Perfectly Inappropriate

Perfectly Inappropriate

by Stacey Kennedy

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ISBN-13: 9781101969571
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 11/27/2018
Sold by: Random House
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 203
Sales rank: 9,469
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Stacey Kennedy is an outdoorsy, wine-drinking, nap-loving, animal-cuddling, USA Today bestselling romance author with a chocolate problem. She writes sexy contemporary romance with a dash of suspense and a sprinkle of heart and humor, including titles in her wildly hot Kinky Spurs, Club Sin, and Dirty Little Secrets series. She lives in southwestern Ontario with her family and does most of her writing surrounded by lazy dogs.

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Chapter 1

The next afternoon, between one meeting and prior to another beginning in a half hour, Senator Noah Grant sat at the private table at The NYC Bean Café. It was a restaurant he came to often because the staff offered him the privacy he required. But the privacy came at a price: a yearly donation of ten thousand dollars to the owner’s charity. Noah never minded, it was money well spent. Not only was the children’s charity a fantastic cause, but he could use this space whenever he wanted, which also gave him the option to leave through the back door. All necessary requirements for his life, considering he was a member of SiR. Because SiR wasn’t a swipe-right type of dating app. It was a service for dominants, created by dominants who required a certain level of privacy to find submissives for play.

Noah needed that privacy.

The space around him was small, with no windows in sight of the half-circular booth with dark gray velvet fabric and a gold light fixture hanging above the table where he sat. He reached for his black coffee as dishes clattered in the kitchen off in distance and the scent of fresh bread infused the air. He had just taken a sip of the piping hot brew when a loud beep pierced the air. He grabbed his cell off the table and discovered a text from Jared Griggs, a private investigator he kept on the payroll.

Olivia has a friend with her. She’s waiting at the bar.

Noah inwardly sighed. Of course he understood why women brought backup on a blind date—he had Jared, his private investigator, there for that reason—but it also complicated an already complicated situation. Last night, after he’d seen Olivia’s profile on SiR and had claimed her as his submissive for the week, he had contacted Jared. Being a premium user of the app—which came with a high annual price tag—meant he was notified of new submissives first before most. The picture on Olivia’s profile had immediately caught his eye. The photograph had obviously been a candid shot. Her smile wasn’t for the photograph, but for whatever had made her laugh. There had been something uniquely beautiful about her that he couldn’t quite put his finger on. Something that feverishly drew him in.

Jared had completed a quick search of Olivia’s background last night and hadn’t found any cause for concern. If this meeting went well, he’d dig deeper, ensuring Noah wasn’t walking into a trap.

Though that thought was soon thwarted when Olivia entered the private room. Everything faded then. Noah’s gaze narrowed on her.

Olivia’s beauty wasn’t in her looks alone, it was in something far more powerful. She possessed an innate ability to render Noah hopelessly intrigued. Her brows began to gather as she approached, obviously giving him a closer look. She wore a black dress that touched her knees and strappy sandals. A good few inches shorter than him from what he could tell, she had olive-toned skin and a great body. Her beauty was subtle, and maybe that was because she didn’t need anyone to see her as beautiful. She was comfortable with herself and that was his favorite type of woman. Her beauty was meant for his eyes alone and he liked that.

Before she could reach his table, he rose and met her halfway, offering his hand. “Olivia?”

She gave him a dazed look, her hands resting at her sides. “Noah?”

“Yes.” He smiled gently, hoping to reassure her, and gestured with his hand. “You’re beginning to make me feel unwanted.”

“Oh, please forgive me.” She blinked then quickly slid her hand into his. “Excuse me, Mr. Grant.”

Ah, so she knew him. Only one woman he had met through SiR hadn’t recognized him. He wrapped his fingers tighter around hers. Her touch was soft and delicate, and he liked the way she glanced at her hand when he dragged his fingers from hers, purposely making the touch intimate. “I’m sorry to have surprised you.” He placed a hand on the small of her back and guided her toward the table. “But please, call me Noah.” Once she sat, he returned to his seat then said, “I’m afraid before we talk any further, we need to discuss your friend.”

Olivia slid him a look. “How do you know my friend came with me?”

“My security.”

