Perceptive Power with AAA Neutral

Perceptive Power with AAA Neutral

by Alexandrew Lee


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ISBN-13: 9781452582412
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 10/23/2013
Pages: 156
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Perceptive Power with AAA Neutral


Balboa Press

Copyright © 2013 Alexandrew Lee
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-8241-2


Universe Clues

Bad times have scientific value ... We learn geology the morning after the earthquake.

—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Have you ever experienced something that you felt was a "strange coincidence"? Have you ever known someone that seemed to be the "lucky one"? These expressions were much more common twenty-plus years ago. As humanity has matured and the collective consciousness has recruited more minds, a common shift from those old phrases has morphed into "Everything happens for a reason" and "It's the way it is supposed to be."

The power that can affect life with such a subtle shift in thinking is of interest to me. We can mobilize and break down information and then use it as an advantage to manifest many results in life. It can even allow us to control the actions of others. The ignorance of believing that we have little control over most of the aspects of our lives is starting to shift as a collective whole. As many more of us start taking responsibility for our actions and the choices that we have made, we become aware that what happens to us is a direct result of our actions. Our decisions to act or not to act have ultimately constructed the path we have experienced since we began thinking for ourselves.

As newborns to this world, we have an unprincipled belief system. Everything is personal and reactive. Ignorance is bliss, and our only awareness is developed out of physical need and our reaction to the environment that surrounds us. At age two or so, we start to enter our ego phase as we push the boundaries. We test our limits. The egocentric experience creates the overuse of the few words we've learned at this early age. The primary words are mine and no. Psychological studies have shown that approximately 30 to 40 percent of adults are stuck in this "ego" phase of personality. We all move through different phases during our day, and the higher, more ethereal phases that are referred to as principal, responsible, and universal come from our development as we age and experience the lessons in life.

The personality mind map is akin to a very simplified version of the "enneagram" a theory involving personalities. Students that accept the enneagram theory recognize that it involves a fixed personality trait during an average neutral state. However, that personality can fl oat between two other personalities, depending on whether the experience is the "light" side—high-energy positive—or the "dark" side, meaning the absence of light: the low-energy negative side.

Mind mapping, as I refer to it, offers an opportunity of growth into other personalities through experiences and lessons learned as we move up the ladder through life, creating our personalities and evolving our relationships and communication skills. The majority of humans fall into one or more right-brained personalities: Ego, Pleaser, and Authority. We tend to shift to the amoral phase when we need to remove ourselves from reality. It is reminiscent of the common phrase as stated in the Southwest Airlines commercial, "Wanna get away?"

So what is the importance of knowing the personalities and the traits that go with them? Because, understanding the enormity of a shift in thinking from, "How lucky was that" to "Everything happens for a reason," is about becoming aware that we have shift ed from right-brained logical personality dependence to left-brained ethereal personality acceptance. Once we have grown to the more accepting and manifesting levels in our personalities, we can be aware of, and actually observe, the clues that the universal collective consciousness provides us on an unlimited and daily basis.

So what is a "clue"? Is it something that fl ashes in neon lights or blares at us with celebratory fanfare? The answer is, it can be. It can come in any form. It usually has some significance. Most coincidences in the old days were considered clues from the universe or messages from God. Recognizing a coincidence as such allows you to follow it up and find out where it leads you. Clues from the universe rarely lead you directly to an outcome or answer that is clearly defined. However, they provide paths to follow or maps that assists in accomplishing and manifesting the things or goals in life that you desire.

The clues have been around us since the dawn of time. They may seem convoluted or get lost in normal conversation, such as something simple, like a good idea. Subtle clues rarely are implemented into the fabric of our lives as mantras to live by. Most humans follow very similar paths as provided by many of the great religions of the world. My personal view is that the egocentricities of many such religions tend to divide and conquer at some level, rather than give the power of your existence to a mix of your personal choices and God's (the universe). Your personal beliefs and decisions create your reality, with the assistance of your God or the universe. Many choices or actions of humans could be described as either sins or acts of godliness in religious circles. They really are, however, choices we make from messages we receive, that take us to the result or the next experience in life. We create these experiences for ourselves with the universal (God's) assistance guiding us along the way.

Belief and/or faith, is a critical part to understanding your control over your life's circumstances. Until you climb the ladder closer to enlightenment, you will be unaware that belief becomes less faith-based and more reality or belief-based, and that is when you can accelerate into your awareness of "universe clues."

With the knowledge that these clues are just paths or short cuts to your goals and desires, look at them objectively instead of subjectively. Then you can pick up the less obvious clues along the way and add valuable, additional pieces to the puzzle that can supercharge and enhance the goal, while expediting its manifestation.

