The Performer's Voice

The Performer's Voice

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The Performer's Voice

This book provides a focused approach to the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disorders in professional vocalists and singers. Its content is dense enough to be of value to the otolaryngologist or speech-language pathologist with an interest in expanding their voice practice, but written in a straightforward style that allows singers and vocal coaches to gain valuable insights.

Oriented toward the clinical aspects of what happens when a singer or actor presents for treatment of a voice problem, the contributors address the anatomy, physiology and neurology of the vocal mechanism to orient both practitioners and patients in the correct management style rather than in the exact details of management of voice disorders. Thus, this book teaches the practitioners and clinicians what they must know to provide state of the art treatment for professional singers and actors and educates professional voice users in what to look for when seeking the best treatment.

The text is highlighted with helpful tables, charts, and illustrations and provides a practical approach for successful treatment and management of this group of professional voice users.

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ISBN-13: 9781597560672
Publisher: Plural Pub Inc
Publication date: 06/28/2006
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 330
Product dimensions: 8.70(w) x 11.20(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

Preface     vii
Contributors     ix
Overview     1
Introduction   Michael S. Benninger, MD   Thomas Murry, PhD     3
History of Professional Voice Care   Gayle E. Woodson, MD, FACS     7
Anatomy of the Vocal Mechanism: Structure of the Voice   Nicolas E. Maragos, MD     15
Physiology of Voice Production: How Does the Voice Work?   Jack Jiang, MD, PhD     23
Normal Voice Maturation: Hormones and Age   Jean Abitbol, MD     33
Artistic Vocal Styles and Techniques   Sharon L. Radionoff, PhD     51
Diagnostics     61
Case History, Interview, and Voice Handicap Assessment   Michael S. Benninger, MD   Thomas Murry, PhD     63
Laryngeal Examinations and Visualizations   Peak Woo, MD     73
Aerodynamic and Acoustic Voice Measurements   Philippe H. DeJonckere, MD, PhD     91
Perceptual Attributes and Assessment of the Singer's Voice   Rahul Shrivastav, PhD   Judith Wingate, PhD     103
Reflux and the Performer's Voice   Albert L. Merati, MD     117
Electromyography for the Singer's Voice   Glendon M. Gardner, MD     131
Acute Assessmentof Professional Singers   Josef Schlomicher-Thier, MD   Matthias Weikert, MD     139
Pharmacologic Treatment     151
Medications: The Positive and Negative Impact on Voice   David M. Alessi, MD, FACS   Audrey Crummey, BS     153
Complementary and Alternative Medications and Techniques   Michael Seidman, MD     163
Behavioral Therapies     177
Voice Therapy for Benign Vocal Fold Lesions and Scar in Singers and Actors   Mara Behlau, PhD   Thomas Murry, PhD     179
Strategies for Dealing with Vocal Tension   Janet Madelle Feindel, MFA     195
Treatment of Injured Singers and Professional Speakers: The Singer/Actor, Singer/Dancer, and Singer/Musician   Jeannette L. LoVetri     209
Performance Anxiety: Identification, Assessment, and Treatment   Philip J. Lanzisera, PhD, ABPP     219
When is Surgical Treatment Necessary?     231
Surgical Anatomy, Planning, and Consent   Michael S. Benninger, MD     233
Microlaryngoscopic Procedures and Operations   Seth H. Dailey, MD   Charles N. Ford, MD     243
Nonlaryngeal Procedures in the Performer   Glendon M. Gardner, MD     255
Postoperative Voice Care of the Singer   Robert H. Ossoff, MD   Thomas F. Cleveland, PhD     263
Building a Professional Voice Practice     275
The Professional Voice Practice   Robert T. Sataloff, MD, DMA     277
Medical-Legal Implications of Professional Voice Care   Robert T. Sataloff, MD, DMA   Michael S. Benninger, MD     289
Vocal Hygiene     293
Glossary     295
Index     307

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