PC Annoyances: How to Fix the Most Annoying Things About Your Personal Computer

PC Annoyances: How to Fix the Most Annoying Things About Your Personal Computer

by Steve Bass


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ISBN-13: 9780596005931
Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Incorporated
Publication date: 11/11/2003
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 7.76(w) x 9.92(h) x 0.52(d)

About the Author

Steve Bass is a long-time popular staff writer at PC World Magazine and is the president of the Pasadena IBM Users Group.

Table of Contents

General Email Annoyances2
Hide the Recipients List2
Display Email Headers2
Stop Your Mailbox from Filling Up3
Spam Zappers Extraordinaire4
Alternative Medicine for PC Viruses5
Clean Up Forwarded Email6
Share Big Files Without the Attachments7
Return to Sender, Address Unknown7
Indecipherable Attachments8
Turn Off Return Receipt8
Embed Images in Email9
Fix Those Broken Links10
Stop Including Messages in Replies10
Pre-Address Your Email11
Keep a Copy11
Sending Shorter URLs12
Outlook and Outlook Express 5 and 612
Disable the Preview Pane12
Give Outlook Express a Makeover13
Choose Your Message View13
Use Folders14
Multiple Email Accounts on One Computer14
One Email Account on Multiple Computers15
Save Keystrokes via Signatures16
Back Up Email16
Back Up Your Address Book17
Where Did That Attachment Go?17
Create File Attachments18
Muzzle AOL19
Giving AOL 8's Companion the Boot19
Hold On to Your AOL Mail19
AOL's Hidden Toll-Free Support20
Dump AOL's Email20
Keep Images Sharp in AOL20
Managing Eudora's Alphabetical Mailboxes21
Slimming Down Eudora's Headers21
Find Mail Faster with Filters22
Filter Out Viruses and Worms23
Smart Sorting23
Filtering Spam24
Eudora's Toolbar: Dumb as Dirt24
Sharper Toolbar Buttons25
Bookmark Your Hotmail Inbox26
Use Outlook Express to Excise Hotmail Spam26
Hide Hotmail's Spam27
Make Hotmail Your Default Email Program27
Import Your Address Book via Outlook Express29
Windows XP Is the Cure for Me (and 98, and 95)32
Help That's Actually Helpful33
A Most Annoying Annoyance: Windows Product Activation33
Speed Up Menus by Skipping Transitions34
Screen Resolution: I Can See Clearly Now35
Old DOS Games Make It to the Big Screen35
Take Charge of Your Start Menu and System Tray36
The Missing Quick Launch Toolbar36
Program Filenames That Make Sense36
Keep Your Folder Names Short and Sweet37
One-Click XP Shutdowns37
Open Closed Startup Programs Without Restarting39
Laptop Network Switches Made Easy39
Set the Windows Clock40
A Cure for Cock-Eyed Calendars41
A Quick Fix for Missing Quick Launch Toolbars42
Prevent Accidental File Deletions42
Printing Faxes, No Wizard Required42
Faster Access to Your Control Panel43
The Case of the Missing Icons44
Crush Intrusive Desktop Web Items45
Button Up Your Overcrowded Taskbar46
Save Disk Space by Ditching Old Restore Points48
Faster Disk Cleanups48
Work Around Scheduled Tasks' Limitations50
Windows Updates You Can Share50
Add Service Packs to Your Windows CD51
Protect Your System from Dumb Installations52
Customize Windows Update53
Save Disk Space by Tossing Old Uninstall Files54
Lock Numbers Out, Arrow Keys In54
Bring Back Your Task Pane55
Dialog Boxes That Work Your Way56
Go Flashless to Save Tired Eyes58
Make Your PC and Ad-Free Zone58
Counter-Espionage for Sneaky Spyware60
Open New Browser Windows Your Way61
Outsmart Outlook's Browser Choice61
Pictureless Pages Predicament62
A Shorter Path to Microsoft's Knowledge63
All Your Favorites, All the Time64
Clear Dead Links from Your Favorites Menu65
Manage Your Favorites65
Get the Big Picture the First Time66
Disable IE's Image Toolbar67
What You See Is Not What You Get68
Get Rid of IE's Automatic "Your files are attached"69
Force IE to Refresh the Page70
The Case of the Disappearing Status Bar70
Make Netscape Block Those Pop-ups!71
Netscape Can Google, Too72
Pull the Plug on Net2Phone72
Vexing AOL Connections72
Vanishing Form Data74
The Password Behind the Asterisks74
Fix Your Browser's Font Size75
Open Acrobat Reader Separately75
Get Back to Where You Started with Google76
Track Down Search Terms in Google76
