Peasants, Populism and Postmodernism: The Return of the Agrarian Myth

Peasants, Populism and Postmodernism: The Return of the Agrarian Myth

by Dr Tom Brass


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ISBN-13: 9780714680002
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 04/01/2000
Series: Library of Peasant Studies
Edition description: ANN
Pages: 392
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.88(d)

Table of Contents

1Peasants, Populism and the Agrarian Myth: The Historical Background9
1.1The Agrarian Myth and Peasant Essentialism11
1.2The Agrarian Myth, Nationalism and Popular Culture12
1.3Populism as the 'Other' of Marxism15
1.4The Economic Discourse of Neo-populism, or Small Is Beautiful17
1.5The Politico-ideological Discourse of Populism, or Penultima Ratio Regum19
1.6Nationalism and the Agrarian Myth in the Nineteenth Century22
1.7Populism, Nationalism and the Agrarian Myth in the 1920s and 1930s25
1.8Inca 'Communism' and the Agrarian Myth27
1.9Fascism, Populism and the Agrarian Myth in the 1920s and 1930s30
1.10'Christ, not Lenin' in Eastern Europe32
Part IPopulist Peasants
2Trotskyism, Maoism and Populism in the Andes: Latin American Peasant Movements and the Agrarian Myth65
2.1The Economic Background: La Convencion 1900-195867
2.2The Structure and Organization of the Peasant Movement in La Convencion68
2.3The Success of the Peasant Movement in La Convencion70
2.4The Failure of the Peasant Movement in La Convencion71
2.5Trotskyism, Dual Power and 'Dual Power'73
2.6Hugo Blanco, the Agrarian Myth and Capitalism74
2.7Hugo Blanco, Populism and Peasant Essentialism77
2.8ANUC and Populism in Colombia80
2.9Sendero Luminoso, Maoism and the Agrarian Myth82
3Socialism, Populism and Nationalism: Tribal and Farmers' Movements in India98
3.1Socialism and Peasant Movements in the Pre-Independence Era99
3.2Class Struggle from Above, or the Weapons of the Strong100
3.3Class Struggle from Below, or the Weakness of the Weapons102
3.4Naxalism and Tribal Movements in West Bengal104
3.5Maoism, Class Struggle and the Discourse of Tribal 'Otherness'106
3.6The 'Newness' of the New Farmers' Movements108
3.7The New Farmers' Movements, the Market and the State109
3.8The New Farmers' Movements and Urban Bias111
3.9The New Farmers' Movements, Gender and Village 'Community'113
3.10The New Farmers' Movements and Ecofeminism114
3.11The New Farmers' Movements and the Left116
3.12The New Farmers' Movements and the Right117
Part IIPopulist Postmodernism
4Postmodernism and the 'New' Populism: The Return of the Agrarian Myth143
4.1Global Capitalism and 'Peasant Economy'145
4.2The 'New' Populism and the Flight from Socialism146
4.3The 'New' Populism, Devictimization and Nationalism148
4.4The 'New' Populism and Global Capitalist Expansion150
4.5The Privilege of (Academic) Backwardness or the Backwardness of (Academic) Privilege?152
4.6The (Post-) Modernization of the Chayanovian Peasant153
4.7Postmodernism, Subalterns and New Social Movements156
4.8Subalterns, New Social Movements, Class and Consciousness158
4.9Revolution, Resistance and 'New' Populist Agency161
4.10The 'New' Populism, Bourgeois Democracy, Socialism and the State163
5Others Who Also Return: The Agrarian Myth, the 'New' Populism and the 'New' Right189
5.1From Alienated to Empowered 'Otherness'192
5.2Marginality and 'New' Populist Agency194
5.3'New' Populist Agency and Sorelian Instinctivism195
5.4The Agrarian Myth as Link between Postmodernism and the Right196
5.5New 'Right' or 'New' Right?198
5.6The 'New' Populism and the 'New' Right: De Te Fabula Narratur199
5.7The 'New' Populism and the 'New' Right: Worlds of 'Difference'201
5.8The 'New' Populism and the 'New' Right: A (Third) World of (Empowering) 'Difference'204
5.9The Agrarian Myth as a Contemporary Mobilizing Ideology206
Part IIIPopulist Culture
6Popular Culture, Populist Fiction(s): The Agrarian Utopiates of A.V. Chayanov, Ignatius Donnelly and Frank Capra237
6.1The Return of Populist 'Community'238
6.2Agrarian Utopiates, Populist Fiction(s)239
6.3Utopic/Dystopic Discourse242
6.4Utopic/Dystopic Nature243
6.5Utopic/Dystopic Space244
6.6Utopic/Dystopic Time245
6.7Dystopic Capitalism, Dystopic Crisis, Dystopic Rulers246
6.8Dystopic Workers, Dystopic Struggle, Dystopic Socialism247
6.9Agrarian Populist Utopia as Non-technological 'Other'248
6.10Agrarian Populist Utopia as Oriental/Pastoral 'Other'249
6.11Class Structure in the Agrarian Populist Utopia251
7Nymphs, Shepherds and Vampires: The Agrarian Myth on Film271
7.1Film, History and (the Agrarian) Myth273
7.2Plebeian Versions of the Agrarian Myth: The Pastoral275
7.3'I Believe in America ...'278
7.4Plebeian Versions of the Agrarian Myth: The Darwinian280
7.5Aristocratic Versions of the Agrarian Myth: The Pastoral282
7.6Winning by Appearing to Lose284
7.7Aristocratic Versions of the Agrarian Myth: The Darwinian285
7.8Reel Images of the Land beyond the Forest286
7.9Sex, Death and Emancipation288
7.10From Feudal Vampire to Capitalist Batman289
Author Index360
Subject Index369

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