“Oh.” Her cheeks flushed a pretty pink, but she recovered quickly. “I know I broke the rules and all, but I wasn’t sure if you’d be a murderer.”

His mouth twitched. Her honesty was refreshing. Most times in the political world Noah lost himself between the truth and lies. “No need to worry. I’ve never killed anyone.” He hoped that would shake her surprise and she’d laugh. She didn’t. She continued to stare at him, statue-still, so he nudged her along. “Would you please go and get your friend, so I can talk to her?”

“Ah, ya, sure.” Olivia vanished through the doorway, returning a minute later with her blond friend, whose eyes were now bulging with surprise.

He arched an eyebrow. “I take it you know who I am?” he asked her.

The blonde nodded. “Um . . .”—she exchanged a long look with Olivia—“yes, I do.”

He offered his hand to her and gave his gentle smile he gave to the public. “Then I am at a disadvantage because I don’t know you.”

She gave a nervous laugh and returned the handshake. “Paige Ryan, Olivia’s best friend, and wingman.”

“While it’s a pleasure to meet you, Paige,” he said in all honesty, “I’m sure you can imagine why I prefer to keep why I’m meeting Olivia private.”

Her smile widened. “Yes, I can see why you would want that.”

He nodded, glad she understood, then told it to them straight. “For Olivia and me to continue here, I need you both to understand that because of my job, I require discretion. Politics is a nasty business, and I do not take chances with my career and my public image. Because of this, it is always necessary that I have everyone in my life sign a nondisclosure.” Yes, SiR had the clients sign one. But Noah’s went even further so that sharing any part of his life with the public was a bad idea. He never enjoyed this part, but the last thing he wanted was his sex life to be discussed on CNN by people who didn’t understand the dynamics between a dom and a submissive.

“Do either of you have an objection to that?”

Olivia’s gorgeous eyes scanned his face, his light brown hair, quickly glanced over his blue eyes, and lingered on his white dress shirt with tie until she regarded his forearms where he’d rolled up his sleeves, hoping to appear relaxed.

She finally shook her head and visibly swallowed deeply. “I have no objection.”

“Excellent.” He smiled.

Olivia accepted the document and the pen, and read each line before signing and dating the bottom.

He noted the shake of her hand before he addressed Paige. “And you?”

“It’s no problem at all.” She smiled then signed beneath Olivia’s name and dated the document.

Noah reached into his briefcase, took out the second nondisclosure he’d brought with him, signed and dated it, and handed the form back to Olivia. “For you.”

She laughed softly, staring at him incredulously. “You didn’t really have to do to that. I don’t care who you tell about me.”

“Fair is fair.” Done with the business end of this arrangement, he turned to Paige again. “Do I have your permission to have my security vet you? I know it’s intrusive, but it’s a necessary evil.”

Paige’s eyebrows shot up to her hairline. “Vet me? Well, that’s all very serious. I mean, I’ve got nothing to hide.”

She hesitated then frowned. “Except for that shoplifting charge in my teens that I really don’t ever want to talk about.”

Noah began to see why Olivia brought Paige. She exuded strength while standing next to Olivia, who sat on the chair, exuding softness. “I won’t share your shoplifting charge with the public,” he told her, “if we can keep me out of the media too.”

A quick frown crossed Paige’s lips, her hands on her hips. “To mention you to the media would also mean I was mentioning Olivia, and I would never do that to her.” She gave Olivia a sweet look before addressing Noah again without any of that sweetness. “You don’t have to worry about me.”

“Good.” He nodded firmly.

Paige’s expression only tightened. “Take care of my girl here, Mr. Grant. I might not look like much, but I throw a wicked right hook.”

Noah smiled, respecting her loyalty. Their interactions said a lot about both these women. And he liked what he saw there.

Paige gave Olivia a quick hug. “See you at home.”

When Paige left, Olivia stared down at the table for a minute, then those gorgeous eyes rose to him, and he said, “You two seem close.”

“Incredibly. It’s just the two of us.” She smiled.