Get Better Results with the Google Directory76
Go Monolingual with Your Google Searches77
Google News Your Way77
Instant Messaging78
Make AOL Instant Messenger an Ad-Free Zone78
Block Instant Messaging Chat Invitations79
When AIM Overstays Its Welcome80
Remove Unwanted Entries from Your Screen-Name List80
Yahoo Messenger Comes with Unwanted Extras81
4.Microsoft Office83
A Favorites Menu for Word84
When Word's Find Feature Can't Spell86
Take Control of Your Formatting86
Paste Email Text, Not Whitespace86
Spellcheck One Word at a Time87
Back Up Your AutoCorrections89
Outfox Word's AutoCorrect90
Get There Sooner with Bookmarks91
Revealing Codes92
Paste the Text, Not the Formatting94
Find Faster Without the Dialog Box95
Turn Off Automatic Hyperlinks96
Smarter Printing with Macros96
Avoid Inadvertent Browsing96
See All Your Menu Options97
Set Preferred View Once and for All97
Something Abnormal About Normal.dot98
A Better View of Your Print Layout99
When AutoCorrect Gets Carried Away100
Delete Text Without the Confirmation100
A Fix for Word's Wacky List Numbering101
Three Ways to Give Tables the Boot102
Give Clippy His Walking Papers (Really)103
Tables Paste Better in Excel104
Automate Tedious Data Entry105
Let Me Count the Days106
Protect Formulas from Accidental Deletion107
Protect Yourself from Yourself108
The Fast Way to Figure Partial Sums110
Columns and Rows Do a Flip-Flop110
The Worksheet Conservation Society112
Looking Good in Black and White113
When AutoFormatting Mucks Things Up113
Put Your Presentations on a Diet114
Outlook and Outlook Express115
Make Outlook a Word-Free Zone115
Outlook Express's Hidden One-Click Encryption Option115
Reattach Your Detached Attachments116
Two Email Clients, One Contact List117
Email Is for Email118
A Nifty Outlook Organizer119
Remind Me to Set a Reminder119
I Like My Dates Bold120
A Better Home for Your Documents120
5.Windows Explorer123
A Shortcut to More Recent Documents124
Quick Access to My Computer124
One Folder, Many Places124
When One Explorer Shortcut Is Not Enough125
Disconnect Your Saved Web Pages128
When You Can't Delete a File129
A Better Way to Navigate129
Make Explorer Crash-Proof131
Look What I Found! But Don't Touch ...131
Copying File Paths131
Broaden Windows' Search Horizons132
Search Faster by Excluding Zipped Files133
Manage Zipped Files134
Beyond WinZip Self-Extractor135
Rename Multiple Files136
Gimme Back My File Associations136
6.Music, Video, and CDs139
Music and Video140
Keep All Your Music the Same Volume140
Why Doesn't My Video Play?140
Play Sound Files Quickly and Easily141
Turn Off RealOne's Message Center Ad142
RealOne's Icons Are a Real Pain142
Play Videos Without the Web Browser143
Take Your Music Anywhere143
Make WinAmp Jumbo Size143
Add Ripping to Windows Media Player144
Start Your Player Where You Left Off144
Bring Your Player's Menu Out in the Open145
An Old Look for a New Player145
The Missing Volume Icon146
Stream MP3s to Your Stereo Wirelessly146
Record Audio from Any Source146
Capture and Save Video Streams147
CDs and DVDs148
Remove CDs When the Power's Off148
Use 74-Minute CDs When Sharing Discs148
Burn CDs, but Hold the Labels149
CD Content Without the CD150
Check That Disc Before You Burn150
Read and Write Read-Only Files151
Quick Audio File Conversions152
Create Quick MP3 Lists152
Preserve Long Filenames153
Burn Usable CDs from ISO Files154
Peek Inside ISO Files155
Find Invisible .BIN Files155
No, I Don't Want to Burn the CD Right Now...156
DVD+R Versus DVD-R?157
Is PC Friendly Necessary?157
The Wonders of a Modem Reset160
Bring the Zing Back to DSL161
Uninterruptible Power to the PCs161
Manage Multiple Bulky AC Adapters162
Clear and Sharp LCD Fonts163
Tune Up Your Monitor164
Simple Ways to Reduce PC Noise164
Extra Power for Digital Cameras165
Windows Setting Blocks DVD Upgrade166
Check for Loose Cables166
Give Your Laser Printer a Memory Boost166
Save Big with Low-Resolution Prints167
Paper-Saving Print Utility168
Move Your Sound Connectors to the Front169
Transfer Phone Numbers to Your Digital Phone169
Dock Your Notebook170
Connect Your Flash Memory Drive with a USB Cable170

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