Performance Dog Nutrition: Optimize Performance with Nutrition

Performance Dog Nutrition: Optimize Performance with Nutrition

by Jocelynn Jacobs


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ISBN-13: 9780975963401
Publisher: Dogwise Publishing
Publication date: 12/28/2005
Pages: 210
Product dimensions: 6.80(w) x 9.60(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

The Authorxi
Chapter 1How Food is Digested5
Role of the digestive tract5
Length and transit time6
Organs of the digestive tract8
Application to performance dog17
Chapter 2Commercial and Homemade Diets21
History of dog food21
Commercial diets22
The quality range26
Homemade/natural diets31
Application to performance dogs38
Chapter 3Dog Food Labels: What They Do and Don't Tell You43
Regulation of pet food labels44
What is required on a pet food label46
The nutritional adequacy statement46
The guaranteed analysis panel47
The ingredient list50
Labeling games companies play51
Application to performance dogs55
Chapter 4Nutrient Evaluation: How Good is the Food You are Feeding?59
Nutrient evaluation59
Determining digestibility of dog foods60
Energy density62
Application to performance dogs65
Chapter 5Converting Energy to Motion69
Energy to motion70
Methods of energy production71
Protein and energy production73
Lactic acid production and fatigue74
Genetically altering energy production/utilization75
Application to performance dogs76
Chapter 6Protein Needs of the Performance Dog81
What does protein do?81
What is protein?82
Nitrogen balance83
Not all protein is created equal84
Determining the quality and digestibility of proteins85
Common protein ingredients in pet foods86
Protein needs of the performance dog87
How much protein does a working dog need?88
Application to performance dogs89
Chapter 7Fats: Essential Energy for the Performance Dog93
What are fats?93
Why is fat important?94
Common sources of fat in dog food95
Fat as an energy source96
High fat diets vs high carbohydrate diets96
Determining daily energy requirements98
Converting ME into cups fed per day102
The power of fat104
How much fat does a working dog need?104
Fat tastes good!105
Too much fat?105
Omega-3 fatty acids106
Application to performance dogs108
Chapter 8Carbohydrate Needs of the Performance Dog113
What are carbohydrates?113
What do carbohydrates do?115
Common sources of carbohydrates in pet foods115
How much carbohydrate does a working dog need?116
Dietary fiber and intestinal health116
Common sources of fiber in pet foods117
What types of fiber should be included in a diet?117
How much fiber should there be?117
Application to performance dogs118
Chapter 9Vitamins and Minerals: Practical Application to Performance Dogs122
Breed-specific vitamin and mineral disorders132
Application to performance dogs134
Chapter 10Water: The Most Essential Nutrient to a Performance Dog138
Water compartments140
Where water is lost141
How much water do dogs need?145
Application to performance dogs147
Chapter 11Conditioning for Performance151
Conditioning is important152
Advantages of conditioning153
How to condition154
Body condition scores156
Application to performance dogs160
Chapter 12Performance Dogs: Recognizing Problems and Finding Solutions165
Causes of diarrhea165
Causes of poor performance172
Causes of weight loss178
Causes of poor appetite179
Application to performance dogs180
Chapter 13Practical Label Examples185
Chapter 14Performance Dog Case Examples197
References/Additional Reading207

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