Peak Experiences: Hiking the Highest Summits in New York, County by County

Peak Experiences: Hiking the Highest Summits in New York, County by County

by Gary Fallesen


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This guidebook, packed with pictures and maps, will lead you on a quest. Be the first (besides the author) to bag the highest point of each county of New York State there are 62 to be conquered. Some are barely molehills that can be driven by; others are significant mountain peaks that require an all-day climb. All promise the exhilaration of new discoveries. Can you name the highest point of the county where you live? Chances are good that you'll be wrong. As Gary Fallesen researched the summits he repeatedly came across experts who steered him wrong. Local belief often differs from factual reality. In this book you'll learn not only where the real Peak Experiences are, but how to get there. Fallesen delved into the history of each high point as well. With his guidance you'll meet the people populating the high points today and at the peaks in history.

About the Author

Gary Fallesen lives on the shore of Lake Ontario in suburban Rochester, N.Y., at an elevation of 250 feet, which means when he climbs mountains such as 19,340-foot Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa, or 14,494-foot Whitney in California, he is starting from nearly ground zero. A life-long outdoor enthusiast, he took up climbing on Mount Rainier in Washington in 1996, the same year he became the Outdoor writer at the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle newspaper.

The older of Mary Lou and Karl David Fallesen's two boys, Fallesen began with the Democrat and Chronicle in 1979 while a junior at St. John Fisher College in Pittsford, N.Y. He has won numerous local, state and national awards over two decades as a high school writer, a college writer, a columnist and the Outdoor writer. His writing has also appeared in various national publications.

His newspaper story on Sue and Rich Freeman's 1996 breakaway-from-the-workaday-world thru-hike of the 2,200-mile Appalachian Trail introduced him to the couple that would be his publishers.

He is a member of several outdoor organizations, including the American Alpine Club and Adirondack Mountain Club, and has been recognized in six different Who's Who titles, Who's Who in America 2000 among them.

Fallesen, who graduated from Greece Arcadia High School in 1977, married Elaine Busse in 1982. They have two childrenJesse Dane, who was born in 1989, and Hayley Hope, born in 1994. When he isn't outdoors, Fallesen usually can be found singing or directing drama at his church, Hope Lutheran, in Greece, N.Y.

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Publisher: Footprint Press, Incorporated
Publication date: 06/28/2000
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What People are Saying About This

Carl Heilman

More than simply being a guidebook to the highest point in each county of New York State, Peak Experiences is a roadmap for learning about the geography, and geology of the state as well as touching on some contemporary environmental issues. It takes readers and explorers on a journey from a street corner in one of the most densely populated and built-up cityscapes in the world to a bushwhack through some of the wildest and most remote terrain found in the rugged Adirondack Park. Written by someone who has thoroughly researched the topic, and taken the time to fully appreciate each of the places he has visited, this book helps communicate the diversity of the land and the wildlife, as well as the people found within the boundaries of New York State. (Carl Heilman II ... licensed NYS guide, nature photographer, and author of Adirondacks: Views of An American Wilderness)

Anne LaBastille

High is beautiful to many hikers. This thoroughly researched guide about the highest peaks in New York will delight all levels of climbers. Fallesen combines folksy introductions for each mountain, with natural history, map and profile, local accommodations, and sweat ratings. One-of-a-kind: serendipitous that Footprint Press published this book.( Anne LaBastille, Adirondack author and licensed wilderness guide has written nine books, the latest being Jaguar Totem)

Howard Beye

Peak Experiences is well researched and written in a manner which will provide the user with many interesting facts and details for reaching or viewing the highest point in each county of New York State. Just as there are those inclined to climb the ADK list of the 46 highest Adirondack peaks in New York State, Peak Experiences will offer a similar challenge across the entire state for locating and climbing if possible, the highest natural point in each of New York State�s 62 counties. Thank you, Gary for bringing us Peak Experiences. I am looking forward to an excelsior (New York motto meaning higher) experience in many of our New York counties. (Howard Beye, Chair, Trail Management Committee, Finger Lakes Trail

David Ramsey

Climbing mountains - or hills - is the best way to escape our loud, crazy, much-too-rapid lives. Gary has a genuine passion for these climbs, and this book is the ideal guide for those of us who need to get away.(David Ramsey, feature writer, The Syracuse Newspapers)

James A. Poulette

Great read about hiking those "boutique" peaks. This is a great collection of hikes and stories that prove once again that 4000 footers are not the only adventures waiting to be had. New Yorkers are so fortunate to have so many wild and unspoiled places to get away from it all. If you like hiking for the sake of hiking (or even if your "counting" peaks) this is a fun book. Meeting people along the trail is always adventurous and filled with suprises. Those shared experiences are an essential part of these stories. It makes me want to grease up my boots, grab Gary's book, and get out there.

Terry Krautwurst

Gary Fallesen�s Peak Experiences is an excellent, comprehensive guide, full of solid outdoor-skills advice, detailed how-to-get-there information, and interesting local lore. But it�s also more than just a hiking guidebook-it�s a quest. Those who read it are likely to find themselves among the summit-obsessed, traveling trails and back roads in search of one county high spot after another. What a great way to discover New York! (Terry Krautwurst, outdoor writer)

Lee Mellott

Top notch guide to New York peaks! This is an excellent guide to hiking the highest peaks in the 62 counties of New York State. The author Gary Fallesen started his quest thinking it would take a few months. As he searched for the highest natural peaks county by county he discovered that in many cases the information was not known! He ended up spending hours interviewing,and researching to determine the highest peak often getting mixed information. The result of his work is Peak Experiences. Time may show that Fallesen missed a higher peak but in the meantime Peak Experiences offers an extraordinary body of work to make the trip more pleasurable! The book includes many tips for the traveler. It covers each summit with interesting personal antecdotes of the people Fallesen met and/or the authors thoughts. This folksy sharing makes the journey real and Fallesen's book much more than the typical tour guide! But Fallesen includes the nitty gritty too. In Peak Experiences you will find detailed maps including the best approach to the peak, season recommendations, visitor accomodations, gear guide, trip planning, the view and even a sweat index of the effort entailed! The author also includes a checklist to note your personal high point accomplishment and a place at the end of each section to make notes. The book is nicely sized to tuck in a backpack for constant referral. A must have for hiking New York summits!

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