He sensed there was more to that story by the way her shoulders curved. But he was not there to chat with her about her past. Those conversations would come later. There were things he looked for—and needed—in a submissive to feel fulfilled. “Now Olivia . . .” He grabbed the side of her chair and pulled her closer. Her startled gasp hardened his cock to steel. “For this to work . . .”—he was always careful in these initial meetings not to implicate himself, saying just enough to get the information he needed—“the most important thing we need between us is chemistry.” He stared into her eyes, watching them dilate with her arousal. “It’s an incredible thing, don’t you think?” Her lips parted, and her tongue snuck out, both causing his dick to twitch. “How powerful it is that looking at someone alone can bring so much intensity.” He looked into her eyes again. “Do you agree?”
She nodded.

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Perfectly Inappropriate 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 27 reviews.
missalicia2013 16 days ago
ARC received in exchange for a honest review.... Olivia is in the worst slump since she found her ex-fiance and her ex-maid of honor having sex in her bed of their future home. She has been wishing for a way to spice up her life and take back control of herself. Instead of letting the world walk over her. Luckily one night out with her bestie Lacie they over hear a conversation that might be just what Olivia needs. Thanks to outgoing Lacie Olivia gets her shot at him....I mean it. This is where the book really rev's up. It's so hot and fantastic your socks might blow off your feet!
LynnB888 17 days ago
Daring desires lead to more than they bargained for! Well laid out backgrounds drew me into these characters immediately, and the sexual tension and growing feelings kept me coming back for more. I loved Olivia and Noah's story! Must be okay with BDSM to enjoy! Graphic designer Olivia Watts can't deny that she's in a rut. Her fiancee cheated on her, so she kicked him to the curb and now her life revolves around a dead end job that makes her miserable and nights spent with her best friend who she's camping out with because she can't stand to go home to the house it all fell apart in. She's not ready for a relationship again, but she is ready for some fun, so when her bestie nags her to join a sexy new app filled with prestigious dominants, she hesitantly agrees. NY Senator Noah Grant is a busy man with no time for games or strings, so he loves the freedom finding his playthings online affords him. He is hesitant when he meets Olivia just because he can tell she's not been in his type of world before, but he is so intrigued that he invites her to be his for a week. Only problem is, a week isn't nearly enough!
JoannaDursi 18 days ago
I immediately fell for Olivia and Noah and loved that their story was different than what I’d assumed going into it. Noah is a politician who has sacrificed a private life for his political one. Olivia is shattered after finding her fiancé and best friend in their bed. As Olivia begins picking up the pieces, she knows she needs to find herself again. That’s where Noah comes in. They meet through a D/s app. PERFECTLY INNAPPROPRIATE was heavy on their developing relationship and light on the D/s. But that doesn’t mean those scenes aren’t ON FIRE!! But I did enjoy watching their relationship blossom and I found myself getting more emotional towards the end than I expected. My ONLY complaint would be that I was left wanting MORE. They did get a very sweet epilogue which makes everything better 
tfail24 18 days ago
Olivia and Noah were a great combination of hot and sweet. They meet through SiR and neither are looking for a relationship. Olivia fresh out of an engagement gone wrong and Noah, who is in politics, who won't subject anybody else to his life style. So, what happens when feelings develop and a misunderstanding occurs? Will they work past it or give up on what they have found with each other. You just can't go wrong with a Stacey Kennedy book.
Donatelli 19 days ago
Perfectly Inappropriately by Stacey Kennedy, is one super hot read. I have a few books on my want to read list by this author, but for one reason or another just haven't found the time to read one of them. Now that I have read this book I am kicking myself for not reading one of her books sooner. This book has made me a fan of Stacey Kennedy. Olivia Watts is the proverbial good girl, always making the right decisions, engaged to her high school sweetheart, in a job that she doesn't like, but it pays the bills and what does all that goodness get her…..heartbreak. So what's a good girl to do, well, of course, fulfill a dark fantasy. Noah Grant was raised in a wealthy political family, and is now a beloved U.S. senator, with a bit of a dark side that he must hide from the public. He is not looking for a relationship, he has tried that, and it didn't work. His goal now, being focused on his political career and getting reelected. Olivia stumbles on an exclusive app, that puts doms and subs together. And oh my, from their first meeting the chemistry between them is off the charts. Stacey Kennedy can write some steamy scenes. There are some BDSM scenes in this book, but I would consider them to be on the