People Medicine: A Frugal Physician prescribes Common Sense and Enthusiasm

People Medicine: A Frugal Physician prescribes Common Sense and Enthusiasm

by Robert McNary
People Medicine: A Frugal Physician prescribes Common Sense and Enthusiasm

People Medicine: A Frugal Physician prescribes Common Sense and Enthusiasm

by Robert McNary


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People Medicine is a unique view into the life and training of a Doctor. With humor, warmth and honesty, Dr. Robert McNary narrates his voyage thru the hallowed halls of the business and practice of Medicine. Medical myths are dispelled. Anecdotes of kindness and compassion are administered. Common sense is encouraged.

People Medicine poses an alternative to the Doctor Medicine we have gotten used to. Fifteen minutes of a doctor's time, followed by a large bill to the patient, address very few ailments. Nor does trying one pill then another. Patients return again and again looking for help, relief and comfort. Who is there to give it to them?

As Dr. McNary relates the experiences that transformed his practice and thinking, he shows how to conserve resources, ask the right questions, gain perspective, learn about health and disease, and better understand the system in which you place your body and your hopes.

PEOPLE MEDICINE describes how to recognize the caring, conscious people you need when you are ill or injured.

"It is much more important to know what sort of patient has a disease that what sort of disease a patient has."- Sir William Osler

"The progressive thinking of one era is the common sense of the next.” - Matthew Arnold

About The Author

Robert McNary is an erstwhile physician who learned more about health and healing after he left medicine than during his twenty years in training and working in the field. Healing is as big as life itself. Medicine is a small but vital part of the larger world of healing. However, most healing, like life, occurs away from the hospital and doctors' offices. We ALL need to become more conscious and active in the work of healing.

Dr. Bob has not practiced medicine for decades but considers himself more a doctor now than when he wore a white coat. Doctor originally meant Teacher, and teaching doctors are sorely needed so that the People can recover Medicine and Healing. Dr. Bob believes a new/old paradigm of healing must arise in the near time to complement and supplement physician-oriented, technological, business-based medicine. That broad form of healing will combine community consciousness and the gift of healing hands. Everyone's!

Robert has written a number of books, most notably Baby Doctor and PHENOMENON: 13 Lives of the Millennium Man. He is presently working on a series of books on a universal healing method practiced in the 18th and 19th
centuries. It has important lessons for the present day. When not writing or researching, Bob spends his life walking the country and discovering extraordinary people and places.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780967349930
Publisher: The Portable School
Publication date: 05/21/2016
Pages: 338
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1 - Common Sense
Common Sense and Enthusiasm
Dead or Alive?
Practicing Medicine
Insuring Care?
Working in Pain
Fear Not
Scientific Medicine
Routine Tests
Xray! Xray! Read All About It
Rocket Science
Clinic Visits
Hospital Time
Pen Light
Germs and Disease
The Life That Lives on Man
Bigger Bugs & Bigger People
Playing Catch
What Do We Really Know?
In the Name of . . .
Name Your Poison
Disease Rights
Purple Pills & Magic Bullets
Cut to Cure
Fighting Disease, Saving Lives

Part 2 - Enthusiasm
Medical Heresy
Good Medicine, Bad Medicine
Diagnosis, Disease and Dis-ease
Anything Can Cause Anything
Anything Can Cure Anything
Teaching and Learning
Lip Service
Buddha Ears
Good Hand
Touching Experiences
Holy Presence
House Calls
Family Practice
Home Remedies
The Whole Works
The Body Electric
The Mind Body
True Psychology
Depth Physiology
Cause and Effect
Healing Times
The Gift of Disease
Patients of Job
Going the Distance
Temples of Healing
Bleeding Always Stops
An Inside Job
The Greatest Healer

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