Peace, To Be Or Not To Be

Peace, To Be Or Not To Be

by Mary Rose Deangelo


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This book is my challenge to you to erase the scars of your past that have kept you from becoming the person you truly Are. It shows you a way to bring back that perfect child you were before others gave you a pattern to follow and a mask to wear. That is not to discount the wonderful teachings and things you have learned in life but to erase the messages that kept you from becoming the most you can be.It leads the way to reopen the childs' Awareness of your Beginning that kept your Soul alive to the Spirit of God where you were free of a man made guilt. It kept you joyful and happy with your surroundings.When you erase the suppressions ,you renew your beginning,fresh and free to awaken the true talent you were meant to share in the Creation of a New and Peaceful World. You are not insignificant but truly Important to its Completion., every one of you. For you were not made to fail even if others told you that you were. You were made to, ”Become " that we may all share in your true talents .

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ISBN-13: 9781452090054
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 10/19/2010
Pages: 192
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Peace, To Be or Not To Be

By Mary Rose DeAngelo


Copyright © 2010 Mary Rose DeAngelo
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4520-9005-4

Chapter One

The Meaning of Yesterday; The Meaning of Today

Truth remains forever true but it is within our understandings of what that means that changes from era to era, generation to generation. Our vision and understanding comes only in little peeks at a time but with great effort our awareness broadens.

What is true never changes but how we comprehend and interact with it does. It is important to understand and reassess the background from which we come when trying to understand where we are now.

In my era the emotion of anger was almost never expressed by women; sadness or fear were almost never allowed to be acknowledged by men.

I have noticed that many of today's young women are going to the opposite extreme. Explosive anger spews out in words and actions and teen girls fight with fists as well as words. Yesterday's women suppressed anger but many today are becoming abusive with that emotion.

That is because it is not truly the emotion of anger that is behind the outward manifestations. Perhaps it is a deep sorrow, or guilt, loneliness or fear.

To find resolution, the true emotion is the one that must be addressed. Looking at the false one can be addressed forever and not heal its wounds. Until we discover the actual emotion that is hidden behind the outward manifestation, we will remain unchanged.

By suppressing the real emotion over and over we become packed full of negative feelings leaving no room for joy to enter in. What has not been acknowledged within will affect all those around us from without. True communication is not possible and chaos abounds on our earth.

Our earth is alive just as we too are alive. It develops in the quality of it's' energy in a communication and exchange of the energies we put out.

Just as we have surrounded her with the energies we have given to her; she gives back in like kind to us. When we pollute her grounds she gives us back an unhealthy world; when we war on her fields, she sends back the energy of angry wars and mistrust.

Telhard de Chardin in his book, "The Divine Milieu" relates to us an understanding of the evolving Spirit of the earth.

Just as the physical has been changed throughout the generations; her Spiritual side has been developing. That development or lack of development has been cloned by the Spiritual events that have been allowed to transpire in her past.

The earth is now groaning in labor pains. She is awaiting the birth of a New Earth. That New Earth will come to us alive pulsating; alive with a new transforming Awareness and Understanding.

The lessons of Time will have been fulfilled in this new offspring and finally Love will rule.

So too, as we grow in awareness of the Spirit of God within us we bring to this new earth the Blessings of our Becoming. Therefore our goal here in Time is to Come to Be. And we, "Come To Be" by becoming aware and developing the reality of all the parts of our existence. That is by developing the full awareness of our body, mind, soul and Spirit.

The body relies on the mind to teach us; the soul to awaken and enliven the mind with its energy. The Awakened Spirit which is our spirit united with God or the Universal Spirit; Is the path for us to open up many new understandings in the Universal Truth. We must go through an awakening and evolution in each and every separate part [body, mind, soul, and Spirit] of our being. Thus, we embark on a path to truly learn to discover the totality of our selves.

That is, in order to open up our being to comprehend the lessons of our next understanding ...

The growth of the Spirit is not subject to time so our Becoming can begin at any point in our life. Old and young alike can embark on this journey.

The tiny child can be filled with its discovery in a very simple way that is pure. For simplicity of truth needs not the embellishment of a multiplication of words to describe its precepts.

For indeed adding to the truth so many times takes away from its essence as so many religions have done by chaining shackles of rites, conditions, judgments to the Living Word of God and disguising its Meaning beyond Recognition..

The barriers that have been created by the illusion of trying to make its Purity better only have installed divisions that have stopped the progress of the Peace that was meant to be. The esscence of Peace on Earth lies not in armies and wars but in each person's unique Becoming.

And if you are advanced in years do not believe it is too late to "Become" for your Spirit is not restrained by those years. And the awakening of new understandings that are tempered by the experiences of your living can direct its' Light more precisely.

You may even find a new career in the discovery in your advanced years. The talents that were buried in the desires of your heart can come to fruition because they were always there. Because you did not open up your Spirit they were allowed to sleep dormant in the shadow of your doubts.

Find who you are within and live the life you were meant to. "Be" fully alive in all your parts ...