light side of the spectrum. I just loved the way Ms. Kennedy slowly develops the relationship between Noah and Olivia. Yes, there were some very erotic aspects of their relationship, but there was also a softer romantic mood to this book. I also enjoyed the secondary characters in this book, Paige, Lacie and Cameron. They, of course, added to some of the delicious conflicts. I would love to read a story about Paige, maybe getting together with “Noah’s Driver.” Finally, I always enjoy a book with a good epilogue, and this book had a great one. So, if you are looking for a fast-paced book that is spicy and sweet, you have found your next read. I for one will be reading more of Stacey Kennedy. Happy Reading! ***I kindly received an ARC of this book by way of NetGalley/publisher/author. I was not contacted, asked or required to leave a review to read this book. I received no compensation, financial or otherwise. This is my honest review.***
etoile1996 19 days ago
after a bad breakup, involving walking in on her fiancé having sex with her best friend, olivia watts is looking for something different. when she comes across a special kind of dating service, one that happens to pair dominants to submissives, she decides that it's the perfectly inappropriate time to explore her sexual fantasies. when she's paired with state senator, noah grant, it feels too good to be true. because their chemistry is immediately off the charts and their connection deep enough for the senator to start breaking all kinds of rules he has in place for relationships like this. that kind of instant connection can be wildly romantic to read about, but maybe in this case it's a little too insta-love? like this isn't something i normally complain about, where i see others hate on it, but something about this pairing felt like things happened too quickly. i felt like the characters were telling me more about their amazing connection than showing me they had one. but again, in the grand scheme of things, i'm not going to be mad at a romance where the main characters are super into each other. i enjoyed this even if i didn't necessarily resonate with it. **perfectly inappropriate will publish on november 27, 2018. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/random house publishing group (loveswept) in exchange for my honest review.
Lorizen 19 days ago
What a great read this book is! I'm a huge fan of Stacey's books and this book was a nice little read with plenty of steam, romance and spark. I really needed something a little lighter and this fit the bill perfectly. You read the blurb, so I'll save you that. This story is about an app for doms to meet subs. When Olivia decides after a horrible end to a long term relationship that she needs to do something "perfectly inappropriate" because she sees herself as boring and average, she signs up for the app. Encouraged by her best friend Paige, who is a wild child and Olivia's biggest cheerleader and oh, instigator; she meets with her prospective one week only dom. Noah is a Senator and wealthy businessman, he comes from a political family, so he knows the ropes. He chooses this method to keep his privacy allowing him to live the lifestyle he choses a bit more discreetly. He loves his political career and finds little time or desire for a relationship, until he meets Olivia. What a tease it is to watch their relationship develop and nice to watch Noah more than just a little interested in Olivia. This book has raging chemistry but very light on the BDSM, and the perfect amount of smoking hot sex. Noah still falls into role and so does Olivia. These two are the best match. They actually converse! What a novel idea in a book! It was so blasted refreshing to read. There are a couple of snags in our lovely duo's story, her ex who causes a problem for her which in turn causes a problem for Noah. I had to shift into neutral at that point and hold out hope for these two but Stacey likes to leave you dangling until the last pages for a clue! The short story is, this is a great read and one I'd read again. It's a must read. 4.5 stars
Karina 19 days ago
I really liked this latest book from Ms Kennedy. I am a big fan and this book did not disappoint.Olivia and Noah are s hot together. From the time they meet you can not miss the chemistry between them as well as the fast growing connection they form. There is no games played between them. Both know what they want and are very open about it. Olivia may have decided to go for what she wanted after the betrayal she suffered at the hands of her fiance and best friend but she was making sure that what happened wouldn't affect her in her pursuit of what she really wanted. Noah is a man of power and his private life has no place in his professional life. Meeting Olivia has him rethinking what he wants personally. These two are so great together and I love how they support one another. Ms Kennedy has a way of telling a story that you can't help but fall in love with the characters and cheer them on. A very sexy and steamy read with just the right amount of intensity and a wonderful HEA! I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
Rainn2978 19 days ago
