A Period Of Introspection

A Period Of Introspection

by France Springs


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A PERIOD OF INTROSPECTION deals with a variety of human emotions, these poems capture the essence of life so that the reader can see the unusual in what may be considered ordinary.
France Springs understands the cosmic implications and the universality of happiness and sadness, laughter and tears, and his poems muse on the variety of human experience. Recommended for it's sentiment and delicate feeling, meditative depth, and poetic craftmanship.

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ISBN-13: 9781463410193
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 05/24/2011
Pages: 56
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.15(d)

About the Author

Author, Writer, Poet, DJ mixer, France Springs loves the arts and being creative. Poetry is his gift of expression. France has been writing since high school where he learned of his talent of poetry. He is also a Disc Jockey who started working at a local radio station in McKinney Texas and then moved on as a DJ independently and mixing music as a hobby. In between jobs, France worked in the hospitality business. He graduated from the Dallas school of Broadcasting, and studied creative writing at UCLA in Los Angeles, California where he now lives. Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, France used his voice on several radio commercials for RNI Hollywood, and has written numerous poetry articles for daily newspapers.

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Copyright © 2011 France Springs
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4634-1019-3

Chapter One


Is there a reality?
To my dreams and schemes
To the heart and mind
Surely I will find in time
Am I chasing rainbows?
Without the pot of gold
Have I let my imaginations?
Run out of control
I'm a dreamer
A face without a name
With eyes that become blurry
Destiny and fate lead this visionary
Am I following the recipe?
Of God's plan
Or is there no real direction
To the path of man
Any ideal, inaction or reverie
With all the colors that they bring
They are all a part of me
A dreamland that is only mine
Surely I will find in time


I remember when, I was a little boy
And the parade came through town
Out of all of the sights, each year I found
My favorites were the clowns
They made me laugh and cry
As each one walked on bye
As the years passed, it always seemed to rain
On parade day
And all of my childhood dreams
Distantly faded away
Now I rarely see parades
I no longer care to see any march or procession
Honoring an occasion, these days
The mood of the parade I see
Is not joyous to solemn dignity
It's not the same for me
These parades of hate and pain
Voices that cry insane
As the years pass, it still seems to rain
And all my childhood dreams distantly fade away


I see him in the mirror
I see him walk away
I see him in the night time
I see him all through the day
I wonder if others see him
If, in the same way as I
I see through his eyes
And when he speaks
I hear him say
He seems to be reserved
He seems to be shy
He seems to be intimidated
I don't know the reason why
I see him when he's laughing
I see him when he cries
I see him when he's dreaming
Or just passing by the time


Time after time
I've fallen victim to my crimes
Knowing that it's me
Who's not on my side
A star of light
Dimmed on my darkest night
Still searching for the day
I'll do something right
When I try to do it all my self
The load is just too heavy
The road is just too long
And it always turns out wrong
Oh I've tried a million times before
And I've cried a flood of rivers more
But I find it's all just my fault
Life taken with a grain of salt
It's no one's fault but my own
No one to blame but me
Here I stand with a broken plan
Reaching for someone's hand
Time after time


I've been doing some soul searching
Feeling guilty as a person can feel
I've been looking around trying to see
I know God isn't happy with me
That's where I've been lead to think
The past is a part I can't replace
Finally dazed by the highway sign
I found my heart in a new place
It's time to stop the music being played
The bruises from falling don't all fade away
Just remember our tomorrows are ticking away
Our hands are tied; we are all victims of fate
C'est la vie
On the stage to play another part is it just a state of mind?
Keep walking against the crowd, but never cry out loud
Self hatred will only grow in time
How could God be happy with me?
He who knows me from the inside
No one knows me better than me
And in the morning I see the sun
I hold my head up, and look out the window to a new day


Where is this place I've come to?
How did I get here?
Fast, but so slow
Somewhere I don't know
Always running, rushing on
Time pushing me into the future
Doors may close, but windows open wider
More in a way they never used to
Where is this place we've come to?
No one see's the tears falling
But all of God's children are crying
Can you hear them?
It seems no one can hear them
Somewhere, each day I stay
Every day I want to run away
Faster and faster I'll go
Slower to somewhere I don't know


For years I've played on the shore
Making castles in the sand
Casting pebbles through the waves
Darkened glasses protect from rays
Diving right to the core
Surfacing above the ocean floor
Searching for that treasure galore
Sharks caution cause ways door
Then one sultry Sunday morning
Surprisingly finding what I was looking for
A treasure in a sunken ship
Submitting into my finger tips
So sudden and without grip
Rapidly the sun grew dim
Recoveries chance became too slim
When blinding storms began blowing in
Rescuing myself, hoping to return
Faster and faster I had to swim
Knowing inside I had to live
Abandoned where my findings once again
Visiting the treasury from time to time
Only to find lost and despair
Because the treasure was no longer there
Drifting with tide went all my plans
Glory was found by new hands
Carried off to a foreign land
Now and then, if only for a while
Watching over where I dove
Seeking out my treasure trove


