Pay Dearly

Pay Dearly

by M.S. Brannon
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Pay Dearly by M.S. Brannon

"You see, Josslyn, murder is brash. It's derived out of careless impulses, leading to a trail of mistakes and ultimately capture. It's elementary and messy. But revenge ... Revenge is entirely different, my dear. It's methodical and gratifying. Revenge stews and festers as your mind has nothing to do except ingest the hate--to transform and become the hate. Revenge only seeks one outcome. It wants them to pay and pay dearly."~Nikolai Petrov

To Nikolai Petrov, being a criminal was not a choice. It was a necessity. In and out of Russia's deadliest prisons, he learned how to survive and ultimately flourish amongst the worst criminals the broken society has ever seen. He rose through the ranks, soon becoming a valued member of one of Russia's most feared organizations--Vory V Zakone, Thieves in Law.
For Josslyn Stowe, growing up in a typical American household was not in her fate. She experienced her own tragedy after the murder of her father. Soon after, her life was set on a one track course, right down to her chosen profession as a third generation police officer. It did not take long for Josslyn to form a prestigious career. She owed her success to the unrelenting drive to do whatever it takes to capture the worst criminals.
It was the tragic murder of an unknown family that sent these two powerhouse individuals on a collision course toward their opposing fate. Their story soon becomes a cat and mouse thriller that will have you wondering if there is good versus evil, right versus wrong, and retribution versus justice. Or are we all merely a lesser version of those who stand next to us?

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BN ID: 2940151213332
Publisher: M.S. Brannon
Publication date: 09/19/2015
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 699,995
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Pay Dearly 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
GTBWR More than 1 year ago
Nikolai my dashing killer.... First of all YOU had me up till the birds where chirping their lovely tune to greet me with the sun an all I could do was curl up more under my blanket to get the darkness cause she was in the room fighting him. Won’t lie my sick a twisted mind wanted more to happen at that point. You had me on the edge during this whole entire read. I could not put it down. When you first start reading you are in Joss’s past where circumstances beyond her control take place. However the events that took place have made her who she is today which is a strong hard headed woman you do not want to mess with. She has subconsciously buried her passed in order to move forward. Bringing us into present day what she thought she buried has now risen to the top due to murders that have taken place in her town. She is determined to see this case through no matter the expensive it has on her personal well-being. Yet little does she know that these deaths that are accruing around her will impact the rest of her life…. Now bring forward sexy hot Nik with his twisted mind set (see we are a match made in heaven) that is focused on one thing a one thing only. KILL….kill the person who is responsible for putting him in jail. Kill the person that has made him the way he is today. Nikolai is not one to play around with. He did what he had to in order to survive the Russian streets that he had no choice to be on. As the years passed and he grew older he took an oath/pledge to do what needed to be done. Yet sadly during his time in jail things got out of hand that he now has to fix ASAP. With a one track mind on what needs to be done Nikolai gets to work. However, the cop that is on his case is not letting him get to far ahead. This is not good so it must be fixed. Yet you see there is just one more tiny little problem. Nik for some strange reason he is pulled towards this cop and he cannot shake the feeling that he know s this cop. What is going to happen? Will Joss be able to save the other people on Nik’s list? Will he finally find out what it is that keeps pulling him away from doing harm to Joss? Will Nik finally get his revenge towards the man that did this to him? Will Joss be able to get those unanswered questions that she has been living with for so long?