Olivia Watts is going through hard times. She caught her fiance cheating in the house she bought for them. She gave up her dreams for the safe road and still had it kick her in the teeth with a job she hates and her heart broken. Her and her best friend overhear another woman talking about an app that matches subs with doms, and her friend pushes her to try it. To step off her safe road and do something that she has dreamed about. After all, what can it hurt? Noah Grant doesn't have time for real relationships, especially not with reelection time looming. So he pays a premium to an exclusive app that not only allows him his privacy but matches him with women that let him indulge in his own ways. And when he is matched with Olivia he knows that the chemistry is there. What he doesn't realize is that spending their allotted week together will get him emotionally involved. Nor does he realize how much he is willing to change and give up in order to keep her in his life. I really liked this book!! What happened to Olivia makes you want to beat on those people that hurt her, and the strength she has to keep going and to try to move on is mind boggling. She makes you love her just by the person she is, regardless of how much she has been hurt. Noah is definitely all alpha male but he has a heart of gold! And the chemistry between these two is off the charts!! When they both decide to make changes and go for their new dreams, it's priceless! Throw in her best friend and it makes it even better! The only reason this book got 4 stars from me instead of 5 is because I wish it had been longer. It felt almost rushed in a way. Still a great story though.
ljtljtljt 19 days ago
4.5 Stars! What a well-written story! Stacey Kennedy has become one of my favorite authors because she never fails to enthrall with her erotic stories. Perfectly Inappropriate is a smart, standalone BDSM romance that keeps you entertained from start to finish. Graphic designer/photographer Olivia Watts, and Senator Noah Grant meet via an online BDSM dating app. While recovering from a horrendous breakup, Olivia is looking to fulfill her sexual fantasies and shed some of her good girl qualities. Noah's very public life prevents him from exploring his dominant side, so privacy is extremely important to him. As they spend time together, sparks ignite and strong feelings begin to evolve between them. Olivia quickly realizes how much she likes Noah, but she has to let go of the past and believe in herself before she can be in a new relationship. Noah wants to settle down and commit, after realizing that his career should not be what his life is only about. They spend less than a week together, both in and out of the bedroom, and fall madly in love. They discover many things about each other and surprise themselves in the process. I liked this hot read. If you enjoy stories with a male dominant, sex scenes with some tasteful kink, and a heroine that comes full circle, then pick up a copy of this book. The epilogue concludes the story perfectly and I read it twice because it was so good. Overall, this is a must read for anyone that likes an engaging love story in the hustle and bustle of New York City. Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
DarGee 19 days ago
Olivia met Noah when she needed to find her confidence, herself, and she needed to pull on her inner strength and believe in herself again. Noah thought Olivia was just like any other submissive he met, but she brought things out in him he didn't even know he was missing For once, he isn't overthinking things. She is, after getting burned by going along with the dream. Things are steamy between them, off-the-charts hot, and they both lose themselves in it. When the world needs to be face though, she is shying away, and he wants to bring her along. They need to find the common ground that will allow them to be together, because Olivia doesn't want to be scared all time, and Noah finally wants to have someone around forever!
Becky Wise 19 days ago
I loved Perfectly Inappropriate. The changes with Olivia throughout are simply wonderful. You see her go from thinking this is how its supposed to be to an eye opening change is a good thing. Once Noah and Olivia meet you can't help but feel the sparks fly. Even though the arrangement is supposed to be short lived and for Noah as a Dom rules are supposed to be followed. He just never saw Olivia coming. They bring out the best in each other even when they live in somewhat different worlds. One being in the political spotlight and the other just a normal private life. This will have you not only fanning yourself over Noah and Olivia but giggling over Olivia's BFF Paige. I really couldn't put this one down and you wont be able to either.
Madm007 19 days ago
So full of Heat and Heart This read had me tuned in and turned on. Fate plays a huge part in life and Olivia, thankfully got out of a rut to find herself, due to a fateful afternoon. The chemistry between her and Noah was crackling from the pages. Again fate takes over and what starts as fun ends up being taken very much deeper, but with obstacles so there are issues. The whole journey touches on all emotions and the HEA is big happy sigh from me. I received an ARC thru Net Galley and am giving an honest review.
ViperSpaulding 19 days ago
