles: Campaign Setting

by Wayne Reynolds, Erik Mona
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Pathfinder Chronicles: Campaign Setting 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
With Wizards of the Coast busily working on their "golden child" follow-up to the newest edition of D&D, Paizo took the right initiative and took the current game mechanics to 3.5 edition D&D and modified and streamlined the rules for easier playability, WITHOUT compromising the play quality or versatility. With those changes came Pathfinder, Paizo Publishing's own answer to the newest Roleplaying game. Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign setting book has a lush, vast world, each land and kingdom has its own interesting history necessary for story-building, even on the people of each land (from the barbaric Kellid people, to the ancient and mystical Azlanti, to the Asian-inspired Tien, the Hindu-inspired Vudrani, even the fiend-worshipping Cheliaxians, and THESE are just SOME of the examples). This book also goes into the history of the world this all takes place in; Golarion, as well as the flora and fauna, the monsters (intelligent and not), even a brief explanation of the Great Beyond (the planets of the solar system that Golairon is a part of, and the outer planes of existence). What's also good is that Pathfinder is STILL compatible enough with 3.5's own mechanics that Pathfinder's sources can be translated into 3.5, and vice-versa. Now, onto the more visual and story-related aspects of this book: The illustrations are beautifully done (stylized, but done so well that they still captivate you in the world's own essence), and Paizo's staff TRULY have the flair and knack for "telling the tale", something that, unfortunately, Wizards has ultimately lacked in 4th Edition D&D since it's debut. If you are definitely unsatisfied with 4th Edition, PLEASE take a look at Pathfinder for yourself, and see for yourself what I'm going on and on about: Trust me, you'll see what I mean.