Paths of the Messiah: And Sites of the Early Church from Galilee to Jerusalem

Paths of the Messiah: And Sites of the Early Church from Galilee to Jerusalem

by Bargil Pixner

Paperback(First Edition)

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Nazareth, the Sea of Galilee, Jerusalem: The places where Jesus lived and died and gathered his followers into a community are for Christians the most holy sites on earth. With reverence for the sites associated with the life of Christ, Bargil Pixner dedicated much of his life to archeological research in the Holy Land, becoming famous for his discovery of the Essene Gate in Jerusalem and the town of Bethsaida by the Sea of Galilee.

Gathered into this one volume are the principal fruits of Father Pixner’s research: explanations of numerous archeological discoveries in the Holy Land accompanied by photos, illustrations and maps. Prepared in collaboration with Professor Rainer Riesner, a Scripture scholar from the University of Dortmund, the chapters bring to light not only those details of interest to the man of science but also the connections between these and early Christianity of interest to the man of faith.

Having lived in Israel for much of his life the Tyrolean priest, scholar, teacher, and pilgrimage leader brought to his subject the depth and familiarity of a native son. Father Pixner’s particular interest in the first Jewish Christians runs like a thread through many of these chapters, helping to link the practices of modern believers with those of their ancient brothers and sisters in the faith.

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About the Author

Fr. Bargil Pixner, O.S.B., was born into a German-speaking family in northern Italy in 1921. After becoming a missionary priest in 1946, he served lepers in the Philippines for eight years. After several years of giving spiritual direction to priests in the United States and Europe, Father Pixner moved to Israel, where he studied Hebrew and biblical archeology and geography. In 1973 he joined the Benedictines at Dormition Abbey on Mount Zion, where he pursued Jewish-Christian studies. These he continued near the Sea of Galilee at the Benedictine Monastery of Tabgha, which he helped to found.

Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction ix

Abbreviation xiii

I The Birth of the Messiah 1

1 The Nazoreans, Bethlehem and the Birth of Jesus 3

2 Mary in the House of David 23

3 The Kathisma Church (Mary's Repose) Rediscovered 38

II The Messiah in Galilee 51

4 Jesus' Routes around the Sea of Galilee 53

5 Tabgha, the Eremos of Jesus 77

6 A Further Port by Tabgha 100

7 The Churches of the Multiplication of Loaves and Fishes 102

8 Riddles of the Synagogues at Capharnaum 115

9 In Search of Bethsaida 128

10 New Discoveries in Bethsaida 143

11 Kursi and the Land of the Gerasenes 148

III The Essenes and Nazoreans 157

12 The Copper Scroll of Qumran 159

13 Batanea as a Jewish Settlement Area 169

14 Bethany on the Other Side of the Jordan 177

15 The Essene Quarter in Jerusalem 192

16 The Discovery of Iron Age Walls on Mount Zion 220

IV The Messiah in Jerusalem 225

17 Bethany by Jerusalem-an Essene Settlement? 227

18 The Last Supper of Jesus 239

19 Epiphanius and the Last Supper on Zion 250

20 Where Was the House of Caiaphas Located? 253

21 The Praetorium of Pilate 266

22 Comments about the Praetorium Question 291

23 The Cistern of Jeremiah 295

24 The Historical Via Dolorosa 303

V The Messianic Community 317

25 The Apostolic Synagogue on Zion 319

26 The Essene Quarter and the Primitive Christian Community 360

27 Notes on the Continuous Existence of Jewish Christian Groups in Jerusalem 369

28 James the Lord's "Brother" 380

29 Jesus and His Life in Light of New Qumran Texts 394

30 Mary on Zion 398

31 Simeon Bar Cleopas, Second Bishop of Jerusalem 408

32 The Jerusalem Essenes, Barnabas and the Letter to the Hebrews 415

33 Luke and Jerusalem 423

Appendix I Timeline of Jesus' Public Ministry 433

Appendix II A Possible Chronology of the Events of Passion Week 439

Appendix III Bibliography of the Writings of Bargil Pixner, O.S.B. 441

Appendix IV Jerusalem Sketch and Other Illustrations 447

Table of Maps and Illustrations 457

Scripture Index 465

Index of Places 473

Index of Persons 481

Index of Subjects 491

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