Olivia really comes into her own in this delightful romance! After witnessing the demise of her engagement to the only man she's ever been involved with, Olivia searches for a way to take charge of her life and avoid the emotional entanglements that proved so false. A chance encounter points her to an app that matches up willing subs with dominant men who value privacy above all. With the guidance of her best friend, Paige, Olivia meets Noah, also known throughout the state as Senator Grant. Noah needs control almost as much as he needs privacy. The app provides him with both, but none of the women he's enjoyed so far entice him more than Olivia does. Olivia's sweet honesty is like a breath of fresh air, and slowly Noah finds himself willing to throw out all his rules just to keep Olivia near. The execution of this story is far better than the setup, as the writer delves deep into her characters' hearts and minds to realistically explain why the usual obstacles truly seem insurmountable. The only drawback I felt with this book is that Noah repeatedly refers to what Dominants need to do for their subs in and out of bed, yet he was actually only dominant when it came to sex. In pretty much every other aspect of their relationship, Olivia drove the emotions while Noah just tried to avoid confronting his fear of commitment. He was chivalrous enough to immediately stand up for her when necessary, but too weak to really stand up to her when the line was drawn in the sand. If you forget that he claims to be a Dom, he really is a sweet, devoted boyfriend whose world is turned on end when he finds the one woman he just can't let get away. Olivia really shines as the lead character. She's reclaiming her life after wasting a decade on the wrong man, and despite her attraction to Noah she's never again going to settle for less than she knows she deserves. Her inner strength permeates her entire life, saving her dignity even when Noah leaves her twisting in the wind while he obediently follows his father's lead. The HEA had everything tied up nicely, again with Olivia in the lead and Noah just thankful to be along for the ride. Not what I expected from the premise of a Dom/sub pairing, but it works for them. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
Jolie 19 days ago
I want to discuss the white elephant in the room. The BDSM element of this book. I know that more than a few people will see the words BDSM, “Dom” and Sub” and not read the book. Here’s the thing, this book is NOT about a dom/sub relationship. The story is about a woman who has lost all sense of self finding it again. And honestly, the BDSM scenes were not that bad. 50 Shades of Grey had worse, more graphic scenes. I wanted to gut punch Olivia’s ex. He was such a scumbag. Every time Olivia was starting to feel good about herself, he would either make an appearance. He deserved the beat down that Noah gave him. I actually wanted to jump into the book and take part in the beat down. I also couldn’t believe the excuses he gave about why he cheated. He was scum. I loved Noah and Olivia together. Even from the first meeting, you could tell that there was more than just sex. I liked how honest Olivia was with Noah. I liked how Noah went from wanting just sex to having a relationship with Olivia. I loved how he went about showing that he wanted a relationship for her. That was a huge OMG moment for me. I did get teary eyed (but didn’t cry). The sexual attraction between Noah and Olivia was there right from the beginning. Sparks flew from that first meeting on. I loved how that sexual attraction was built up. It was built up and up and up until they had some steamy and explosive sex. Then the author went right back to building it up again. I also liked how the BDSM element of the sex was kept low-key. The storyline included it but didn’t make it the primary focus. Which made the book so much better for me to read. I did feel bad for Olivia while reading. I also knew what she was going through with trying to rediscover herself. I loved how the author made her photography a part of the storyline. I didn’t know what a street photographer was until I read this book. I also liked that she was able to forgive Lacie and Cameron for what they did. It took a while, but she was able to forgive. She was a better woman that I could be. I am more like Paige, her other bestie. I hold a grudge. I loved Noah. I thought it was awesome that he was able to acknowledge, to himself, that he had feelings for Olivia. That he wanted something more than one week with her. Usually, it’s the other way around. So, yes, very refreshing. I also liked that he was able to talk about why he didn’t want a relationship. I loved that he was able to talk to his mother and get the truth from her. I thought it was awesome. I do wish that the author got more into him being a Senator. The end of Perfectly Inappropriate was one of the best endings that I have read to date. That OMG moment that I mentioned above. It’s here. If I had any doubts about how Noah felt about Olivia, yeah they were put to rest there. And the epilogue. I had happy tears when I read that. Olivia got the HEA that she deserved and then some. Loved it!!! **I chose to leave this review after reading an advance reader copy**
astroyic 19 days ago
