by Gillian Conoley


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ISBN-13: 9781890650957
Publisher: Omnidawn Publishing
Publication date: 04/01/2014
Pages: 112
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

GILLIAN CONOLEY, born in Austin, Texas, is author of seven collections, including TALL STRANGER, a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award. She’s received Jerome J. Shestack Poetry Prize from APR, an NEA, and Fund for Poetry Award. Her poems have been anthologized widely, including Norton’s Postmodern American Poetry, Norton’s American Hybrid, Best American Poetry. Her translations of Henri Michaux will appear in City Lights Pocket Poets. Editor/founder of VOLT, she is Professor & Poet-in-Residence at Sonoma State and lives in SF Bay Area.

Table of Contents

an oh a sky a fabric an undertow 13

Experiments in Patience I 19

The Patient 20

Experiments in Patience II 25

My Mother Moved My Architect 26

Experiments in Patience III 31

The small aircraft buffeting the cotton batting you slept on 33

Peace 35

[Peace] smells of sweat deep 36

[Peace] in argument context shivers 37

[Peace] contrary to history 38

4th 39

[Peace] death is to be entered backwards 44

[Peace] one mystery of the breath 45

[Peace] interrupting winds 46

Opened 47

late democracy 53

[Peace] halftone of a couple in a four poster 54

[Peace] banana tree's garnet/green, transparent 55

[Peace] if a no more one without the other 56

A hatchet with which to chop at the frozen seas inside us 57

Plath and Sexton 59

A Healing for Little Walter 60

Sun's Rift 68

I am writing an article (Johnny Cash) 70

Monday Morning 73

Trying to Write a Poem about Gandhi 76

Where the page was, do we walk 81

Tenderness of the Dove 87

Toughness of the Serpent 88

Occupied 89

Begins 91

What People are Saying About This

Lisa Fishman

“Peace keeps poetry’s deepest possibilities alive. . .attentive, interrogative, visionary, humane.”

American Poets

"There’s a dialectic driving Gillian Conoley’s seventh collection forward: the persistence of peace, clarity, and calm in a troubled postmodern America where “television killed radio, and internet replaced television, and video games / killed us all.” Accordingly, much of Conoley’s text has a fractured feeling to it, composed of fragments that spill across the page, making great use of white space and, more sparing use of, punctuation. The poems are peppered with the vernacular of the digital world and eschew explicit narrative. Conoley’s work has a vision larger than the personal, and there’s the promise that mindfulness might counter the feeling of collapse in any given moment."

Emily Vogel

"I would highly recommend reading Gillian Conoley’s book, especially if you’re concerned with the irreconcilable elements of the status quo, with the larger more universal concerns about family and the self, and with the instabilities with which we are faced in the world as it stands. Conoley’s book has the transcendent qualities that future generations will be reading and considering, even after this generation has “[swept] the earth in [its] cemetery slippers.” A must read, for this world, and beyond."

Alice Notley

"Masterfully composed.”

Yusef Komunyakaa

“Gillian Conoley’s Peace encompasses the wholeness of a world vision.”

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