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Pearl Buying Guide: How to Identify and Evaluate Pearls (6th Edition)

Pearl Buying Guide: How to Identify and Evaluate Pearls (6th Edition)

by Renée Newman




Initially published in 1992, the Pearl Buying Guide gives details on how to evaluate pearls, spot fakes, detect pearl treatments, care for pearls and select pearl jewelry. All types of pearls are discussed and illustrated—akoya, black, South Sea, freshwater, abalone, mabe, blister, keshi, conch, cultured, natural ,and imitation.
In this updated 6th Edition, you'll find many new types of pearls and jewelry styles and additional information on testing pearls. New information and photos have been added to the chapters on distinguishing natural pearls from cultured pearls and "Creating Unique Pearl Jewelry With Colored Gems." Although technical data is included to aid gemologists in detecting treatments and identifying pearls, the easy reading style and the 364 photos make this a customer-friendly book (186 of the photos are new). Whether you're a lay person or jewelry professional, you'll find the 6th Edition of the Pearl Buying Guide to be a fascinating and valuable resource.
A Library Journal review of a previous edition of the Pearl Buying Guide described the book as: "An interesting and easy-to-understand guide to buying, evaluating, selecting and caring for pearls and pearl jewelry. The opening chapters point out common mistakes made when buying pearls. Other chapters focus on evaluating pearl types and shapes, luster, nacre thickness, color, flaws, size, and make. Additional chapters cite differences in South Sea, black, and freshwater pearls as well as imitation, natural and cultured pearls. The closing chapters highlight the proper way to care for pearls as well as creative ways to wear them. The many photographs are valuable in illustrating the characteristics of and differences among pearls. Overall the guide is useful to all types of readers, from the professional jeweler to the average patron."
A Gems & Gemology review of the guide described it as: A well written, beautifully illustrated book designed to help retail customers, jewelry designers, and store buyers make informed buying decisions about the various types of pearls and pearl jewelry. The photos are abundant and well chosen, and the use of a coated stock contributes to the exceptional quality of the reproduction. Consumers also will find this book a source of accurate and easy-to-understand information about a topic that has become increasingly complex.

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