Penthouse Records: The Journey Continues – 25 Years

Penthouse Records: The Journey Continues – 25 Years


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Release Date: 01/14/2014
Label: Vp Records
UPC: 0054645196826
catalogNumber: 1968

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Leroy Sibbles   Bass
Cleveland "Clevie" Browne   Drums
Dalton Browne   Guitar
Haldane Danny Browne   Keyboards
Junior Chin   Keyboards
Steven "Cat" Coore   Guitar
Sly Dunbar   Drums
Jermaine Forde   Drums
Dean Fraser   Saxophone
Donovan Germain   Master of Ceremonies
Steve Golding   Guitar
Wycliffe "Steely" Johnson   Keyboards
Tony Kelly   Drums
Melbourne Miller   Drums
Dwight Richards   Trumpet
Nambo Robinson   Trombone
Willie Stewart   Drums
Handel Tucker   Keyboards
Christopher Birch   Keyboards
Paul Crossdale   Keyboards
Steven "Lenky" Marsden   Keyboards
Leroy Heywood   Bass,Keyboards
Ernie Wilks   Guitar
Mitchum Chin   Guitar
Robbie Lyn   Keyboards
Kirk Bennett   Drums
Trevor McKenzie   Bass
Donald Clive Davidson   Master of Ceremonies
Aeion Hoilett   Bass
Lamont "Monty Rankin" Savory   Guitar
Dave "Fluxy" Heywood   Drums,Keyboards
Carroll "Bowie" McLaughlin   Keyboards
Pat McKay   Master of Ceremonies
Danny "Bassie" Dennis   Bass
Lloyd Willis   Keyboards
Ranoy Gordon   Guitar
Bunny Anne Fletcher   Keyboards
Everson Pessoa   Trombone
Samuele Vivian   Guitar
Simone Fletcher   Keyboards
Dave Kelly   Drums

Technical Credits

Dennis Brown   Composer
Karla Bonoff   Composer
Frederick Knight   Composer
Suzanne Vega   Composer
Jackie Edwards   Composer
Leroy Sibbles   Composer
Beres Hammond   Composer
Garth Atkins   Engineer
Patrick Ayton   Engineer
Clifton Bailey   Composer
Patrick Barrett   Composer
Mark Stumpy Brown   Engineer
Donald Dennis   Composer
Clement "Coxsone" Dodd   Composer
Sly Dunbar   Composer
Donovan Germain   Composer,Engineer,Executive Producer
John Goodison   Composer
Dennis Howard   Liner Notes
Wycliffe "Steely" Johnson   Composer
Tony Kelly   Engineer
Mark Myrie   Composer
Johnny Nash   Composer
Barry O'Hare   Engineer
Steven Stanley   Engineer
Gary Sutherland   Engineer
Nadine Sutherland   Composer
Andrew Thomas   Engineer
Ruddy Thomas   Engineer
Handel Tucker   Composer
Delroy Wilson   Composer
Stevie Wonder   Composer
Anthony Kelly   Composer
Christopher Chin   Executive Producer
Shane Brown   Engineer
Attrell Cordes   Composer
Michael Grant   Composer
Hugh Beresford Hammond   Composer
Syl Gordon   Engineer
Robert Browne   Engineer
Peter Simons   Composer
Garnett Smith   Composer
Cardiff Butt   Composer
Andrew Bradford   Composer
Andre "Rookie" Tyrell   Engineer
Andrew Wyatt   Composer
Rohan "Jimjay" Stephens   Engineer
Michael "Cooley" Cooper   Engineer
Herman Kelly   Composer
Richard "Shams" Browne   Engineer
Robert French   Composer
Richard Stephenson   Composer
Sean Paul Henriques   Composer
Zelly   Engineer
Deron D. James   Art Direction
Jevon Bailey   Engineer
Kirk Bennett   Composer
Damian Codlin   Composer
Barrington Llewellyn   Composer
Brian Atkinson   Composer
Carol McLaughlin   Composer
Ari Levine   Composer
Donald Clive Davidson   Video Editor
Aeion Hoilett   Composer
John Taylor   Composer
Romain Virgo   Composer
Kevino "Bunu" Elliott   Engineer
Bruno Mars   Composer
Ryan Thomas   Composer
Reanno Gordon   Composer
Sherieta Lewis   Composer
Sam L. Dees   Composer
Glenroy Browne   Composer
Michael Riley   Engineer
Norman Jackson   Composer
Dameon Gayle   Videography
Ivor Lindo   Composer
Ranoy Gordon   Composer
Bunny Anne Fletcher   Composer
Romain "Sherkhan" Chiffre   Videography
Philip Smart   Engineer
Shane C. Brown   Engineer
Ventrice Morgan   Composer
Glenroy A. Smith   Composer
Anthony Tony Hiller   Composer
Philip Martin Lawrence   Composer
Obed James   Video Editor
Dave Kelly   Composer,Engineer
Cleveland Browne   Composer
Beverley Clarke   Composer
Phillip Thomas   Composer
Llamar Brown   Composer
Steven Marsden   Composer
Wayne Ford Levy   Composer
Alex Bartholomei   Videography
Vandorne M. Johnson   Composer
Swiss   Videography
Soljie Hamilton   Engineer
Snakey   Engineer
Oral Simmonds   Engineer
Melville S. O'Conner   Composer
Jason Bromfield   Engineer
Ishmel Hammond   Engineer
Dennis O'Howard   Liner Notes
Gary Jackson   Engineer

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