PERCEPTION in Architecture: HERE and NOW

PERCEPTION in Architecture: HERE and NOW



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ISBN-13: 9781443872560
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Publication date: 04/01/2015
Pages: 225
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Dr. Claudia Perren is an architect, curator and academic, currently lecturing at the University of Sydney's Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning, in design, curatorial practice, history and theory of architecture. Her areas of interest mainly centre on the intersection of art, design and architecture. The results of her research, teaching and practice have been published and exhibited internationally in Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, the Czech Republic, Singapore, Spain, Finland, Estonia and Switzerland. In August 2014, she will commence her new role as the first female Director and CEO of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation. Miriam is a trained architect and a Researcher at the University of Hanover. She also works as research manager at the Aedes Network Campus Berlin. She studied Architecture at the University of Arts Berlin and founded the TRANSIT LOUNGE, an interdisciplinary residency program for artists and architects from Berlin and Australia. Miriam worked as an architect in both Germany and Australia, for the German Architecture Centre (DAZ), and as curator for partner events of the transmediale festival in Berlin. She was also an Assistant Teacher at the Department of Architecture, Design and Planning at the University of Sydney.

Table of Contents

Introduction to New Spaces in Architecture Claudia Perren Miriam Mlecek viii

Chapter 1 Spaces turned

Derealisation, Perception and Site: Some Notes on the Doppelgänger Space Thea Brejzek Lawrence Wallen 2

Spatial Turn-Perception in Architecture Annett Zinsmeister 11

Making Sense of Intensities Arnaud Hendrickx 22

Chapter 2 Beyond Perception

An Architecture below Perception Chris Smith 30

Naturalising Space Tim Ireland 38

Unnoticed-The Impact of Spatial Languages through Implicit Visual Perception Matthias Ballestrem 47

Chapter 3 Dialogues proposed

Immediacies of Experience: Textile Spaces-Spaces of Communication Gabi Schillig 58

The Space of the Book Marian Macken 70

Manipulations in Imagined Space Holger Schurk 78

Chapter 4 Urban Action

Public Acts: Enquiries and Speculations into Johannesburg's Emergent Public Realm Katharina Rohde Thireshen Govender 88

Squatted Space: From the Other to the Subject of Uttered Speech Rena Tavernaraki 96

Beyond Dualities: Gender and the Possibilities of "Other" Spaces Anna Papadopoulou 110

Chapter 5 Sensual Immersion

Perceiving Atmospheres: A Phenomenological Exploration Malte Wagenfeld 118

Sensory Modulation: "Snoezelen" in Architecture Lindsay Webb 135

Fields of Sensation: Human Action and Interaction in Sensory Spatial Design Gabriele Fowler 144

From Perceptual Apparatus to Immersive Field of Experience: Notes on Atmospheric Perception Izabela Wieczorek 152

Chapter 6 Experimental Lenses

Inflection Suzie Attiwill 164

(Re)presenting Embodied Inhabitation Perception of Contemporary Designed Public Space Isun Kazerani 171

Constructed Experiences: An Architecture of Performance William Feuerman 182


Perception Beyond Materiality; or, a Transcendental Glimpse of Architectural Space Yannis Zavoleas 196

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