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by Brian Huey


by Brian Huey



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No government or corporation
will control perpetual energy.
My discovery will be free for the world,
or nobody gets it at all!

His own words haunt Dr. Jackson after his wife’s suspicious death. Can a reclusive man at a Lake Michigan compound, surrounded by security tighter than the White House, protect his son and himself from ever-powerful enemies? A generation later, an all-American whiz kid named Matthew Eaton learns the answer to that question. Who, if anyone, will control Dr. Jackson’s miracle of science?

The Perpetual series bursts off the first page when Matthew witnesses three men gunned down before his eyes. But not before he and Maria are handed the keys to solving one of society’s greatest dilemmas—how the world can fuel its insatiable energy demands. Drawn by a chance encounter into the life of a charismatic stranger called Cracker Jack, Matthew is soon dodging bullets from evildoers—to whom profit trumps life.

While Matthew and Maria take flight along the East Coast in a battered VW Bus, seemingly unrelated events unfold around the globe, some set in motion decades before Matthew was born. Can Matthew trust those closest to him? Can he trust the FBI? Can he trust anyone?

Pitted against daunting forces—U.S. government-trained assassins, the oil industry, and Middle Eastern Islamic extremists—trouble abounds for Matthew and Maria at every turn. Their allies, a disheveled FBI agent and a mysterious philanthropic tutor, may be helpless to save them. Matthew faces choices that inevitably alter his fate and the future of all those around him, choices that could change the entire world.

What readers are saying:

. . . explosive beginning maintained throughout this thriller. I'm looking forward to Brian Huey's next novel.
-- Phil Joyce
President, The Lakeland Group

With the rising price of oil threatening global economies and the search for alternative energy sources making the news everyday, this exciting story is a wild ride but one which could actually happen. Mixing the U.S. government's various intelligence agencies, big oil interests and Middle East terrorists Perpetual leaves you wondering who the good or bad guys really are! Combine all of this with the developing tale of relationships between families and friends on a personal level and you have a narrative with many intriguing characters and very engaging plot twists.
-- Lee and Jim Fleischer
Avid readers of current day thrillers

. . . an intensely gripping novel that throws you immediately into the battle of energy development while interesting twists and turns accellerate you towards the climax. Where is book #2?
-- Carolyn Suther
Engineer & Photographer
PERPETUAL reads like a run-away train ride . . . People and places seem familiar at first, then like passing through a dark tunnel, the reader emerges into a brightly lit world of intrigue and suspense.
-- John J. Rego
Member, Rego & Roy, LLC
President, Phunny Pharm Entertainment
Cincinnati, Ohio
. . . after reading Perpetual you'll be wanting more. The Cussler, Grisham and Lee Child fans will be adding Brian Huey to their list of favorites. The tempo, fascinating characters and the intriguing storyline will capture you . . . get comfortable, you can't put it down!
-- Eddie Booth
National Accounts Manager
North Carolina
Who doesn't love a page turner and Perpetual is that from page one!

From the unassuming and intimate introduction to the characters, from the first chapter to the last, you careen through the continual broadside of events with them, wondering when and how it will ever end. Pick up this book when you have time to read it all!
-- Marsha Donahue
Owner & Artist
North Light Gallery

I loved the high level of tension and suspense throughout the book, punctuated by the budding romance of Matthew and Maria. Once I started reading, I didn't want to stop. I look forward to the next book . . .
-- Debra Grzybowski
Senior Recruitment Specialist
Federal Express

Brian Huey sets out the problem of who is going to control the world's energy, the solution being sought by assassinations and intimidation. He opens the door to the greed driven politics of those seeking money and power. He gives a voice to this timely question in a way one would think they are reading a newspaper reporting current events. It's a tough book to put down.-- Morton C. Nickell
Mr. Nickell's rich biography
was accentuated after retirement
as an instructor in the Criminal Justice Department,
the University of North Carolina at Charlotte

I have always been a Tom Clancy fan, so Perpetual is right down my ally. And I'm already looking forward to Perpetual (2).
-- Dorothy Miller

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Product Details

BN ID: 2940012934949
Publisher: Brian Huey
Publication date: 05/05/2008
Series: Perpetual , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 400
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Brian Huey was born in Westlake, Ohio. He went on to receive a BS and BA from the University of North Carolina, where he competed as a springboard diver. After working in corporate America for a few years, he ventured out as an entrepreneur. Since those early years, he has owned businesses in advertising, manufacturing, and finance, all the while writing the PERPETUAL series. His inspiration comes from his own adventures in life and business, having experienced firsthand that reality is stranger than fiction. Brian competes as a master’s swimmer (MAC Masters). Brian lives near Charlotte, North Carolina.

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