People, Communication, & Organisations

People, Communication, & Organisations

by Desmond W. Evans



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ISBN-13: 9780273032694
Publisher: Trans-Atlantic Publications, Incorporated
Publication date: 12/28/1990
Edition description: REV
Pages: 360
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Table of Contents

Part 1 How to study effectively:
Organising your time
organising your study environment
designing your own study location
organising your notes and handouts
using study materials effectively. Part 2 The communication process:
theory and process
routes of communication
management and communication systems
the media of communication
advantages and disvantages of principal communications media. Part 3 Organisations - their structures and functions:
organisational structures
organisational functions
the functions of people in organisations
key people in organisations. Part 4 Working in organisations:
"start right, stay right"
towards a personal code of ethics
self-starting skills
groups in organisations
working as an effective group member
relationships at work
styles of communication. Part 5 Information technology - hardware and systems:
introduction - defining information technology
living with IT
IT and office equipment systems
short glossary of computer terms
interconnectivity - fax, telex and viewdata systems. Part 6 Business letters:
paper and envelopes
styles of address
handling people's letters and qualifications
letters with personal
private and confidential and confidential status. Part 7 Internal documents:
the memorandum
memorandum and style
designing an effective notice
the report
types of report
the impact of word processing and laser printing on report productionand display. Part 8 Oral and non-verbal communication:
non-verbal communication
the building bricks of oral communication
checklist of speaking and listening skills
oral communication assignments
non-verbal communication. Part 9 Persuasive communication:
persuasion - a legitimate communication tool
the languages of persuasive communication
application of persuasive communication
tips on how to construct an effective display advertisement or leaflet
persuasive communication and selling. Part 10 Working in organisations 2 - managing, leading, evaluating:
towards a definition of management
milestones in management thinking
current thinking on management and leadership styles
major leadership traits and characteristics. Part 11 Information technology 2 - software and applications:
the applications overview
documents and data processing
major software applications in user departments
software applications and the individual user. Part 12 Meeting, conferences and presentations:
different types of meeting
formal structures and procedures
the participants
written documentation
terminology of meetings. Part 13 Aspects of personnel:
the job application process
major services of a personnel department
contents of a contract of employment
summary of main points
activities and assignments.

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