The first time you read this book; you may find it somewhat of a challenge. It may seem hard to digest. I ask you to read through it and take from it what you can.

After a period of daily meditation for your soul and Spirit, and a searching to rout out the suppressions of your mind by revisiting your past, it will become easier and more fruitful.

Those that have already opened up to the Spirit within will understand this book with eager excitement because they have been to the Well. Its words will not be difficult; its' concepts clear. The Water is Crystal and Clear and Quenching because they have first rinsed out their bucket.

Why is it necessary to be aware of our suppressions? It is necessary because they are the obstacle to our seeking within our Spirit. Because of the many negative false beliefs we have been taught to believe we are; we are burdened with a total feeling of unworthiness. We then fail to go within our souls to the door to our Spirit.

When we confess our sins we are forgiven by God and our guilt goes away but the false beliefs of who we are[suppressions] hold us back from experiencing the Love of God. Not because we are unlovable but because we believe what we have been led to believe. We then totally shy away from going within where God waits with open arms and where He will show you who you really are.

There He will show you your Perfection. Now your desire is to draw closer and closer because you no longer fear having your faults discovered. You discover God Loves you exactly as you are, an unbelievable Total acceptance. This acceptance helps to transform your faults.

Soon too you will discover new gems with each part of your journey of your life. Little by little you will discover that wonderful child.

First you revisit all the times of your life, infant, toddler, teen, adult, elderly. You have written them down in a tablet or on the computer.

List the suppressions; then recognize the suppressions; then understand the suppressions. I will later list some of my own that you may see what I mean.

At the same time you are keeping this journal of discovery, you are to practise at opening up the soul by daily meditation and prayer seeking only the Highest. [first 10 minutes a day, after a week, 15 minutes a day etc.]

This is done in the same quiet place at the same time of day bringing a new clarity with your spiritual growth. Because you are growing spiritually each time you revisit the journey of your life you will get a new insight and a new understanding.

As the awareness of your Spirit grows you will bring a new healing to those journeys. What was once only pain can bring with it a new understanding of your true strengths and talents.

One by one each visit will Enlighten a new understanding of yourself and your life. You no longer are afraid to face what you thought were demons because your eyes become open to Reality. The child you thought so badly of becomes full of Light and Beauty. You are now ready to let that child grow to the fullness of Glory.

For your Spirit [your spirit united with Gods'] brings new healing to that Child with each new encounter and each encounter sets that child a little more free.

When you revisit this book as you grow in Spirit and read this book again a year later you will find a change. Your life's' meaning will be clearer. Your purpose for your becoming will be clearer and clearer. Our world is being blessed by your Becoming.

It is not my words that bring this to you but the Search within that brings this about. Only you can find the answer for the Journey is Uniquely Yours. The Miracle that you seek to bring to the world can only be found within you. Until you discover it Our World waits for its fulfillment. For it is not complete until you, "Come To Be."

Embracing Your Weakness the Key to Your Great Strength

The essence of Peace on Earth lies not in armies or wars but in each person's Unique Becoming. There is a Power and Energy within each person that has the capability to bring about that Peace, but mankind has spent its lifetime focusing on external means to bring that about while at the same time in the mind believing that someone outside themselves will someday bring that about. A Super hero will come out of the clouds and make this happen; Tomorrow, Some day, Or when we die. Yet each little person comes into this world with the means within their Spirit to make Peace a Reality. Each of us is born with an Integral Part of that Reality. If we had been allowed to grow in soul as well as Spirit at the same time the body and mind are nourished it would have already happened. Yet the body and minds evolution has been the main focus to the sacrifice of the soul and Spirit.

So man has beeng rowing in this evolution hampered by the prejudices and the unknowing of the parents that raised them. They have been trained in rituals and ideals without the encouragement of having their souls Inner Life be experienced in the wonder of the Internal Reality that exists within them. They walk outside a gated Paradise within and are unaware it belongs to them so they live their lives in the external ghetto never knowing that the property they admire is really theirs.

The first six years of a person's life development is magnified more than at any other time of life. That is when they are indelibly stamped with the ideas that will filter all the knowledge that comes to them for a lifetime. That is true on all levels because we are sent to this world completely trusting in our future.

We are in the most crucial state of becoming. We learn to speak and communicate while not even knowing what a language is. We gather information faster than any computer being flooded by sight, sounds, touch, hearing, taste, feeling and are very rapidly becoming. We come into this world with an inner remembrance of a Spiritual Light and a Unified Acceptance of All.

Unless a person has become darkened by the Nothingness children seem to embrace all with a welcoming spirit. That is why almost all can delight in the beauty of a child. The more we return to that Spiritual Light the more we can see the wonder and delight in the Beauty of that Child. The Child that has not yet been prejudiced embraces the Peace of the world.

The child is truly magnificent; however, the child must depend on others to tell them who they are and little by little they let go of that Light. We believe much about who we are told we are and who we must become.

