by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
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Pawn 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
caroldh4 18 days ago
Pawn is book two in the Mr. Rook’s Island series by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff. I have been waiting on the edge of my seat for this book after reading book one, Mr. Rook. And Mimi did NOT disappoint me. This book was a constant roller coaster with me flying along by the edge of my fingertips. Just when you think you have the answers, in true Mimi Jean fashion, she throws in another zinger and another spiral begins. Stephanie Fitzgerald has traveled to Mr. Rook’s island to find answers. Her sister, Cici, had been a guest on the island several months ago and never returned. Stephanie and Cici were very close, her sister more like her mother than her sister. And she can’t rest until she knows what happened to her. Now, Stephanie has become an employee on Rook’s fantasy island. What better way to continue her search for answers, as an insider. Only, her unwelcome attraction to Rook keeps her off balance. “I felt adrift in a big messy world. I had no sense of direction or roots anymore. All I had was sadness and fear - of Warner Price, of Rook, of my future.” Not only does Stephanie have to deal with the constant stream of questions she is trying to find answers to regarding the mysterious Rook, she has to deal with the situation she left at home, Warner Price. He is the man she went to for the money in the first place so she could go to Rook’s island. He is not the sort of man you want to owe anything to. And she owes him big time. We learned a lot in this book, or at least we think we did. Rook finally seems to come clean with some of his story but of course, just when we think we have all the answers, something else happens. And of course, Mimi Jean leaves us hanging by our fingernails once again until the next book, Check, comes out. I was trying to figure out what shelf to file this book on, contemporary? Or paranormal? I’m still not sure. This is a hot, suspenseful, romance but it also has plenty of mysterious, magical aspects to it as well. So I’m still not sure. I also still haven’t been able to decide if I love James Rook, or hate him. My mind changes about every other chapter. I do guarantee you, though, that he is off the charts sexy. All I am sure of is that it’s amazingly fantastic and I can’t wait for the next book to get here.
D-B1 18 days ago
I loved reading the outstanding and intriguing second book in the Mr. Rook's Island series. Even though Stephanie feels an irresistible pull towards Rook and her feelings for him continue, Rook is trying not give into his cravings. While Stephanie is working for Rook, she is bound and determined to find out what really happened to her sister. Read the highly recommended, exciting and engaging full of mystery and romance, and a cliffhanger that leaves the reader full of anticipation for the third book in the Rook series.
TheatreShibby 10 days ago
Pawn is the second book in The Mr Rooks Island Series Stephanie Fitzgerald is in a whole heap of trouble. There are no brochures, no advertising, no website and no government acknowledges its existence. But somewhere West of the Bermuda Triangle in Bahamian waters is an island, spoken about only in whispers where women go to have their wildest romantic fantasies fulfilled for the bargain price of $50k. The island is rife with secrets and not all is what it appears to be. But what happens when guests don’t return home after their week of bliss? What started as a quest for answers about her sister Cici’s death and to have those responsible held accountable isn’t so cut and dry anymore. She wasn’t supposed to stay past her 7 days. And she definitely wasn’t supposed to be so drawn to Rook, the enigmatic owner/ proprietor of the lush nameless island. But what happens when she starts to question her feelings, and convictions? Now the newest employee of the naughty adult version of Disneyland, Stephanie has to find her answers quickly, her benefactor wants information and he is not a patient or forgiving man. Choices need to be made, consequences to be suffered and there is no going back. As Stephanie and James navigate the secrets, lies, questions and truths between them you find yourself laughing and screaming at them. With every question that is answered ten more arise and you can take nothing at face value. Pawn is full of the foibles and the pitfalls of the human condition. There is something inherently honest about Mimi’s characters. They are so relatable as you observe them just trying to move through their lives. There is so much I want to say about this book and the series but that would mean a whole lot of spoilers. I like books that can keep me guessing and this one does that very successfully. I can’t wait for book three “Check” to come out.
