PERL Resource Kit: UNIX Edition

PERL Resource Kit: UNIX Edition


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PERL Resource Kit: UNIX Edition by Ellen Siever, Larry Wall, Brian Jepson, David Futato

The Perl Resource Kit — UNIX Edition gives you the most comprehensive collection of Perl documentation and commercially enhanced software tools available today. Developed in association with Larry Wall, the creator of Perl, it's the definitive Perl distribution for Webmasters, programmers, and system administrators.The Perl Resource Kit provides: Over 1800 pages of tutorial and in-depth reference documentation for Perl utilities and extensions, in four volumes. The books in the Kit are not available elsewhere (or separately) and include:

  • Programming with Perl Modules, by Nate Patwardhan with Clay Irving
  • Perl Module Reference (two volumes), compiled and edited by Ellen Siever and David Futato
A CD-ROM containing the complete Perl distribution, plus hundreds of freeware Perl extensions and utilities — a complete snapshot of the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN)— as well as new software written by Larry Wall just for this Kit.Essential Perl Software Tools All on One Convenient CD-ROMExperienced Perl hackers know when to create their own, and when they can find what they need on CPAN. Now all the power of CPAN — and more — is at your fingertips. The Perl Resource Kit includes:

  • A complete snapshot of CPAN, with an install program for Solaris and Linux that ensures that all necessary modules are installed together. Also includes an easy-to-use search tool and a Web-aware interface that allows you to get the latest version of each module.
  • A new Java/Perl interface that allows programmers to write Java classes with Perl implementations. This new tool was written specially for this Kit by Larry Wall.
Experience the power of Perl modules in areas such as CGI, Web spidering, database interfaces, managing mail and USENET news, user interfaces, security, graphics, math and statistics, and much more.Perl has been described as the "duct tape of the Web." This linguistically malleable scripting language allows you to "glue" programs together that function seamlessly on the Web or as system administration solutions. Long a tool of UNIX sysadmins, Perl is now the dominant language for creating dynamic Web pages.The Perl Resource Kit is the first comprehensive tutorial and reference documentation for hundreds of essential third-party Perl extension modules used for creating applications and more. It features commercially enhanced Perl utilities specially developed for this Kit by Perl's creator, Larry Wall. And, it is all brought to you by the premier publisher of Perl and UNIX books and documentation, O'Reilly & Associates. Like the bestselling Programming Perl, this is a definitive product that all serious Perl programmers will want to have.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781565923706
Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Incorporated
Publication date: 11/08/1997
Edition description: BK&CD-ROM
Pages: 1812
Product dimensions: 7.33(w) x 9.82(h) x 5.00(d)

About the Author

Ellen Siever is a writer and editor specializing in Linux and other open source topics. In addition to Linux in a Nutshell, she coauthored Perl in a Nutshell. She is a long-time Linux and Unix user, and was a programmer for many years until she decided that writing about computers was more fun.

Larry Wall originally created Perl while a programmer at Unisys. He now works full time guiding the future development of the language as a researcher and developer at O'Reilly Media, Inc.. Larry is known for his idiosyncratic and thought-provoking approach to programming, as well as for his groundbreaking contributions to the culture of free software programming. He is the principal author of the bestselling Programming Perl, known colloquially as "the Camel book."

Brian Jepson is an O'Reilly editor, programmer, and co-author of Mac OS X Panther for Unix Geeks. He's also a volunteer system administrator and all-around geek for AS220, a non-profit arts center in Providence, Rhode Island. AS220 gives Rhode Island artists uncensored and unjuried forums for their work. These forums include galleries, performance space, and publications.

David Futato is a full-time freelance designer and the design mastermind behind the One-on-One series. Having worked in design and production in both publishing and advertising for the last fifteen years, he brings real-world experience to his projects-he's wrestled with nearly every kind of layout, file format, schedule, press issue, and client one can imagine. In addition to the One-on-One books, his credits include the interior book designs for the Animal and Digital Media series from O'Reilly Media. David holds a Bachelor of Science in writing from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Nathan Patwardhan is an active Perl Monger and has extensive experience in system administration and application development for web based corporations. He is also the co-author of the first edition of Perl in a Nutshell and Programming with Perl Modules (distributed with the O'Reilly Perl Resource Kit).

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