Perfection Unleashed

Perfection Unleashed

by Jade Kerrion


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ISBN-13: 9781469980355
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/11/2012
Pages: 252
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.57(d)

About the Author

Jade Kerrion holds B.A. degrees in biology and philosophy from the Johns Hopkins University and an M.B.A. from the University of Virginia. When not writing or working, she ekes out time for dance and computer games. She resides with her husband and two sons in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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Bobbie Christmas

The excitement escalates and stays high. The social commentary is subtle and sublime.
—Bobbie Christmas, Zebra Communications

RPLA Judge

A breakout piece of science fiction.
—RPLA Judge

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Perfection Unleashed 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Bookblogger More than 1 year ago
Perfection Unleashed by Jade Kerrion takes place in a world where the genetic code seems to be a plaything for scientists.  Clones are not uncommon, even clones of historical figures.  There are also mutant powers that humans have come to possess.  There is even a genetically built perfect human named Galahad.   Danyael is a man who is an extremely powerful empath who works in a free clinic in a bad area.  Filled with a guilt for what his power can do to people he is afraid to live up to his true potential.  He also has a past that is full of secrets as he has no idea who his true parents are.   When Galahad is set loose from his home/lab/prison by a mercenary team that has been paid to get a sample of his perfect genetic code.  They end up at the home of one of the richest men in the country who also happens to be Danyael's oldest friend.  When Danyael and Galahad come face to face it opens a huge can of worms that will lead to a lot strife for the group. I really liked this book.  The special powers that people had reminded me a lot of the X-Men as well as some of the anti-mutant groups.  Building off of that really allowed me to immerse myself into some of the scenes where there were conflict with the groups.  The characters were also done very well.  Danyael was a bit annoying at times with his attitude and distance from everyone, but the reasons are well explained and understandable.  I also had issues with one of the mercenaries.  Her attitude just real put me off, though again the reason is explained so it was more of a personality clash.  I think that if an author can actually make me understand a character enough to have an issue with them it's a success.   This is a great book for anyone who enjoys stories that have a strong basis in science and a lot of action. Review copy provided by the author.
Cats57 on LibraryThing 5 months ago
In this novel, we meet cloned, genetically altered, mutated, bettered, perfected ¿people¿. We read this story through their eyes. In this story, full humans seem to be the new `minority¿ and left feeling that they are second-class citizens with no rights or laws to help them. This dissatisfaction brings about a class breakdown with the `humans¿ creating havoc to get their points across. A person whose father happens to adore creating these `creatures¿, heads them. He adores creating to the point of alienating his biological son. This book does have a lot of action and bloody action too; but the author chooses not to overly describe the goriest scenes to us.I would like to tell you more but I¿m afraid that I would spoil the book for you. The synopsis given is fairly true to the book and quite adequate. . What I will tell you is that while the writing is solid, the character descriptions vivid, the interactions between the antagonists and protagonists is interesting but sometimes lacks real emotions. However the lack of back-story left me confused and unhappy. The technical aspects of this book will be a benefit to those readers who really grasp the high tech biology argon but will be a possible deterrent to those who are looking for pure entertainment. We get a lot of pop ¿culture references which makes you think the story is set in the `now¿, but others have claimed that this is a futuristic story. I don¿t quite see it.However, the fact remains that back-story would not have been remiss. I also have to wonder why, if most of the heaviest action is taking place in and around Washington DC. Why didn¿t the President and his entourage call out the army, National Guard or at least some competent cops? If the US is different due to a time change or of this being a dystopian society, then I think the author should have made that clearer. I love using my imagination, but not when I have to work too hard at it. There are many question left that haven¿t been answered that I hope will be in future novels.This author has quite a bit of talent and I¿m happy to have had her work brought to my attention.
Lizlizzie2 More than 1 year ago
The first book in the Double Helix series, which I received through a free offer and put it on my ereader. I am happy I did so because it was an excellent story with great characters. It resulted in me buying the Double Helix Collection - a 5-star read. If you are not sure, try it. Science-fiction, romance without mushiness, and an interesting world of politics and people.
suteko More than 1 year ago
Genetic manipulation, clones and mutants abound in this the first book of this series. We get the full range of scum and villainy and the heartbreakingly honest and clean heroes. As I read this book I keep wanting to cry at all the horrendous things that had been done to Danyeal. The more I got into the novel the more I wanted to take Zara's favorite option of kill the idiots. An Alpha empath, the strongest most likely on the planet and everyone has wants, desires and needs that just don't take into account this poor man's need of something as simple as someone caring for him. To feel so deeply from babyhood and to have them hate him or want to use him and to feel the physical side effects of their emotions? Whoa cruel but this book was hard to put down. Read it in one afternoon and I would recommend you make sure you have time to read it in one sitting. It is powerful and definitely worth the read.
Bookworm_Babblings More than 1 year ago
