by Michael Browne


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The title of this book, ‘Pentimento’ is a word that has long fascinated me for it implies the depths of history below the surface of things. This Italian term is usually employed by art historians to describe that which lies unseen below the surface of a painting; all the mistakes, retakes, previous paintings, corrections, notes and sketches that lie hidden behind the final product. You might agree with me in analogy that a human life is much like that. I’ve often felt that way looking at someone. What are those experiences, what is the buildup and complexities of a human life?

When I first conceived of this work I intended to write sketches of some of the wonderful people I have met over the years, who have made profound impressions on me, both positive and negative. I combed and explored the cramped, overstuffed depths of my file cabinet gathering old folders, letters, blog posts, scraps of this and that, short stories, memoirs, poems and ephemera covering in the final analysis a life over seventy years in the making and it’s multi layers of diversity, adventure, characters, teachers, lovers, friends, family and finally the gathering of peace of mind at the nearing end of it.


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ISBN-13: 9780692991466
Publisher: Michael Browne
Publication date: 11/26/2017
Pages: 236
Product dimensions: 7.01(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Michael Browne has been a professor; husband; painter/sculptor; photographer; videographer; lifelong gardener; monk; hippy; writer; poet and caregiver.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover and photo
  2. Title and dedication: Pentimento… by Michael Browne …. In loving memory of Trace Browne
  3. Definition of Pentimento
  4. Introduction
  5. Preface
  6. Chapter 1. Sojourner

  1. Brothers
  2. Black Dog Dreams
  3. Remembering Islam
  4. ZEN

  1. String Bean
  2. Zen Bosan
  3. The Apple Koan
  4. Zen Cat
  5. Kanzan and Jittoku on Cold Mountain
  6. Kanzan and Jittoku Moon Viewing
  7. Chillum Dreams

  1. Chapter 2. Family

  1. Ruby
  2. Willa

  1. A Death in the Family
  2. The Magic of Forms
  3. The Strawberry Patch

  1. William

  1. The Seasons of Farewell
  2. Spring
  3. The Bill of Spring
  4. Driving Mr. Daisy
  5. The Seanchaidh

  1. Chapter 3. People

  1. Janet
  2. A Bit in Love
  3. Pink Flip Flops
  4. Mittens
  5. Cannibal Mothers
  6. Culture Shock
  7. For Auld Lang Syne
  8. Hurricane Cal
  9. Cal

10. Glory, Glory Glory

11. My Friend Joe

12. Oh Wow

13. Scooter

14. Sistah

15. Somewhere Kelly

16. The Cherry Stand

17. The Folks Next Door

18. The Nap

19. Valentine

20. The Vibrant Lives of Dead Women

21. Winter Walking

22. You People

9. Chapter 4. Places

1. Driveway

2. Homeward Angels

3. Remembering Winter

4. Seasons at the Kitchen Window

5. Silk Road

6. Summer Daze

10. Chapter 5. Grief

1. Burnt Away

2. Rise O’Dawn

3. Shadows

4. Singularity

5. With A Love Like Gleam

11. Chapter 6. Dawgs

1. Our Beloved Harry Hound

2. Bodhi

3. Bodhi’s Terror

4. Old Dogs

5. Andie 1

6. Andie 2

7. Andie 3

12. Postscript

13. Copyright…. Design and layout: Patty Holden,

14. About the author

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