Sitting here under my tree
It's a waste land, I feel so free
I'm still waiting here, just waiting
For something to come down each year
Scrabbling because everything cost
Ocean life, subtle tides shape our lives
Country people stop and look
City people's got the hook
Frozenville melts from global warming
Suppose I've really grown an old tree dog
But I wonder how long
Sitting here under my tree
It's a waste land, I feel so free
Still waiting and wondering here
For something to come down next year


So many people coming into this world
So many people leave it behind
In my darkest hour, in my life
I stand and shout, I'll live my life
It's a tough life in the world we live
And these days are full of pain, more take than give
Especially the days no one knows your name
When everyone is looking for perfection
When everyone is looking for fame
Trying to find that open door to fortune and gain
Sunbeams shine through the window onto the floor
Bright shinny day with a message from the sky
Telling me to come out and play and I ask why
Mine is a tough life in this world that we live
And these days are full of pain, more take than give
It's a tough life in the world that we live
And the days are full of pain, more take than give


Driving down the street in my car
I see, so everyone in Hollywood's a star
Anyone can be alone and afraid
Even in a big city like L.A.
Life is not easy living in the city
Because no one there has much pity
Still you're headed for your destination
Down on dead-end street without hesitation
No one cares if you cry
Not even your mother cares of your life
She's the only one that never lied
What a way to live with such pain and struggle
Sometimes we get angry with no focus or direction
When people get hungry they learn how to survive
Life is really hard when you live in the city
Because no one there has much pity
So you're headed for your destination
Down on dead-end street of either direction
No one seems to care or have much pity
No one seems to care where they are headed
Down on dead-end street


Frazzled days behind the desk
Works a sacrifice, but for the best
Fickle hoping never fails
Gallantly charming clientele
Careful on the giddy hearts
It's hard holding on when situations get tough
It's hard playing your part with a fake smile and an idiot's bluff
Time tick tocks slower when you're on the clock
Still dreaming of someday, it will all be okay
When union strikes start to pay
Maybe it's not the way, holding on with nothing
When nothings all you've got, but so thankful for a lot
Gallantly charming clientele
Fickle hoping never fails
Such a sacrifice, but for the best
Frazzled days behind the desk


Tedious tasks nearing completion
The most propitious time as any
For a Caribbean vacation
Wiling away sultry afternoons
Searingly sensual siestas
No fear for indiscretions
While placating Venus
Colleagues too are anxious
Ecstatic with good will
Amazingly tactful and tender
Outrageously reckless behavior
Glad tidings from a savior
Fanciful but fey, frills of the day
Naughty side of the dual nature
Looking up to the future


Does it happen only?
When you live your life lonely
Everyday learning there is no reason
For walking alone slowly
What's a life of luxury?
When luxury is what you're not
Stopping the want
But knowing the truth
Where does it get you?
Destitute conversion
Nothing left to do In the isolation room
No room for hatred
No room for questions
No answers uncovered
Not yet discovered
There is always a situation
For station and cause
But knowing the truth
Can get you through
The walls of the isolation room


Winds so clear and fresh
The sky so turquoise blue
A morning scenario
Daylight savings time, bran new
Cold winds rarely blow now
When you feel them, soon you will know
The Storms dark clouds come and go
The clouds fog around the window
Ghostly they seem real, floating without feel
Still on the other side, up from on high
The Lightning shines a flash brightly
Clouds glow all through the night as you are dreaming
Fly like a bird in flight, to live and survive
Fly like a bird, fly and be free
Food for the bird is the seeds
The rain water feeds the seeds
The seed a flower to be
Rain water falls much harder than dew
Rolling down the window
Rolling down my window
Clearing the view


Seems like I've been playing the waiting game all my life
Searching for a treasure in the light
Even turning to astrograph
Determined to know
All my days are full of change
I've got to let the gypsy go
Forget about the past
Looking for the tree beyond the light
When you're talking to the moon conversations lifting
But information ends too soon
Free will and situations shifting
Sun of gold shine for me today
I've been on many treasure hunts
But the gold was already gone
Time is running out, I can't go on
It's been so adventurous along the way
And may I say so exciting, but so fey
Looking for a needle in a stack of hay
Sun of gold shine for me today


You have often made me feel
You're more than just a friend
Searching for impression
Till the very end Experiencing your touch
Made me think to believe
You gave me the sweetest sensations
That I have ever perceived
Not aware of your intentions
I suffer the greatest pity
Being lonely and not able to cope
Always finding myself
Examining the grope


Talking to friends is no good for me
When they act like they don't understand
How could it be that even friends have jealousy?
If only they could see what it means to me
To be enlightened on confusing situations
If only passing phases, or maybe it's just meant to be
Inside my head I keep hearing
All the tender words you were saying, what were they for?
Just another open door
For years I've been detecting jealous behavior
I'm not searching for a personal savior
Hard labor, with too many pieces to the puzzle
So don't act hurt or surprised when I turn my back
Or even pull back the disguise that I've seen through
For every season there is a reason
There are no mistakes for every person in our lives
Is there someone there who can explain this fear?
And if you care, why do we do the things we do?