Sometimes that works out well and both directions lead to a similar road. However, sometimes we are steered completely away from the journey that would have most quickly led us to our Destined Life Path.

For the Child believes fully and trusts completely and opens up their very soul to those that care for them. If they are taught to believe in their Inner Light they grow and grow but if the parent has not yet found their own Light they are helpless to inspire and the child's Light becomes dimmer and dimmer.

The door to the child's' soul is open and awake when he comes into the world. Eager, ready to find his place in the world he is so happy and completely pleased with himself. It is a humble realization of his own, "I Am". He does not need to think about himself because he just Is. {I am not talking about the instinctive craving for food comfort etc. but of his spiritual nature"}. He loves everything he sees, the sky, flowers, trees, birds, animals. He sees the tiniest little things and is aware of them. Someone begins to tell them about themselves and little by little they begin to become aware of themselves in a different way. They begin to look outside to other people to tell them who they are. Little by little they begin to close the door to their soul until they have forgotten their connection to their Beginning. They begin to be taught by their parents and teachers and others ideas about God, religion, wars, people, goodness, evil. Now they must again begin to struggle to find the door to their soul for their inner Light may become almost extinguished because they have stopped going within for the answers.

What happens when that Inner Light is extinguished by those that tell us we are bad or wrong or useless, or any negative prejudices they teach to us is that we must spend many years undoing the damage that had been done. We must work very hard and deliberately to again open to the Joy of our Inner Light that leads to a Knowing Spirit. Their teachings have forced us to take on and believe in systems based solely on time.

Yet if these precepts are sound and full of Love; then we celebrate with God. But if they are not then we do so with a dimmed Spirit; we get lost in the rituals and many times lose site of its purpose. We are led to the exterior instead of going within where we find the direct path.

We were all made for that purpose of walking through this lifetime in awareness of the Presence of our Beginning; body mind, soul and spirit. To be only religious mires us down in simply the rituals. The entanglements of the ceremonies become identified with the Actuality and the two are not the same. And then we must again struggle to find our way out of the ceremonies and back through the soul into our Unity. The simple path to the soul becomes a struggle because the rigid rules of ceremony builds a wall around its entrance. So the very thing that was meant to be a Celebration of the Spirit becomes a deterrent to its entrance.

Each journey and lesson that is struggled through is never lost if we end up rediscovering our Purpose but the path is filled with detours and tangles. To add to Truth takes away from it's' essence equally and measurably as surely as deliberately taking away from it does. For Truth just Is! It lies in the Center of Contradiction. It lies between Good and Evil, Yin and Yang, time and eternity; Life and death. It is the Center of where Light resides. It is Our Spirit where we are all One and still the Place where we become the most Unique. So the Power of even One Person living in the Center of that Light is enough to bring Peace to our Earth.

Separated and divided we are each little islands unto ourselves, unable to reach the Promised Land. But together in that Center we bring Eternity to our World.

Each of us must take that journey alone and find our own, "I Am". For that is how we truly come to Life. By erasing the scars of the past we can become Aware of why we came to be. It starts with the journey to erase the suppressions, misconceptions and prejudices that were placed upon us in our childhood. That is how we open the door to our soul that we may enter the realm of our Spirit.

* * *

This a.m. when I awoke I was thinking about all my symptoms of exhaustion I had recently been feeling. I thought also about the fact that as a nurse I had 34 years of acquired knowledge.

My past pattern had been to discount what I knew and learned in that field because, I was not a Dr. and I began to think of the many times I had been correct with things that I realized that were discounted as silly because medicine had not yet embraced them.

An example of this was when calcium first was eagerly accepted as a popular mineral that was vitally necessary to health [about 30 yrs. ago], especially in women. I recall telling several doctors that an emphasis on that mineral alone to an extreme without adding ½ ratio of magnesium would lead to future generations of magnesium deficient people. They would just snicker politely. [That is if a snicker can be polite.] It had been the habit of medicine to isolate a nutrient. Hang an I.V. with one nutrient, while knowing little about the others relationship to it. Someone had written a paper about a nutrient that was accepted therefore it was used. No one would think to refer a nutrient depleted patient to a Chiropractor or Osteopath or Naturopath even though their study on nutrients was much more in depth than a medical dr.'s. Also, the other [chiropractors etc.] practitioners were always expected to refer their patients to medical doctors to which they did but medicine snubbed them.


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Table of Contents


The Meaning of Yesterday; The Meaning of Today....................1
Embracing Your Weakness the Key to Your Great Strength....................7
To Be or Not To Be....................15
The ego and I....................37
CAREFUL!! Our Bodies Repeat What They Hear....................41
The End of an Era....................57
When Chronic Pain [Dis-ease] Has Become Real Disease....................65
Sleep In Heavenly Peace; Children of the Light....................79
Living In The Middle Of a Sigh....................113
Love Transforming Nothingness....................131
Detering A Crime....................139
Letter to Father Joe....................149
Recording the growth of the Child Within....................163

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