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Pay Me In Flesh

Pay Me In Flesh

4.0 7
by K. Bennett

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Hungry For Justice-And Brains

Meet Mallory Caine. Attorney at law. Zombie at large. She's not like those "Living Dead" losers you see in the movies. She doesn't slobber, drool, or lurch-she's smart, stylish, and sexy. Sure, she's a zombie and a lawyer but, hey, a girl's got to eat. When Mallory's not in the courtroom, going head to head with her


Hungry For Justice-And Brains

Meet Mallory Caine. Attorney at law. Zombie at large. She's not like those "Living Dead" losers you see in the movies. She doesn't slobber, drool, or lurch-she's smart, stylish, and sexy. Sure, she's a zombie and a lawyer but, hey, a girl's got to eat. When Mallory's not in the courtroom, going head to head with her ex-boyfriend, killer-prosecutor Aaron Argula, she's in the seedy streets of Hollywood, hunting brain after brain. That is, until some psycho starts hunting zombie after zombie. . .

The Defense Never Rests-In Peace

The undead are decapitated, a letter "Z" carved in their flesh. Mallory doesn't want to lose her head, but she's worried. Like a lot of lawyers in L.A., she doesn't have a soul-a side effect of being a zombie, not a defense attorney. If Mallory dies before she gets her soul back, she goes straight to hell. No appeals. Objection overruled. If the killer isn't stopped, it's case closed for zombies everywhere. But Mallory is an undying champion of justice. And she won't go down-without a bite. . .

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Mallory Caine, Zombie at Law Series , #1
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Penguin Random House Publisher Services
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Pay Me in Flesh 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was laugh out loud hilarious, sarcastic and great fun! Not a bad read for the younger generation either. I will be reading more by this author! Who would have thought being a Zombie could be so complicated?
harstan More than 1 year ago
One year ago lawyer Mallory Caine was murdered. She returned as a zombie but obviously does not smell of rotting flesh as Judge Darnell hits on her though she thinks of him as a potential sick meal and chooses contempt. Mallory knows she must find the person who killed her before she dies again or her missing soul will end up in hell. LAPD has filed it as a cold case. Her former law school boyfriend who broke her heart years ago Aaron Argula has come home from San Francisco where he works for the Office of the District Attorney. He pays her contempt fine and admits he made a big mistake dumping her and wants to start over, but she has doubts though he is good for her zombie image. Etta Johnson calls Mallory, Zombie at Law, to represent her granddaughter Traci Ann; Detectives Richards and Strobert arrived to arrest Traci Ann on a murder charge. The evidence is overwhelming that Traci Ann burned to death a cop in his car. Though there is a slight conflict of interest, Mallory defends her vampiric client while Aaron prosecutes the case. This is an entertaining dark urban fantasy starring a delightful zombie who retained intelligence and her thirtyish looks though she dines on fresh human flesh. The story line is action-packed but with plenty of humor. Using the law to defend a vampire makes for a fun legal thriller as the defense demands night court and challenges the arrest of a corpse. Readers will relish this grim yet jocular opening tale of the zombie lawyer. Harriet Klausner
Richard_Mabry More than 1 year ago
I have really enjoyed James Scott Bell's books, especially the Ty Buchanan series, so I was happy to have the opportunity to read a pre-publication copy of his latest effort, despite a warning that it was "different." Different doesn't begin to describe this story about a zombie lawyer defending a vampire client. But I read the first page, and then I turned that page and dozens more, and soon I found myself engrossed in the story. In this book, Bell's intimate knowledge of Los Angeles forms a great backdrop for a premise that's miles from the ordinary. His characters are well-drawn, suspense and surprises pop up around every corner, and despite my initial misgivings about the subject matter, I found this to be an enjoyable read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Novel_Teen_Book_Reviews More than 1 year ago
Here we have Mallory Caine, attorney at law, who also happens to be a zombie. She's not your typical rotting, drooling, walking-like-Frankenstein zombie, though-no one seems to know she's a zombie at all. And her ex-boyfriend is hitting on her, so she must not smell like a zombie. Her client is accused of murder. But Mallory knows her client-who happens to be a vampire-didn't do it. So it's off to court, where Mallory defends a vampire. Meanwhile, she is trying to find out who tried to kill her, who made her a zombie, and whether or not she can get her soul back. I SO didn't know what to expect with this book. It was very different. At first I laughed, because it was funny. The voice of this zombie lawyer was great fun. But then she had to eat. And-as I do in all zombie movies-I wanted to look away. *shudder* Because that grosses me out. And it was weird for the hero to be killing people. But I pressed on and came to some hysterical courtroom antics as Mallory takes her case before the judge and has to argue for a fair trial for her vampire client, including only going to court at night, since vampires can't see the sun. I got a bit grouchy with the bit about Adam's "first" wife, because that's not in any bible I've ever read. But neither are zombies, so I stuck with it. And as the mystery started to unfold, and due to the wonderful writing and quirky characters, I was hooked. This book is weird. It's not for everyone. But I enjoyed it to the last page. If you love books about lawyers and trials. and if you love zombie stories. you MUST give this book a read. And if you're not sure-like I wasn't (because I don't love zombie stories), try the sample chapter and see what you think. You just might be surprised.
Mark_Allen_Young More than 1 year ago
This urban fantasy novel, Pay Me In Flesh, brings legal thrillers to a whole new dimension. In novelist K. Bennett's debut horror novel, defense attorney Mallory Caine must defend a shape-shifting client accused of murdering an LA cop. Witty, hard-fighting Caine-facing off with her handsome hunk of an ex-boyfriend, prosecutor Aaron Argula- seems to be the only person in the entire city of Los Angeles who believes her client is innocent. She must battle unnatural and almost insurmountable odds to save her client while staving off her own unnatural appetites to eat human flesh. Caine lives among the undead, a sexy vampire struggling against the forces of evil and the voices within her own head as she tries to understand how she came to be. Though some might argue with the theological assumptions found in this novel, they cannot argue against a world in which there seems to be a battle between good and evil-in whatever manifestations these forces choose to do battle-as Pay Me In Flesh unfolds. The grim and the gritty is liberally seasoned with humor as Bennett introduces readers to a parade of hilarious characters. For example, meet Nikolas Papadoukis, the world's shortest insurance investigator who believes he's a human barometer and desires to be Cain's criminal investigator-for money. Or how about Lolita Maria Sofia Consuelo Hidalgo, dubbed LoGo, who owns the Smoke'n Joke business below where Cain rents her law office. Even Caine provides a little humor, as she eyes a judge trying to make sexual advances and ponders what he might taste like, or climbs into her bright-yellow convertible bug, nicknamed Geraldine, to fight LA traffic. Humor is liberally sprinkled to lighten an otherwise very dark story. Dark forces seem to be gathering above this city of angels where Caine seems to be drawn to fulfill a purpose that even she is not clear about. Demons, devils and the undead mingle with the living in this fast-paced, always shifting novel. Don't get too comfortable when you start reading because everything you thought about justice, law and order, and crime may change before the last page. Word of warning! Don't take anything for granted! It could be a deadly mistake. Bennett has creatively pushed the limits of believability in this novel to the point that many readers will soon become fans-they just won't be able to resist Bennett's imaginative mind. I would recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys urban fantasy and legal thrillers. I was provided a free copy of this novel, but this did not sway my opinion. A great story filled with entertaining characters. Enjoy!