Perfectly Yourself: Discovering God's Dream for You (New & Revised Edition)

Perfectly Yourself: Discovering God's Dream for You (New & Revised Edition)

by Matthew Kelly


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ISBN-13: 9781635820126
Publisher: Blue Sparrow
Publication date: 11/20/2017
Pages: 210
Sales rank: 50,590
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.25(h) x 0.75(d)

Table of Contents

1 Are You Making Progress? 1

A Moment of Truth 3

Just Be Yourself 4

Better, Not Best 7

What's Your Thing? 10

Patterns of Defeat 12

The Power of Progress 18

Every Day Is Your First Something 21

Applying the First Lesson: CELEBRATE YOUR PROGRESS 24

2 Perfectly Imperfect 27

It Begins With a Lie 30

Only One Thing Is Asked of You 32

Our Desire to Please 34

Are You Happy? 39

A Chance to Turn It All Around 45

From Confusion to Clarity 48

Applying the Second Lesson: JUST DO THE NEXT RIGHT THING 51

3 Looking Into the Future 53

Can You See Into the Future? 54

Better Lives, Better Futures 55

What Do You Respect? 57

Are You Trustworthy? 61

The Enemy of Character 67

Growing in Virtue 70

There Are No Personal Acts 72

Put Chatacter First 73

Applying the Third Lesson: PUT CHARACTER FIRST 76

4 86,400 Hours 79

Workplace Trends 80

Fulfillment @ Work 82

The Meaning of Work 84

Two Fables 87

Finding Your Passion 89

Baby Steps 93

Applying the Fourth Lesson: FIND WHAT YOU LOVE AND DO IT 98

5 What Do You Believe? 101

Beyond the Divided Life 103

The Voice of the Authentic Self 107

Unity of Life 109

The Problem Is Not That We Don't Believe 113

Applying the Fifth Lesson: LIVE WHAT YOU BELIEVE 117

6 Beyond Instant Gratification 119

The Happiness Myth 120

How Long Is Your Fuse? 123

The Modern Tyrant 127

The Power of Impulse 131

A Path to Self-Mastery 134

Applying the Sixth Lesson: BE DISCIPLINED 140

7 Unburden Yourself 143

Why Do We Complicate Things? 144

Decision-Making 150

The Art of Scheduling 153

Money and Things 155

Practical First Steps 158

Applying the Seventh Lesson: SIMPLIFY 162

8 What Is Your Mission? 165

Finding Your Mission 170

Finding Yourself 176

Developing a Healthy Sense of Self 182

Applying the Eighth Lesson: FOCUS ON WHAT YOU ARE HERE TO GIVE 188

9 Why Worry? 189

The Things We Worry About 190

This Is the Problem 192

Manage the Present, Create the Future 196

The Opportunity Clock 200


Epilogue: Home 209

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