People Driven Business: 4 New Rules to Increase Profits and Create Sustainable Competitive Advantage

People Driven Business: 4 New Rules to Increase Profits and Create Sustainable Competitive Advantage

by CJ Coolidge


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Where will you find profits tomorrow? Not where you found them yesterday.

Oh, for the good old days when the world was large, the competition loose, and planning your vacation was your primary concern. Today the world is small, the competition stiff, and what's a vacation?

Obviously, companies need to exploit every advantage. Too bad, as C.J. Coolidge points out in People Driven Business, so many companies miss the largest and most important source of advantage: Employee Engagement. This is a book that, as a business leader, manager, or knowledge worker, you will want to read to discover where to look for the profits that will grow your companies in the decades to come.

People Driven Business introduces a new, practical way of thinking about how your business can best harvest your most important asset: the creativity, contribution, and innovation of your engaged employees.

Book Summary: The People Driven Business covers some of the most important concerns of business leaders today. The Power Mindset, People Driven Strategies, Relating Products to Value, Attracting and Keeping the Best Employees, How to Get and Keep Profitable Customers, How to Create Innovation in Your Workforce, and How to Have Ever-Improving Efficiencies.

Diving into everything from leading your business into customer-focused approaches to striving to substitute autonomy for strong management, People Driven Business is written for anyone wanting to make the most of a company's resources-experienced businesspersons who are already established and want to improve their company's performance and new managers who are gaining experience with business practices. More than just a business book, People Driven Business is a look at how people impact profitability, guiding you through the course of maximizing your business's potential in every way.

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