My suggestion is to follow up on each clue you begin to notice. Follow it through to the end of the path that you have been offered as you pick up additional clues along the way. As you are fed additional clues, you can then set out on your next path from the lesson or accomplishment of the previous clue.

The universe provides unlimited abundance that is offered to everyone, as there are no selected beings that are "The Lucky Ones." The more appropriate statement would be "The Enlightened Ones." It may not be fair, but some are just gift ed without any awareness of the process, much as a gift ed musician or athlete seems to have natural ability. The only resistance to this unlimited source of abundance comes from within each of us. Your perceptions and beliefs are the primary limiting forces to tapping into this abundant source of energy information. It is your choice whether or not you follow the clues that assist you in creating a path to a fulfilled and happy life.

Many or most do not realize this assistance and power until late in life. Oft en people pass to the next life in peace and harmony as they have finally discovered that life is not about beating the other guy at the game.

However, many will continue to struggle with their ego state until death and never get it.

Money, power, admiration, etc. do not complete your life and make it worth living in the end. They may be provided for you if you desire them. However, know at your core and believe that you will use these resulting human awards for the high positive side of humanity as a whole. That doesn't necessarily mean you give all your savings away to charities or spend every waking minute donating your time to those in need. It does indicate to the universe (God) that you are mindful of sharing your "godliness" with the rest of the universe as a whole. The result is assistance and a universal provision involving the preservation of high-frequency energy and thought processes in you. Consequently, you continue becoming aware of the collective consciousness of, and your connection to, all living things. This mindful connection in your life is congruent to everything in existence. Understanding and living out this sharing of your "godliness" will empower you and expedite your manifestation skills!

We have all heard the stories of those who have had great wealth, fame, and money but have lived miserable lives. We have also heard of people who never have had any of these material and egocentric things and yet have lived a life full of happiness and gratitude. The opposite side of each type of individual also exists. But what separates those sides? It really all boils down to perception. How does somebody perceive his or her life? How do people perceive their roles in their wealth, business, or relationships? What is the perceived role of the individual in every aspect of life?

Perception is a means of evaluating your life. Every clue needs to be perceived as an opportunity to expand on your education, experience, and growth. Perceiving clues as life lessons allows one to build on the universal assistance required for self-manifestation.

One thing that can create a stumbling block for many is the size of the clue. Something that may seem small, initially, could possibly be of enormous benefit in helping you achieve or manifest a goal or objective that you have set out to capture.

We know what it is, but how do we identify what is a true clue to follow up on? A clue can be anything. That is the bad news as far as identification goes. However, a clue is anything you feel takes you to some new thought process, awareness, emotion, or activity. It really comes down to developing an attitude of "allowing." If something makes you feel good at your core, not just physically, pay attention to it.

What is allowing? It involves creating a mind-set of AAA. Be Aware that the clues are available to you. Be Accountable for the thoughts and position that put you into the situation that helped to develop the clues. Finally, we have to take Action on the clues to learn what is required and follow them to the next clue. The manifestation of a goal or objective is a result of your vision of the goal combined with that of the universe. Rarely is the result exactly as you first imagined it.

Something to be aware of, as a sign for recognizing a clue, is how it makes you feel. If the events, people, phrases, or opportunities that show up in your life make you feel great, happy, powerful, enlightened, or positive, they are probably things to follow up. One caveat is to realize that extreme emotions need to be checked at the door. For instance, wait until you get your emotional level back to a more neutral state before deciding to follow up and take action on a clue.

There are currently many scams that play on emotional decision making. Take your time deciding on your action involving the clue. However, realize that if it is a true clue or opportunity, the universe will not dangle it in front of you for a prolonged period. Think of a clue as a hay wagon behind an old farm tractor that you see coming over the hill and around the bend toward the driveway of your farmhouse. As it gets closer, you recognize it is a clue, and you create an emotional response to it. There may be a few people already on the wagon, but there is still room for you, and people are hopping on as it continues toward you. Put a space around your emotion, attain that neutral state, and reanalyze your initial response.

You may need to sleep on it for a day or two, but remember the universal opportunity tractor is continuing to drive down the road and will pass you by if you can't make a decision to acknowledge and act quickly enough. Once that opportunity has passed you by, the trailer will continue to fill up with others, and soon the trailer will be full. Make that decision to jump on the trailer and take the action to follow the clue, or decide to let it pass you by. Not making a decision on a clue is not a good option. I would stress that you make the conscious decision to either get on the universal clue wagon or turn it down. No decision at all leads to an out-of-control victim state of energy, which is contradictory to manifesting our goals and developing the control of our lives that we desire.