I received a copy of this trilogy in exchange for my honest review. This was such a great science fiction series, one that I thoroughly enjoyed. It was almost nonstop action and lots of suspense as they uncover the true reason behind creating “the perfect human”. Jade Kerrion made her characters extremely realistic. So the novels were easy to get involved in and very difficult to put down. I loved the fact that although it was similar X-Men, the “powers” were a realistic possible human development. This is definitely a 4 star series and worthy read.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers Favorite Perfection is the state of being free from all flaws or defects. Jade Kerrion offers a look at a society that seeks perfection. In “Perfection Unleashed”, Pioneer Laboratories has created perfection through clones; they were leading in the Genetic Revolution. Many of the clones were greater than “normal” humans. As in our society those that are different or not understood are feared. Guidelines and precautions were developed and put in place to protect the clones. However, guidelines and procedures rarely protect the innocent. The clones were thought of as less than human. Galahad was a clone but a superior clone; Galahad was perfection. His perfection made him a prisoner. He spent his days much like a lab rat. His desire was for freedom. Dr. Danayael Sabre had the life he wanted; he wasn’t overly concerned when he heard the report that Galahad was on the loose until they came face to face. We have two very different men but very alike. Danayael is a mutant with empathic powers; Galahad is a clone with superhero type powers. Their powers maybe different but they look just alike. Jade Kerrion is a name you will want to remember for I believe we will be hearing it again and again as this series continues. “Perfection Unleashed” begins with high energy action and does not let up until the last word; the ending is a cliffhanger. Cliffhangers are frustrating for readers. However, I will be back for more. Kerrion is an extremely talented writer. Most of the plot is tight and the writing is sharp. The plot is on the cutting edge, unique and imaginative. There are a lot of characters in this book which is very simple and easy to read since this is the first book of a new series. Kerrion has successfully set up story lines that should promise action-packed future books. Jade Kerrion has already convinced me that I have to read the whole series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Perfection Unleashed (Double Helix) by Jade Kerrion is a futuristic sci-fi novel with mutants, genetic manipulation, clones, and lots and lots of action. The story takes place in an alternate reality world similar to ours except genetic research has created all sorts of new types of humans with fun powers like telepathy. The two main characters, Galahad and Danyael, meet after Galahad is stolen from a genetics lab where he was created with perfect DNA. The two men look identical and start a journey, along with their companions, to find out why. The writing and editing of this self-published book is excellent, and a wonderful example of how self-publishers need to do it. I found very few errors, and most of those errors were small things like a missing quotation mark here and there. The formatting for kindle was perfect as well. I wipe my forehead in satisfaction as self-pubers are getting the message formatting, and editing does matter. The first chapter of the book led me to think the manuscript would be about Galahad and Zara, their quest to free Galahad from the scientists, getting him classified as human, and their relationship, but once Danyael is introduced, he hijacks most of the plot. Not a bad thing, Danyael is an interesting character and has a lot of baggage in his past, but it made me wonder why the book wasn’t called Mutant Unleashed. Perhaps Galahad’s parts are larger in the second and third books, which I have copies of to read. I enjoyed this book even though it doesn’t have a clear objective or resolution in the first one. I’m assuming the next books will reveal what the characters are trying to accomplish, and this preliminary book is more about setting up the world and all the major players in it. In the first book, the main characters are just reacting to what’s happening to them and not trying to reach any goal yet. So warning! You will have to read on to reach any type of conclusion. Everything in the story is well-developed and sounds plausible, so you’ll have no problem suspending reality. My only concern, as I read on many aspects of the story made me think of the X-men. Perhaps it’s unavoidable to think of the X-men comics when dealing with mutants. So far, the powers of the mutants have been limited to normal stuff like empathy, telepathy, telekinesis, etc., and none of the more super power types of mutations you find in the comic. As long as giant robots don’t appear, I think we’re good. One last thing, I wish the book explained why Galahad’s DNA is so important. Why is being a “perfect” human significant? Perhaps to the science nerd this is understood knowledge, but to us lay people who only dabble by reading science fiction, we are left scratching our head wondering. He’s attractive, strong, but doesn’t, at this time, seem to have special powers or anything. My guess the importance would lie in curing diseases and stuff like that, having a perfect pallet to start from. In conclusion, I really enjoyed this novel and highly recommend it to anyone who likes sci-fi. It’s one of the better self-pub books out there. It gets 4 stars instead of 5 only because the story doesn’t have its own conclusion. I prefer trilogies where each book concludes its story.
BookwormReflects More than 1 year ago
Perfection Unleashed Double Helix Book One By Jade Kerrion Galahad was created to be the perfect human being by Pioneer Labs. However Pioneer Labs is performing torturous experiments on Galahad. When Zara breaks into the Labs to kill Galahad but instead after discovering the horror he is going through releases him. This is only the beginning as the story twists and turns weaving itself around three main characters, Galahad, Danyael, Jason each having their own story to tell. This was certainly an interesting story; you have Galahad the genetically created perfect human being who has been tortured his entire life. Then you have Danyael who is a strong empath and has worked hard at controlling his abilities. Add in Jason who hates Galahad with a fiery passion, so much so he even created his own hate group. With these three interweaving stories you have a remarkable novel and Jade Kerrion used exceptional writing abilities to truly capture the complexities of each of her characters, and though these three stories should be enough to keep you reading the author makes sure to throw in a few more twists and turns that will ensure you will come back for more. I cannot wait to see what is to come in the next book with the mix of science fiction and fantasy there is an endless amount of possibilities. I was sent a free copy of this book for an honest review.