Hopelessly Captivating! I absolutely loved this story. I just couldn’t put it down and read it in one sitting. The chemistry coming off the pages is explosive, it had heartfelt emotions that will touch your soul, a love connection that is beautiful in every way, and some seriously, delicious, hot, sexy scenes that will singe your fingers and will make you swoon. Olivia Watts has always been the good girl. But after catching her fiancé cheating with her best friend it is time for her to do something perfectly inappropriate. So with the urging and help from a friend she signs up for the new SiR app, since her fantasies have always been about being dominated. Noah Grant is a senator and has to be very careful in his line of work considering he is a dominant. Being a premium user of the SiR app he gets notified of any new subs before most. Their was something uniquely beautiful that he saw in Olivia and so he claimed her right away. But he is also leery of her perfect background check. But after meeting Olivia he just can’t stay away. These two are just drawn to each other but as Noah finds out more about Olivia’s pain caused by her ex-fiancé he wants more, he wants to fix her. But can he with his relationship problems? And will Olivia find herself, and move on or will Noah be her forever. You need to read this story it is FANTASTIC! I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
mamalovestoread22 19 days ago
For last ten years Olivia Watts has dedicated her life to the man she thought was her forever, but somewhere along the line things went array, and he strayed, with her best friend no less. Now all she wants to do is put all the bad memories behind her and start fresh, but this time she plans on being a little less hum drum and a little more adventurous. Which takes her to the doorstep of a incredibly handsome man who promises to help her take her bedroom expertise to new heights, and give her more than she bargained for, and he does, much, much more! The moment Noah Grant's eyes land on Olivia' s dating app photo he feels something deep in his gut that tells him this one promises to be everything he's looking for and more. Then he meets her, and not only were his instincts spot on, but she also brings a lot of surprises with her, and before long he feels his carefully planned world turn upside-down. With his hectic life he knows forever isn't in the cards for him... but the more time he spends with Olivia the more he wants to make an exception! Perfectly Inappropriate is a erotic little page turner that promises to bring many swoons, the moment you crack the cover and meet Noah you will be completely smitten! As soon as I met him I knew my heart was in trouble, he could be dominating when the moment called for it, but he also had an unexpected sweet side that made him irresistible. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this couple, their story was engaging, heartfelt, and oh so naughty, I highly recommend you keep a fan nearby for this one... it's a hot one!! I requested an advanced copy of this title from NetGalley, and I am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion.
MusicInPrint 19 days ago
Kennedy Fan! Perfectly Inappropriate is a winner. Olivia Watts needs a change in her life to overcome a heartbreak relationship. Noah Grant is a dominant giving her a week of his time to turn her life around. The chemistry is explosive between these two. A MUST PUT ON YOUR SHELF author who causes fingers to read rapidly but causes a let down at the end knowing the story is over. Not to be missed healing story. "A copy of this book was provided by Random House Publishing Group - Loveswept via Netgalley with no requirements for a review. Comments here are my honest opinion."
catlou 19 days ago
4.5 STARS Olivia has always been the good girl, doing what’s right. She knows she needs to regain her self-confidence to become the person she once was. To do this, she’s going to have to push herself outside her comfort zone. After all, this is just a fantasy, but how do you tell if a fantasy becomes real? Noah is drawn to Olivia in ways he never expected. He finds her unique and refreshing, unlike anyone he’s had in his life before. To be with her, he keeps bending his own rules, but will he be willing to break his biggest rule in order to keep her? This is a very engaging love story full of emotions, heartwarming moments, a touch or two of drama, and plenty of steamy passion. The characters are interesting and well-developed, and Olivia and Noah’s chemistry is off the charts. The storyline is fast paced and will keep you involved from beginning to end. I recommend this as a very appealing read!
KindleKat64 19 days ago
4 1/2 sexy stars. This is a sexy and wonderful story that is chock full of heart! Noah and Olivia may meet in an unusual way but they soon find out that they are simply meant for each other. It may start out as a short arrangement but soon turns out to be so much more than either of them could have ever hoped for. They are both amazing people and from the beginning I just wanted nothing more than for them to fall in love because I genuinely love their characters so much! Noah’s mom and Olivia’s BFF Paige are both fantastic secondary characters. This story is as sweet as it is steamy! Loved it!
MaryJoMI 19 days ago