Keep an eye out for anything that makes you think. It doesn't matter if the clue is a normal occurrence or something that is just bizarre to you. The bizarre clues can sometimes overshadow the more powerful, smaller, less obvious clues. Analyze each clue and take it as an important aspect in achieving a particular goal or objective. A good way to open the door to acceptance of universal clues is to use meditation as a mind-clearing exercise. I will cover ideas on how to meditate in chapter 14. I do believe that meditation can offer a clearer identification of a clue and offer the most efficient action for the clue you have been given.

It is important to note that the universe holds as neutral everything we have been talking about here. Remember; try not to let your emotions become too involved in deciding how to act when emotionally charged clues are provided to you. We all know that emotional actions and decisions are made typically at the extremes of the cycle, either above or below the emotional neutral line. So keep the power of your decisions and actions as neutral as possible. This adds to the clarity of the action and the efficiency to finding the answer to the clue. It also helps to broadcast the awareness of the next clue that is becoming available to you. Practicing "universal clue" awareness and sharpening focus through meditation will assist you with the manifestation of your objectives.

So what have we learned about universe clues?

1) They can be anything and are sometimes hard to detect.

2) Your belief and perception are the keys to opening up the door to the awareness of what the clues might be.

3) The smaller clues can sometimes be more important than the obvious ones.

4) Not all clues end in a solution; most times they take you to another clue.

5) Meditation can help identify clues and clarify actions that may be appropriate. This helps to clarify the next clue that will readjust your path to assist with more timely manifestation of your targeted objective.

6) Your emotional response to something you are experiencing can assist you in identifying a clue. If something makes you feel great or happy or empowered or excited, pay attention to it. Just make sure you make your decision to follow up on it from a near-neutral state of that emotion.

7) Clues will not be offered indefinitely. If a clue shows up, take time to make a decision, but don't wait too long. The universe will offer it to someone else down the line if your decision it not made in a timely manner.

8) Make a decision to act at the most neutral point of a perception of an event.

9) The manifestations as they come to fruition are a combination of your ideas and the universal input that best mirrors your personal belief and perceptions.


The Law of Averages and Large Numbers

Chapter Tip: The next two chapters involve mathematic and scientific theorems and may seem convoluted to some. If the reading of these next two chapters seems too difficult to comprehend, please consider skipping to the summary at the end of chapters 2 and 3.

Throughout this book, I will refer to the importance of the strength of your personal belief involving the process of living your life. A large part of personal belief is predicated on proof, whether through scientific, mathematical, or personal experiences. In the next two chapters, I touch on some scientific and mathematical facts to verify and strengthen your belief in the theories involving AAA and hence create a reality that works in your life. In essence, my hope is that this additional verification of a stronger belief system develops the actions that make your life more pleasurable and allows you to manifest into reality the desires and goals that you set out to achieve.

The law of averages is a lay term used to express a belief that outcomes of a random event shall "even out" within a small sample. As quoted by Wikipedia, the encyclopedia of the internet:

As used in everyday life, the "law" usually reflects bad statistics or wishful thinking rather than any mathematical principle of proof. While there is a reality that a random variable will create its underlying probability over a very large number of occurrences, the Law of Averages typically assumes that unnatural short-term "balance" must occur or a belief that an event is "due" to happen: For example, "The roulette wheel has landed on red three consecutive times. The Law of Averages says it's due to land on black!" Of course, the wheel has no memory and its probabilities do not change according to past results. So even if the wheel has landed on red 10 consecutive times the probability that the next roll will be black is still 47.6% (it would be exactly 50% if there were no green zero).


Excerpted from Perceptive Power with AAA Neutral by ALEXANDREW LEE. Copyright © 2013 Alexandrew Lee. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Preface, vii,
Acknowledgments, xi,
Foreward: The Power of Background / the Power of Perception / Important Note, xiii,
Chapter 1: Universe Clues, 1,
Chapter 2: The Law of Averages and Large Numbers, 9,
Chapter 3: Energy Wave Cycles, 16,
Chapter 4: Is Power in Good or Bad, 26,
Chapter 5: Awareness, 34,
Chapter 6: Accountability, 40,
Chapter 7: Action, 45,
Chapter 8: The Akasha and AAA, 52,
Chapter 9: Imaginary and Infinite, 59,
Chapter 10: Dream Recognition, 69,
Chapter 11: Lucidity and Creating Dream Control, 80,
Chapter 12: Dreams, AAA, and Reality, 87,
Chapter 13: Skew Your Neutrality, 95,
Chapter 14: The Power of High-Side Neutrality and Practical Manifestation, 105,
Epilogue, 117,

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