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Peak experience at the San Fermin

Peak experience at the San Fermin

5.0 3
by Carol Leimroth

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San Jose, CA : Caislan Press
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Barnes & Noble
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Peak experience at the San Fermin 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Go go go!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ois felt her heart thump wildly against her ribs. Using all the strength she could muster, she turned away from the door and faced the rest of the room.<p> It was very small, more like a cubicle than a room, with no windows. The walls were painted surgical white, over the thin metal walls. The only furniture was a chair, tipped back, like the type Ois would see at the dentist's office in uptown Base407. On a shelf built into the wall there were numerous colored liquids in bottles; long, horrifying syringes, weird things that looked like pickled intestines floating in jars. It looked like a mad, evil scientist's laboratory. Did Zaherta, her sister, have to go through this? <p> And it was then Ois noticed that she was not alone in the room with the ivory-robed man. There was a few more men, and one woman, dressed in medical wear. They talked quietly amongst themselves, their eyes flicking to her once or twice. The robed man took a clipboard and sat hunched in a corner, jotting down notes. Finally the woman walked over to Ois and smiled with genuine kindness. "Please sit down."<br> Ois tiptoed nervously to the edge of the chair and sat down.<br> "My name is Inspector Kinvra. Me and my team will be giving you the test." Inspector Kinvra tucked a hairnet over her dark mane and slipped latex gloves over her fingers. "So. Do you have any history of internal surgery? Any pain in any certain area? How many vaccinations have you had? How old are you? What is your birth date?"<br> Ois answered every question truthfully. The man with the clipboard and robe scribbled wildly. Inspector Kinvra and her team took her height, weight, foot length (Ois wondered why this was important) and felt her heart and lungs. After the physical examination was the mental examination. The man with the white robes handed her a test, on which she would be timed. The man set an hourglass, and Ois breezed quickly through the test, only stopping to ponder a few questions. The hourglass was stopped and Ois was glad to see it was not even close to finished. The Inspectors gathered up the papers. "Now is your emotional test," Inspector Kinvra announced. "Please lie back in your chair."<br> Ois timidly lay back, unsure of what was now going to happen. She had done okay on the last two examinations. What lay ahead now?<br> Inspector Kinvra took a small, medicated cloth and gently pulled Ois's shirt sleeve up. "This won't hurt, so don't be too scared," she said soothingly, dabbing a place on her shoulder with the cloth. Numbness spread from where the cloth touched. Inspector Kinvra walked over to the shelf and took the longest syringe, filling the top with florescent violet fluid. Ois felt her palms go sweaty and her brain freeze with terror. Needles always had been frightening to her, and this needle was at least 7 inches in length. The point was tapered and sharp, glinting menacingly in the artificial light. The purple liquid sloshed around inside. The part of Ois's mind that was not frozen with panic wondered what the purple stuff was. What would the needle do to her? Would Inspector Kinvra and her team torture her to measure her emotional strength? Whatever they would do, it seemed the syringe was involved. She felt the prespiration making her scalp damp, the back of her neck sticky, her underarms soaked. Then she felt and saw the long needle pierce her flesh, heard Inspector Kinvra say something, and saw everything spin into a vortex of darkness.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Omg i cant wait for da next part!!!