Perdition: A Novel of Suspense

Perdition: A Novel of Suspense

by R. Jean Reid


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Perdition: A Novel of Suspense by R. Jean Reid

What happens when a killer who can’t be caught threatens to kill your children next?

A town and a mother are forced to confront their worst fears in this hair-raising suspense novel from the author of Roots of Murder .

Newly widowed mother Nell McGraw struggles with her outsider status as she runs the newspaper founded by her husband’s grandfather. But a paper can’t turn away from the stories that others ignore, like the body of a child found in the Gulf. At first it seems tragic, a child lost because of carelessness.

Then another child goes missing.

Disgusted by the turf war between the sheriff and the police chief, Nell barely manages to keep her journalistic distance . . . until the killer contacts her, telling her that her children could be next. Now Nell must match wits with a psychopath who taunts her, daring her and the police to catch him before he can kill again.


"Part mystery, part thriller, part social commentary, and all impossible to put down."—Kirkus Reviews

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780738750651
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
Publication date: 06/08/2017
Series: A Nell McGraw Investigation Series , #2
Pages: 360
Sales rank: 804,882
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

R. Jean Reidlives and works in New Orleans. She grew up on the Mississippi Gulf coast. As J.M. Redmann, she is the author of multi-Lambda Award-winning Micky Knight Mystery series, includingThe Intersection of Law and Desire, Death of a Dying Man and I ll Will . Her day job is in public health as thedirector of prevention at NO/AIDS Task Force.

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Perdition: A Novel of Suspense 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Amy Navarre 7 months ago
Good Book, but far more harrowing story than Roots of Murder. This adult fiction novel is chillingly realistic and as with Roots of Murder, this story could also easily be based on actual events, so much so that the disclaimer in the copyright section is well warranted. Due in part to the realistic nature of the plot, I could not put this book down until I had finished reading! The story of this book contains lamentable, anguishing, and disturbing subjects. However, R. Jean Reid provides details early on in the story that allow more discretion later on in this novel; she does this skillfully, had this been handled in a different way I would not have been able to complete this book (which for me, not finishing a book is an excruciating prospect). This author has found a way to work in political/social issues into each book of this series; however, I personally feel she does so with sensitivity. Within this story, the author touches on sexual orientation, however, this theme presents itself mid-way through the book, not throughout the entire story. An ever present theme throughout this series is a gender gap (the difference in the way Nell is treated as a professional woman as opposed to the professional men within the story). Although these themes and issues are present, they do not overpower the story. This is a suspenseful thriller. True to form, R. Jean Reid weaves a tale full of twists and turns that result in dramatic flair. The wit peppered throughout this story is refreshing and entertaining. The language is for the most part clean; the only profanity utilized is done so to heighten the tone. Overall, I would describe the language usage throughout the novel as expansive: R. Jean Reid writes in such a way that the overall story is easy to read and comprehend, only occasionally throwing in a "five-dollar word". In my opinion, the occasional "five-dollar word" just heightens my interest. The characters are fully developed - not only did I find the main character, Nell McGraw, relate-able, but found myself more invested in the secondary characters. I have hope that one character in particular will still make occasional appearances in later installments to this series despite the unfortunate events within his particular story-line here. In addition, although reading the series in order will allow a deeper understanding of the characters, I appreciate how each book within this series can be read as a stand-alone book or in whatever order the reader so chooses. Due to the subject matter of the mystery presented in this book, I cautiously recommend this read with a warning that the content may prove too disturbing for some individuals.
CrazyCat_Alex More than 1 year ago
After getting though the dark prologue and the first, slow reading, 25 - 30% of the book the story picked up and I enjoyed the rest of the book. With few clues to who the murderer is not even tried to guess, but let the story enfold and just followed Nell McGraw in her search. In the end I found this was a great read and I really liked it. I chose to read this book and all opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased. Thanks to NetGalley and Midnight Ink!
SheTreadsSoftly More than 1 year ago
Perdition by R. Jean Reid is a highly recommended mystery. Recently widowed Nell McGraw has decided to stay in the small Gulf town with her two children and continue to run the weekly paper, the Pelican Bay Crier, founded by her husband's grandfather. Not that it's all that easy when long-time Sheriff Hickson and relatively new Police Chief Shaun can't seem to get along or cooperate with each other. First a young girl is murdered and then a young boy. Is there a serial killer on the loose in this small Mississippi town and can law enforcement manage to cooperate with each other long enough to find the killer. As a journalist, Nell needs to keep digging and asking questions to try and get as much information as she can. To make things worse, the killer has taken to calling Nell late at night, disguising his voice, to tell her where the bodies are or just to taunt her. To further her stress, Nell has one great cub reporter and one worthless one, and the sexist bully in the police department who threatens Nell got his charges dropped due to his father's connections. Adding to everything is the fact that keeping track of her teen children is now her sole responsibility. The writing is very good and Reid keeps the reader guessing about the identity of the killer. Sensitive readers should note that the prologue in Perdition is very graphic, albeit a good hook to keep you reading. It takes place in the past and the reader is left wondering how it fits into the present mystery. The beginning of the novel moves at a fast pace but then the action/pace seems to slow down after that. Even though this a second book in the series, you needn't read the first book to enjoy this one. I did have a few minor issues with Perdition. Nell should have just fired Carrie. If an employee constantly whines about doing her job to her boss and is incompetent at her job, then it is time for her to move on to something else. There is no reason Nell should have kept her around. Also many of the interactions with her kids, especially her daughter, became annoying. She tends to alternately worry about both of them obsessively, anticipate her daughter's poor reactions, or forgets them completely. Perhaps the constant driving her kids around is realistic, but mentioning it so much became tiring and seemed out of place in the small town setting where her kids would both be riding bikes or walking to/from school. And since everyone in town knows there might be a killer on the loose, other people would likely help pick them up and drop them off. Disclosure: My review copy was courtesy of the publisher/author.