Peel Sessions

Peel Sessions

by Mega City Four



This nine-song LP is two sessions five years apart: five songs from July 1988, with different versions of the "Clear Blue Sky"/"Distant Relatives" 7" and three Tranzophobia tracks. All five are clunkier and rougher sounding, but are worth this spirited, new/old hearing. The other four cuts, including two new, unreleased ones, were recorded just before this came out. They strangely skip over Magic Bullets in favor of two off 1992's Sebastopol Rd., "Clown" and "Prague." Both are louder and more aggressive, if less warm sounding. As for the new ones, "Stay Dead" is reminiscent of Magic Bullets' "Toys," bass-dominated and slow paced, and only Wiz's melody is more striking. Even better is "Slow Down" (not the Larry Williams song covered by the Beatles, the Jam, Kraut, etc.), but a zippy, crystalline, gangly, jangly tune that doubles its intensity in the excellent bridge.

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Release Date: 03/04/1994
Label: Dutch East
UPC: 0017531841521
catalogNumber: 8415

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