Perfect Phrases for Employee Development Plans

Perfect Phrases for Employee Development Plans

by Anne Bruce
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Perfect Phrases for Employee Development Plans 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Stephanie_Montanez_Dir_HR More than 1 year ago
Perfect Phrases for Employee Development Plans is a wonderful book that gives some "right now" tips and tools to help to successfully transform bottom to middle employees into superstars! It also helps managers and supervisors alike to communicate with people from different generations to help to bridge the generational gap! The book has a natural progression in assisting you step by step to build your organization starting with yourself! There is a part two to the book that evaluates how the "Best of the Best" companies keep doing it "right" over and over again. This helps companies to build on other ideas and not to have to recreate the wheel. I recently heard a speaker that states that great people stand on the shoulders of giants to excel. This book helps YOU to stand on the shoulders of giants to grow your business into a great organization! Stephanie Montanez Director of Human Resources MedAmerica Billing Services, Inc.
JocelynG-consultant More than 1 year ago
In order to get the highest level of performance out of employees, we all need ways to keep them engaged-- motivated and energized, as well as trained for success. This book by Anne Bruce blends case studies, clearly-defined action steps, and powerful phrases to create a dynamic "template" for developing employees into savvy and energetic team members. Bruce describes how to find and develop an employee's strengths, how to direct the goal setting process in order to achieve the most optimal results, and how to inspire employees to want to succeed within your company. Interspersed throughout the book are highly useable phrases, so that a manager can apply the principles immediately in the most effective way. As a consultant who works virtually with team members, I also found this book incredibly useful. Bruce discusses how to recognize talent, how to best relate to workers of various skill levels and backgrounds, and how to help them achieve the most-- all of which apply to managers, entrepreneurs, consultants, or anyone who may influence others. I'm especially impressed by Bruce's use of lively language and a refreshingly positive approach, both of which inspire the reader to want to take action on her suggestions immediately. She manages to discuss problems without making them feel negative-- but moreso like a fun challenge and opportunity! Her energy is contagious, making the reader want to dive in immediately and enjoy the process. As a seasoned corporate trainer, Bruce also is clearly very knowledgeable about the action steps needed to initiate change. I'm entirely convinced that her suggestions and approach work wonders in the workplace, and beyond. I highly recommend having this book on hand near your desk, as a resource to use over and over again!
LKautzLuhmann More than 1 year ago
Perfect Phrases for Employee Development Plans is a great book. It is classroom meets boardroom. Elementary school teachers root for their students and encourage them to succeed; bringing lessons to life for the students using different learning styles and techniques. The business world is so competitive that we forget that it is okay to root for each other, to develop talent, to encourage success and to realize each person has their own style. This book is a wonderfully positive tool that will focus managers' attention on what their employees are doing right and will allow individuals to assess their own habits to accentuate or further develop one or many of these desirable attributes. Two of the features I like best are 1. it is broken up into useful categories (Interns/Temps, Boomers, Gen Xers etc.) and 2. offers useful tips and ideas from industry experts. Anne Bruce has delivered another excellent personal and professional development tool.
AntoineG More than 1 year ago
If you are looking for a detailed, formalistic "how to," this is not the book for you! - Anne Bruce gives you much more: It is a practical inspiration of how to look at your talent and how to develop your employees. It's all about how to create an employee centric environment leveraging and building on talent and strength. Anne wrote this book in a manner only she could! It is bold, it is practical, it is an easy read. Sample phrases embedded in a wealth of ideas and best practice references. Anne stimulates the reader to think of new ways of looking at development planning. She demonstrates how to talk about employee development without mentioning the word "weakness" even only once. It's not just Anne's wisdom we are tapping into. She also very generously and unselfishly includes lessons from other thought leaders. By doing so she lives what she preaches: It's not about her (it's not about the leader) but about the reader (about the employee). Whatever helps him/her needs to be done! Focus on and develop employee strengths, not weaknesses, allowing greatest talents "to be fueled!" "When we neutralize weaknesses and redirect energy toward a person's strongest gifts and talents, we create superstar performers, confident men and women, and extraordinary contributors to the organization's long-term goals." This book is a communication tool helping leaders to transform employee development from a "bureaucratic task" to a leadership topic. It will make a difference for your people, but possibly even more FOR YOU.
DLWinter More than 1 year ago
In keeping with her well thought out methods and organized manner to laying out her books, Anne Bruce has crafted yet another fantastic reference tool! Perfect Phrases is categorized for quick, go-to phrases and content applicable to all groups in today's workforce. This book is jam packed with bite sized morsels of brilliancy that can be used in everyday situations for all levels of employees. For any manager seeking a positive, from-the-heart approach for daily challenges, this book was written for you.
Mostovoj More than 1 year ago
If you want to make things happen then buy this book! It is fantastic and Anne Bruce really knows what she is talking about. I have her other books like Discover True North and they are life changing.