DiiMI 14 days ago
Oh my heart, Another MJP hit! Ahhh, the webs we weave…She started out hiding her true purpose for coming to the island, now she is also hiding her feelings for the man in charge, the sexy, mysterious and powerful force known as Mr. Rook. Will Mimi Jean Pamfiloff throw Stephanie a bone or force her to endure the hot and cold emotions of the intimidating Mr. Rook for another few hundred pages? Is she going to give her readers a chance to actually take one complete breath without wanting to swoon? PAWN should come with a warning, expect to feel like you are attending a sinfully exotic tennis match as Stephanie squares off against her new boss in a wickedly tantalizing game of love. Just when you think you are following every twist and every passionate page, that you just KNOW what will happen next, Mimi Jean Pamfiloff ramps up her game and serves another shot that leaves both your head and your heart spinning! There’s magic on the island and magic in the words of an author who teases both her characters and her readers with more heat, more passion, more stunning reveals and yes, one more cliffhanger! Well played, well timed and well, I’m hanging on for more, by a thread… Darker, more dramatic and definitely more temptation-filled in a dreamlike tropical paradise with an uncertain future, but guaranteed, the sins of the flesh never felt so good for two people who dare to tempt fate, looking for their perfect fantasy to become real! Pass the ice water...please!
JulieD2 17 days ago
We start with Stephanie starting her new job on the island, Rook doesn't know her true motives for her staying which is to look for the secrets of the island that Rook holds dear and find the truth to her sister Cici's death. She's attracted to him, that can't be he really a Monk and can she resist him? His actions are very confusing. The story becomes even more intriguing as an island secret is revealed but still leaving more questions needing answers. And then there's Warner Price, her other job. A wonderful mystery. Book 2 was well worth the wait. And now I have to wait for #3. Aargh!
busymama49 17 days ago
I am on the edge of seat! Mr. Rook is intriguing, sexy, mysterious, and OH! SO! GORGEOUS! This book continues to unravel both the relationship between Stephanie and Mr. Rook plus discover the secrets this man is keeping. And these secrets are big... BIG! The attraction between them is off the charts. Being that he has taken vows as a monk, there is nothing he can do about it. The anticipation and sexual tension is unbearable at times and they both are very clear about their attraction. Now, be forewarned... This does end on a cliffhanger. It is worth its weight in gold and super worth reading. I can hardly wait for the next book to publish to find out how this plot twist will resolve itself. Biting my nails here! I am voluntarily reviewing this book. I thank the author for sharing a copy with me.
Cali-Jewel 17 days ago
Nail biting, heart pounding, action packed, emotionally thrilling mystery filled with danger and unimaginable twists and turns you never see coming. By the way, watch out for that cliff (gotta love the anticipation of it). This story picks up where Rook left us and it is just as entertaining as the first. Stephanie Fitzgerald is looking for the truth on an island full of danger and secrets belonging to Mr. Rook (who is full of secrets). James Rook is sexy beyond measure and has built his resort to cater to every woman lust filled fantasy (gotta love an over achiever) The action and plot are so thrilling I could not put it down. Looking forward to Check.
kathyotoole 17 days ago
In this second book in this series, we find ourselves still on the fabulous island where wealthy women go to satisfy all of their sexual fantasies. Our heroine, Stephanie, has agreed to be the new manager in order to try to find out the truth about her sister’s death by spying on Mr. Rook. Mr. Rook owns the island and has plenty of secrets, one of which he has already explained to Stephanie. He tells her that he cannot become involved with her because he is a monk. Stephanie is torn because Rook is obviously attracted to her. Through many twists and turns, Stephanie finally learns the secret behind the island but does she really want to know? Once again, Mimi Jean takes us in a red hot roller coaster ride and, in the end, throws the reader over the cliff! While the author gives us some very satisfying story line, we are left to hang by our fingernails for the third and final book. This was a fast read but well worth the loss of sleep!