Performance Accountability and Combating Corruption

Performance Accountability and Combating Corruption

by Anwar Shah (Editor)


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Performance Accountability and Combating Corruption by Anwar Shah

This volume provides an analytical framework and operational approaches needed for the implementation of results-based accountability. The volume makes a major contribution to the literature on public management and evaluation. Major subject areas covered in this book include: performance based accountability, e-government, legal and institutional framework to hold government to account; fighting corruption; external accountability and the role of supreme audit institutions on detecting fraud and corruption.

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ISBN-13: 9780821369418
Publisher: World Bank Publications
Publication date: 02/12/2009
Series: Public Sector Governance and Accountability Series
Pages: 448
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.91(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword     xv
Preface     xvii
Acknowledgments     xix
Contributors     xxi
Abbreviations and Acronyms     xxv
Overview 1   Anwar Shah
Ensuring Integrity and Improving the Efficiency of Public Management
Performance-Based Accountability   B. Guy Peters     15
Central Place of Accountability in Governing     15
The Shift to Performance-Based Accountability     19
A Strategy for Change     21
Barriers and Perverse Consequences     27
Conclusions     30
Notes     31
References     31
Efficiency, Integrity, and Capacity: An Expanded Agenda for Public Management?   Willy McCourt     33
Generating Commitment to Public Management Reform     34
Creating the Conditions for Public Management Reform     40
How Should Reforms Be Introduced and Sequenced?     52
Conclusion: Embedding Reforms     55
Notes     55
References     55
Can E-Government Make Public Governance More Accountable?   Helmut Druke     59
Accountability in Public Governance     60
E-Government as a Comprehensive Concept of Modernization     62
Fostering E-Government and Accountability     78
Conclusions     81
Notes     84
References     84
Networks and Collaborative Solutions to Performance Measurement and Improvement in Sub-Saharan Africa   Mark A. Glaser     89
The Need for a Systems Approach to Community Improvement     90
From Government to Governance: Networks and Collaborative Solutions     107
Goals and Performance Targets     113
Performance-Based Budgeting     116
Tools for Engaging Citizens and Respecting Public Values     122
Improving Government Performance in Sub-Saharan Africa     124
Redefining Performance through Collaborative Networks     125
Notes     127
References     127
Strengthening Oversight and Combating Corruption
The Role of Political Institutions in Promoting Accountability   Rob Jenkins     135
Key Concepts in Accountability Systems     136
Institutions: Functions, Pitfalls, and Innovative Remedies     148
Key Trends Affecting Efforts to Improve Accountability Systems     170
Diagnosing Accountability Failures in Political Institutions     176
Notes     179
References     179
Legal and Institutional Frameworks Supporting Accountability in Budgeting and Service Delivery Performance   Malcolm Russell-Einhorn     183
The Importance of Effective Citizen Voice to Budgeting and Service Delivery Performance     185
Cross-Country Experience with Legal and Institutional Frameworks That Support Citizen Voice Mechanisms     188
What Kinds of Mechanisms and Conditions Create Effective Citizen Voice?     205
Case Studies on Strengthening Citizen Voice Mechanisms to Improve Service Delivery     212
Conclusions     224
Annex: The ARVIN Framework     225
Notes     227
References     229
Tailoring the Fight against Corruption to Country Circumstances   Anwar Shah     233
What Is Corruption?     234
What Drives Corruption?     236
What Can Policy Makers Do to Combat Corruption?     243
Conclusions: Don't Use the "C" Word     249
Notes     250
References     250
Disrupting Corruption   Omar Azfar     255
Dealing with Incidental Corruption: Principal-Agent Theory versus the Economics of Crime     256
The Sale of Jobs and Its Effect on Mechanisms of Accountability     258
Dealing with Systemic Corruption      260
Case Study Evidence on Systemic Corruption     272
Elections and Revolutions     276
Recommendations     277
Notes     281
References     282
Corruption in Tax Administration   Mahesh C. Purohit     285
Causes of Corruption in Tax Administration     286
Administering Tax Policy     288
Impact of Corruption     290
Combating Corruption in Tax Administration     292
Conclusions and Policy Recommendations     298
Notes     300
References     301
Corruption and Fraud Detection by Supreme Audit Institutions   Kenneth M. Dye     303
The Rise in Fraud and Corruption     303
The Need for a Change in Audit Emphasis     305
What Are Fraud and Corruption?     307
The International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions' Interest in Fraud and Corruption     309
Anticorruption Policies     310
Types of Audits     311
Detecting Fraud     314
Reporting Fraud and Communicating with Management     320
Recommendations for Improving SAI Anticorruption Performance     320
References     321
Public Sector Performance Auditing in Developing Countries   Colleen G. Waring   Stephen L. Morgan     323
Elements of a Performance Audit     324
Conducting the Performance Audit     333
Conducting Performance Audits in Sub-Saharan Africa     349
Notes     356
References     357
The Growth of Parliamentary Budget Offices   John K. Johnson   F. Rick Stapenhurst     359
The Role of Legislatures in the Budget Process     360
Examples of Specialized Legislative Budget Offices     361
Potential Value and Functions of Independent Budget Offices     371
Why Is the Number of Independent Budgeting Offices Growing?     372
Considerations in Establishing Effective Legislative Budget Units     373
Conclusion     376
Notes     376
References     377
Strengthening Public Accounts Committees by Targeting Regional and Country-Specific Weaknesses   Riccardo Pelizzo   F. Rick Stapenhurst     379
Legislatures and Public Financial Accountability     380
Organization of PACs across the Commonwealth     381
What Factors Contribute to the Success of a PAC?     383
Obstacles to Effective Performance and Possible Ways of Overcoming Them     391
Notes     392
References     393
Index     395

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