Payback! (Black Cock for the White Wife)

Payback! (Black Cock for the White Wife)

by JJ Simone

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Things in the Morgan mansion aren't quite what they seem ...

Billionaire banker Fred Morgan is flying back from another one of his, ahem, "business trips." He thinks he's coming home to an unsuspecting wife, Eva, that can't wait to get down and dirty.

One small problem: Eva knows everything about her husband, and she's hatched a humiliating plan for revenge. She's found a younger, darker, hotter man who's dying to give her the attention she deserves ... while her billionaire husband watches!

With enough dirt to put him away forever, does Fred have any choice but to share his wife? Could he really raise another man's child as his own?



"Just curious, how many times have you already fucked the tennis coach?" Fred said, his voice dripping with disdain.
"Zero," Eva chirped happily. "I've never slept with anyone but you. And I told Vince he wasn't allowed to take me until you were here to watch."
"So considerate of you." Fred rolled his eyes.
"I wouldn't want you to miss it! But I'll admit, it was really hard not to let him inside me, Fred ... we've been kissing and petting each other for hours. And he gives such great head. Watch, you might learn a thing or two."
On cue, Vince slithered to the foot of the bed and nestled himself between Eva's legs.
"Mmm, I love this pussy," Vince groaned, licking his lips.
Vince was so dark-skinned, his vibrant red tongue looked almost out of place as it snaked out of his mouth. He gently licked up and down Eva's creamy pink cunt, lightly tonguing at her folds. Eva sunk into the mattress with a soft, deep sigh, letting the pleasure from his wet warm tongue wash over her.
Her tangy musk tingled the end of Vince's tongue. Unable to get enough, he feverishly licked up more of her juice, making her pant and writhe.
"I've got no idea why you'd go looking for pussy anywhere else, Mr. Morgan. This one here is delicious."
"Oh shut the fuck up," Fred growled angrily.
"Be nice, boys," Eva giggled.
Vince chuckled and gripped Eva by thighs and spread her apart. Fred could only watch with sour disappointment as his wife blossomed open for this man. He could swear he saw her pussy heave with anticipation when Vince widened her.
"She's really serious about this, isn't she?" Fred thought, still stunned.
Vince covered her mound with his broad, flat tongue. Slowly, he pressed it against her, until he could feel her clit hardening under the blunt pressure of his tongue.
"Oh, Vince!" Eva gasped happily.
She was so turned on that Vince clearly loved to go down on her. She'd almost forgotten what it felt like, to have a lover between her legs wanting nothing more than to please her and hear her gasps and moans. Fred hadn't gone down on her in years. And whenever he had, it always felt like his mind was elsewhere – not on her.
But Vince? He was focused on her pleasure, her excitement. He listened to her pants, her breath; he watched for the rise and fall of her chest. He started slow, licking her tenderly, patiently. He was waiting for that fire to build up inside her, that insatiable thirst for more.
And then he licked her faster, longer, harder. He had her climbing higher and higher, until she gripped the bedsheets tightly in her fist and her toes curled. The feel of his big hand softly sliding up and down the inside of her sensitive thigh made her yelp with delight, all the while his tongue kept lap-lap-lapping at her pleasure bud, and she started to think she might already cum ... and that's when he broke his rhythm, and started slow all over again.
Eva let out a pained, passionate groan. She looked down and saw the corner of Vince's lips curl up in a smile, the rest of his mouth sucking and caressing the fleshy hood above her clit. She could tell he knew exactly what he was doing – letting that slow burn fester and build up inside her. He wanted her to cum hard, but only when the time was right.
She was so wrapped up, feeling Vince's thick lips kiss and suck on her throbbing heat, she'd almost forgotten her husband Fred was in the same room.
"This is fucking ridiculous," Fred muttered. It hurt to see his wife enjoying another man so thoroughly. For the first time in a long while, he felt like less of a man. He hadn't seen Eva that sensitive, hadn't heard her moan that passionately, in years. Maybe ever.
What hurt even more was that he knew it was all his fault.

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