Olivia has survived the worst betrayal by her fiancé. Living with her amazing best friend Paige, she realizes that lost sight of her dreams being with Cameron. An opportunity presents itself to fulfill one of her fantasies so she embarks on a sexy adventure with the app SiR. Noah uses SiR to protect his sexual preferences as a politician. His first meeting with Olivia surprises him with a connection to her he doesn’t expect. As Noah starts to break the rules he staunchly follows, will he open his heart to love? Or will his fears push away Olivia? This is a fabulously sexy romance as Olivia embraces her submissive side to an incredibly supportive dominant. Will she let fear keep her from opening her heart again? I got swept up into their journey and devoured every sensually, sexy morsel. I voluntarily read an ARC of this book and this is my honest review.
carvanz 19 days ago
After finding her fiancée with another woman, Olivia takes the leap into one of her private desires and signs up for a “dating” site that connects subs and doms. She’s looking for something to help make her feel whole again, to feel herself, to help find that part that she lost so long ago. When she is connected with Noah, things instantly click for them both and soon all the rules that were set at the beginning are quickly being tossed aside as they create their own rules together. I’m not a huge fan of BDSM, but I am a fan of this author and I wanted to take a chance on this book. I was not disappointed. I absolutely loved the level of intensity between Olivia and Noah, the natural rhythm of their relationship and their ability to give each other what they were lacking. Not just sexually, but emotionally. The BDSM took a backseat in my opinion and didn’t bother me in the least. If anything, it proved to be the catalyst that brought Olivia to the place where she was able to stand on her own and take what she wanted from life. This is a fast paced read with plenty of steam and the secondary characters were perfect in their roles. I actually hope to see Olivia’s friend Paige in her own story. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book provided by NetGalley and Random House - Loveswept. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
tsmb02 19 days ago
Wow, this book was so fun and I just couldn't put it down! Olivia Watts just lost her fiance and her best friend when she caught them together in her own bed! Looking to get on on with her life, Olivia's best friend, Paige, convinces her to sign up for the app app that hooks up a dominant master with a sub. Olivia had always been interested in the kinkier side of things, but her ex Cameron had no interest in it. Olivia gets a response from someone and she agrees to meet with him (with Paige in tow). Imagine her surprise when she sees it is Noah Grant, a Senator from New York. Instantly they are both attracted to each other. Noah can tell this is all new for Olivia but agrees to help her find herself after what had happened to her. What Olivia and Noah thought was going to be only one week of fun, turns into strong emotions that neither of them ever expected. Talk about being sucker punched! As these two come to terms with the feelings that they are experiencing, they realize that they may have found something way more than just sexual chemistry. I loved these two characters. Olivia's life got detoured for a while because of her ex, Cameron. Once she starts to find herself again, she realizes that she missed the old Olivia. Noah's entire life revolved around politics, starting from when he was young. He never had the time nor inclination to want a real relationship after the one time he failed at it. The emotions these two went through to get to their happy ending was so fun to watch. I just love when couples are blindsided by something they never saw makes the ride that much better. Overall, I just loved this story. It was fun, emotional and so so sexy! Great job Stacey Kennedy!
In_My_Humble_OpinionDA 19 days ago
Sweet, sexy and sassy. This story has it all, a sweet woman who has done all the right things only to have her heart stomped on and finding herself in a place she never thought she’d be, a dominant politician who is determined not to put any woman through the life of loneliness that a political wife would lead. He never counted on her and she wants more than he is willing to give. But oh the steamy while they figure it out. Break out a cold drink and kick back and enjoy.
MBurton 20 days ago
3.5 Stars Despite our main characters going into a non committed arrangement, the author did a good job of making it feel like we got a to see Olivia and Noah in a true relationship from the very beginning. Noah seemed to know right off that Olivia was different. I like how he didn't shy away from that even while he still had reservations about bringing anyone into his political lifestyle. I actually really liked his character. He came off as very mature. He never played games and he treated Olivia very well. Olivia had more of an innocence about her which worked well since she signed up to be Noah's submissive for a week. She also came off as a more mature character. I really like how both of them behaved and steered clear of unnecessary drama. This was very good but it also felt too short. I would have loved to see more to the story with these two. This is great for when you want something quick. ARC provided by NetGalley.