Patient And Golden Love

Patient And Golden Love

by Abidam


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Ingera Land is an African nation situate on the coastland of the great Atlantic Ocean running through West Africa.

The story, which began in this country, depicts the true meaning of love in the typical African manner. It depicts raw and unbridled passion unleashed by the African men over their womenfolk. It depicts the ancient order of African voodoo and how it can best be applied to achieve desired results. It also depicts an African setting that is bustling with thrills, frills, intrigues, military coup and action-packed suspense.

Janet Tandor, an untapped eighteen year old urban Ingeran Lady was at the centre of this epic saga. Against her wish, a complete stranger, Kolo Alayi, charmed her with African voodoo and this resulted into a compelling desire on Janet's part to submit to all whims and caprices of this stranger. It also resulted into Janet jilting Jalim Tanga, her former young and handsome heartthrob.

Meantime, Jalim Tanga felt cheated and in a murderous mood, commenced a plot to get his own back at Kolo Alayi. The waiting game did not take long because one fateful day, Kolo Alayi fell into his trap and Jalim got a chance in a life time, as he raped Janet, his former heartthrob, who was in a drugged condition. The questions remain, whether Jalim would escape the wrath of his illicit carnal knowledge of Janet; whether he actually drugged Janet before he raped her and what was the outcome of the rape act?

The climax to this epic saga happened in form of a successful and bloody military coup-de-tat in Ingera Land, staged by some young bloodthirsty Army Majors. This military putsch turned out to be the turning point for all the major actors in this story, namely, Janet Tandor, Kolo Alayi, Jalim Tanga.

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