When something's destructible
Even a person in your life is capable, when given too much
Giving to the hands of fate, there is just so much a person can take
As a lesson learned, take things slow as the truth of the stories unfold
Have you heard this one before as I even up the score?
I'm someone who pacified you
No chains could tie you down
Feeling like a prisoner, strangers in a no name town
Conversations on what could have been
Thoughts about what used to be
Going down a empty highway with luggage full of history
Life's truths lie, there's no easy way to live in doubt
Just a heart reaching in and a heart reaching out
Even though it feels right, giving in can be wrong
Just a stranger in a no name town
Feeling like a prisoner
A feeling of being dragged down
I was your pacifier and now you're gone


You climbed aboard the vessel
Of a drifting piece of wood
Floating on a river, direction so misunderstood
I gave to you unselfishly which you took advantage of
The emotional waves of rage that caused pain instead of love
Your soul touched me in places
I never thought you could
Now I lie like driftwood so seemingly undone
Is this what I've become, stranded up in love?
At Neptune's will I'm drifting still
Stars locked in line, so lost inside
I'm drifting still at Neptune's will
At Neptune's will I'm drifting still
At Neptune's will I'm drifting still
I'll be drifting still


Who do you think you are?
Who do you want to be?
Someone I don't know, because you let me go
Maybe you'll be surprised
When you're search is through
The one you've been searching for
Is really only you
Believe me I understand
We all have our place in life to find
I'm just tired of finding someone
Who doesn't feel like mine
Real love remains even through times of change
It's just you have little faith in me
Find out what you need
If you really knew how much you mean to me
All your fears would disappear
Maybe you'll never find the desire in your mind
Yet, I realize you've got to try, so I'll go
Maybe you'll be surprised
When your search is through
Maybe you'll be surprised how much you love me too


Tonight I've made a decision
To throw union aside
Since you don't need me anyway
Left over affection
Locked deep-inside
I've started thinking about tomorrow
These memories will dance on my mind along time
A heart that stopped walking on a line
I'm ok, I'm feeling fine
Starting to gain control again
A time to move with the flow
Like a soldier marching to war
Movements set on slow; it's time to move on
Rhythm's on the go-balanced rhythmic flow
Keep on moving, going on
I won't look back, until the feeling gone
A heart that stopped on a dime
I'm ok, I'm feeling fine


I put out all the fires
To clear the smoke
There was no reason
No more than a joke
My imagination is growing
Vapor resulting from action of heat
Emotional feelings
Caused from several heart beats
So tired of living on belief
Reality finds the real you
It's only a state of dream
Now I believe, I can't believe in you
Curiosity over substance lies or excuse
That can't be controlled
Emotional exchanges lacking a firm hold
Like sand that slips through your hands
Life is full of changes
May I be so hard and so bold?
You never really know anyone
Developing greater references until the stories told
It's never easy letting go
Trust is earned not just given


Escaping you and the spell over me
It's a case of do or die
Breaking down the walls of pride
Escaping you, I have to I will always remember you
This is the hardest thing to do I'm hurting deep inside
Breaking down the walls of pride
There's nothing else I can do
I'm hurt and I cry
It's so hard to say good bye, don't know why
Because you've opened the door for me
No such thing as devotion
Obsession, I'm avoiding
What's this fascination?
Such strong emotions
You were never mine
The truth is we don't belong to anyone
Now, just a picture in my mind of what used to be
Time is in motion, love dies when you use the word mine
Once in a life time, that went no where
The fantasy turned night mare
The spell over me I'll elude, you'll see
I'm escaping you


Dad lets go fishing in the pond
Let's go fishing behind the old barn in the tank
I've got the lines, we can catch the bait
Dad lets go fishing, just you and me
Nothing I do will make things change
I can't go back in time to a happier place
Dad lets go fishing, let's go today
For Christmas you wanted everyone to be happy
A life time of trying to be, what you expected of me
Dad lets go fishing, just you and me
I can't go back in time to a happier place
Dad lets go fishing, let's go today
It doesn't matter, if we don't catch anything
Dad lets go fishing, just you and me
I can't go back in time to a happier place
Dad lets go fishing, let's go today


Excerpted from A PERIOD OF INTROSPECTION by FRANCE SPRINGS Copyright © 2011 by France Springs. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


I'M A DREAMER....................11
PARADE DAY....................12
GRAIN OF SALT....................15
FINALLY DAZED....................16
TREASURE TROVE....................18
TREE DOG....................19
TOUGH LIFE....................20
DOWN ON DEAD-END STREET....................21
FRAZZLED DAYS....................22
THE ISOLATION ROOM....................25
RAIN WATER....................26
SUN OF GOLD....................27
THE GROPE....................28
YOU'RE SEARCH....................33
ESCAPING YOU....................36
DAD LETS GO FISHING....................37
I TRIED....................39
AMERICAN STATE....................40
LOVE LIVE OR DIE....................41
LOVE IS ALIVE....................42
YOU'RE PAIN....................43
NOW AND FOREVER....................45
MERCURY RETROGRADE....................46
THE KEY TO LIFE....................48
RUSSIAN BLUE....................49
IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK....................50
THE CROWN OF THORNS FOR ME....................54

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