Pathways of Qi: Exercises & Meditations to Guide You Through Your Body's Life Energy Channels

Pathways of Qi: Exercises & Meditations to Guide You Through Your Body's Life Energy Channels

by Matthew Sweigart


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Nurture the flow of Qi energy in your body for a life of vibrancy, balance, and wellness. In Pathways of Qi, Chinese Medicine expert Matthew Sweigart shows how to use touch therapy, meditations, and gentle Qigong exercises to clear away blockages and open up to energetic nourishment.

Based on ancient wisdom traditions, these hands-on assessment and treatment techniques have been cultivated to heal the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Explore the channels of energy in the body—known in Chinese Medicine as the meridians—and for each one, discover the limb position, yin/yang properties, corresponding elements, functions, affirmations, and more. With illustrations to help you master the physical postures and gestures, Pathways of Qi will guide you through gentle practices for a life of improved awareness, connection, and health.

"Pathways of Qi exemplifies the essence and beauty of the Ohashiatsu modality in every way. I highly recommend this book."—Ohashi, author of Do-It-Yourself Shiatsu and Reading the Body

"Matthew Sweigart's new book provides a fresh look on a subject too often taught using only boring charts and lists. In Pathways of Qi, Matthew takes the reader along on his own personal journey. Although it reads a lot like a novel the text includes an in-depth presentation of the subject. Matthew explains both the scope and the details he has discovered and become familiar with inside the body's electromagnetic field. A very worthwhile read for students, professionals, and even potential clients of Asian Bodywork Therapy (ABT) and acupuncture."—Cindy Banker, Founding President of the American Shiatsu Association and Director of the A.O.B.T.A.'s Council of Schools and Programs

"Pathways of Qi is an empowering manual on Meridian Therapy providing practical ways to heal yourself and others. If you're interested in healing, this book is vital for tapping the source of your life force."—Michael Reed Gach, author of Acupressure's Potent Points

"A gifted Shiatsu and Qi Gong teacher, Matthew Sweigart harmoniously combines his passion for the healing arts with his lifetime experience with the theories of ancient Chinese philosophy. Written in an easy to understand, refreshing way, Pathways of Qi is a valuable compendium for practitioners and instructors of different traditions."—Nilsa Eberhart Diaz, owner of Zen Shiatsu Caribbean Institute, San Juan, Puerto Rico

"Matthew Sweigart's clear illustrations and instructions are enhanced by his wisdom stories that bring these teachings to life. The stories and teachings open your eyes to the Qi that is the source of Life, energy and healing. Pathways of Qi is a reference tool, a collection of wisdom, and a gift to humanity. Thank you for taking the time to record your wisdom for current and future generations. A masterpiece!"—Bonnie Jean Miller, MDI, Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern Universit

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ISBN-13: 9780738748221
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
Publication date: 10/08/2016
Pages: 336
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About the Author

Matthew Sweigart, CI, (Northern California) is the Director of Education of the American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia. He is also the director andprimary instructor of the HeartMind Shiatsu 300 hour training program. In 1988, he founded Ohashiatsu® Chicago, and currently serves as Visiting Faculty at Zen Shiatsu Chicago. Matthew is also the author of Touching Ki, Meridian Qigong, and several other books and DVDs.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Qi Energy and the Three Treasures
How This Book is Organized
The Life Energy Matrix and its Functional Layers

Part I: The Twelve Regular Meridian Channels
Chapter 1: An Overview of the Twelve Regular Meridian Channels
The Twelve Regular Channels as One Meridian Flow
The Keys to Unlocking the Pattern
Yin and Yang and the Great Ultimate Nature of the Universe
A Meridian is Not an Organ
The Three Layers of Health

Chapter 2: Establishing and Maintaining Boundaries and Exchange
Lung Meridian and Large Intestine Meridian

Chapter 3: Fulfilling Needs and Wants
Stomach Meridian and Spleen/Pancreas Meridian

Chapter 4: Higher Truth, Integration and Assimilation, Sovereignty and Order
Heart Meridian and Small Intestine Meridian

Chapter 5: Flight from Danger, Life and Death Instincts
Bladder Meridian and Kidney Meridian

Chapter 6: Protection and Circulation
Pericardium Meridian and Triple Warmer Meridian

Chapter 7: Sense of Direction
Gall Bladder Meridian and Liver Meridian

Part II: Working the Meridian Channels through Touch Therapy, Meditation, and Qigong
Chapter 8: Assessing and Working with Meridians
Harmonizing Qi Energy
Looking at Assessment and Treatment Strategies
From Assessment to Treatment
Practice with Touch Therapy: Brushing and Tapping – A Self-care Routine

Chapter 9: Meridian Energy Flow, Temperament, and the Five Elements
Constitution and Temperament
Short List of Temperament Traits
Practice with Meditation: A Six-Step Process to Greater Self Realization

Chapter 10: Classical Movements and Qigong Practice
Classical Qi Cultivation, Ancient Wisdom, Modern Applications
The Meridian Gesture Qigong Sequence
Basics of Qigong Practice:

  1. Warm Ups
  2. Classcial Qigong
  3. Meridian Gesture Qigong Completion and Integration

In Conclusion: Revisiting the Pathway of Qi

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