Warder More than 1 year ago
This is the first volume in what, I believe, will prove to be a very exciting series. The action starts right at the first sentence and rolls through all 20 chapters. I couldn’t pick out one main character, but I don’t think that affected the quality of the storyline one bit. This series is a mix of Humans, Mutants, In-Vitro beings and Clones. A group of mercenaries set out on a mission to get a tissue sample from Galahad, a being made from hand by scientists at Pioneer Labs. Galahad is rumored to be the ‘perfect’ being, a being with the ‘perfect’ genetic code, and Zara is the human operative sent in to collect the sample. When she gets to lab she is stunned to see Galahad’s living conditions are less than perfect. He is poked and prodded and then left in solitude. Of course during the mission things take a turn for the worse and Zara is forced to take all of Galahad with her, not just a small sample. Unfortunately Galahad and Zara were both injured in the escape. What follows is a rush of intrigue, deception and blood baths. Zara’s friend Lucien is the money behind the scenes and treats Zara like a little sister. She takes Galahad to Lucien’s home and meets up with Xin, her computer expert. Xin is a clone of Fu Hao, an ancient Chinese military general, queen and high priestess. Lucien calls his mutant friend Danyael from New York to come assist them at his home outside Washington D.C. Danyael is a mutant, but not just any mutant. He is an Alpha level Empath, with healing capabilities. He is quite possibly the strongest mutant on the planet. He is also a twin to Galahad. This throws another twist into the mix as now this small band of friends not only has to find a way to save Galahad from his would-be captors, but to find out how their friend Danyael is involved and how his genetic code was obtained to be used in Galahad. Our small group soon finds out that prior to Galahads creation, there were several unsuccessful attempts, resulting in five sub-human abominations. These abominations gain their freedom the same time as Galahad and start a reign of terror in downtown Washington D.C. killing everything and everyone in sight bent on finding their lost brother. In addition to trying to save the perfect being, figure out Danyael’s connection to him, save the city from the abomination killing spree, the friends soon get a visit from Miyira, a telepathic clone from the Mutant Advisory Council sent to capture or kill Danyael. After an attack at Lucien’s home by the abominations, Miyira quickly convinces the M.A.C. that it’s in their best interest to side with this group of mercenaries. During a mission to prevent another attack, Xin is captured by an extremist group lead by Jason, the son of Galahad’s creator. During the rescue mission to save Xin, Danyael is captured by Roland, Galahad’s creator, and taken back to Pioneer labs. When Galahad returns to Pioneer Labs to rescue Danyael, all of the plot components fall into place and everyone finds out that Galahad is a military project funded by DARPA. Now begins the flight for their lives. I am leaving this one as a RAFO (read and find out). What is Roland’s 25 year old secret? Will they be able to get Galahad out of the country safely? What will become of the Abominations that Galahad has formed a brotherly bond with? Those are the questions to be answered in this book: Perfection Unleashed: A Double Helix Novel. I can hardly wait for December 2012 for the release of the sequel Perfect Betrayal to find out: How will Danyael fair now that he has had 2 days’ worth of memories erased from his mind? Will he end up working for the Mutant Assault Group? Will Zara ever be reunited with Galahad?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
KSFlores More than 1 year ago
In an unspecified time in the future, when genetic modification is common, mutants, in vitros, and clones coexist with humans. Scientists have created Galahad, the perfect specimen, and conduct experiments on him in an isolated lab. Pro-humanists believe all non-humans should be eliminated and storm the lab, while Galahad manages to escape albeit wounded. A strong alpha mutant, Danyeal, is called in to heal him and is shocked to see the physical similarities between himself and Galahad. As they fight for survival, the Department of Defense is called in along with the Council for Mutants. After a somewhat confusing beginning, I really liked this book. Some of the early scenes start in the middle of the action, and cues about location, identity, or rationale are absent. After the first couple of chapters, this cleared up and the book really pulled me in. The action carried the narrative along well and there were no loose ends when I finished the book, despite it being the first in a series. If you want a self-contained book, this is not for you: while the action is resolved, Danyeal is left in a situation that is untenable and you need the second book to figure out what happens. For me, that was a shortcoming of the book. There were a number of characters, and for the most part they were well-developed. I felt that one of the scientists was pretty stereotyped, but this characterization worked well. Galahad, the perfect specimen (obviously named after Sir Galahad of the King Arthur legends) leaves some doubts as to who is really is: he seems a nice guy with some arrogance, but the hints of “what lies beneath the surface” were never developed. Perhaps in the next book. People fear genetic modification and this book plays it out nicely. We also have a common tendency to separate people into groups and discriminate against those who are different from ourselves. These issues play out in Perfection Unleashed in a compelling manner, Overall, this was a very enjoyable novel.