Perry Rhodan 241: Fünf von der CREST: Perry Rhodan-Zyklus

Perry Rhodan 241: Fünf von der CREST: Perry Rhodan-Zyklus "Die Meister der Insel"

by William Voltz

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ISBN-13: 9783845302409
Publisher: Perry Rhodan digital
Publication date: 08/01/2011
Series: Perry Rhodan-Erstauflage , #241
Sold by: Bookwire
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 64
File size: 373 KB

About the Author

WILLIAM VOLTZ William, genannt "Willi" Voltz, wurde 1938 in Offenbach geboren. Wie viele seiner SF-Kollegen interessierte auch er sich schon seit frühester Kindheit für Science Fiction. Seiner ersten SF-Roman-Veröffentlichung "Sternenkämpfer", die im Herbst 1958 als Utopia-Taschenbuch erschien, gingen zahlreiche Fandom-Aktivitäten und das Schreiben vieler Kurzgeschichten voraus. 1961 wurde er zum besten Fan-Autor gewählt. Durch seine Mitgliedschaft im Science Fiction Club Deutschland (SFCD) lernte Voltz den Autor K. H. Scheer kennen, der ihm 1962 die Mitarbeit im Perry Rhodan-Team anbot. Der Autor, der mit "Das Grauen" (74) debütierte, etablierte sich recht schnell als Stammautor. Als 1969 die Schwesterserie ATLAN entstand, war Willi Voltz auch mit dabei. Zunächst schrieb er parallel zu Perry Rhodan die ATLAN-Romane, später zeichnete er für die ATLAN-Exposés verantwortlich. 1973 startete die Fantasy-Serie "Dragon" mit Voltz-Romanen. Ab 1974 war der Exposé-Autor der Perry Rhodan-Serie und prägte die Handlung immer mehr hin zum Philosophischen. Trotz seiner Vorausplanung der Inhalte bis Mitte der 1200er Perry Rhodan-Bände hinterließ sein Tod 1984 eine große Lücke. Sein letzter PR-Roman war "Einsteins Tränen" (1165).

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Perry Rhodan 241: Fünf von der CREST (Heftroman): Perry Rhodan-Zyklus "Die Meister der Insel" 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Percy got up and helped Angel. "Which table are going to sit at?" He asked. Angel shrugged "l don't know l'll just sit by Chiron and Mr. D." "Sitting with Mr. D sounds like torture," Percy said. Angel nodded, but she was distracted she finally asked what she was wondering "Percy did your dad tell you about another sibling coming to camp soon?" Angel asked. He shook his head "No why did he say anything to you?" "No, but on the way here we found another demigod on the side of the road her name is Caitlyn and guess who her dad is," Angel said. "I don't know--" then it dawned on him "Really wow well Posiedon sure is busy so where is she right now there is plenty of beds in Posiedon's cabin," he said. "About that Percy even you didn't know about her doesn't mean others didn't either," Angel said. Percy turned and looked into her eyes "Angel where is Caitlyn ." "A furie took her probably to the Underworld," she blurted out.*** Caitlyn knew that the thing that took her was a furie since Adrain, Angel told her everything they knew that her dad was Posiedon, god of the sea, and they would take her to a safe place where no monster could hurt. They should her a video explaining everything. When they arrived to Camp Half-Blood there was monsters everwhere, and before she could do anything one grabbed her and took her away she heard someone yelling, but she didn't know who it was that was hours ago, and she was still flying now she was over a body of water she wondered if she had the power to control the water it was very quiet the furie has not said anything to her since she kidnapped her. Suddenly Catilyn felt something in her pocket when she reached out and took it out, and saw that it was just a ring. She was mad so close to her father's element and all she gets is a ring. It was pretty though it was like the color of the ocean below it was decorated with waves and a trident. When she looked inside the ring she realized that it was bronze, and that her name was imprinted there. Press the the trident Caitlyn this is my gift to you said a voice in her. Who are you she asked. You know who l am it said fading away. Caitlyn did what it told she pressed the trident and a dagger was formed the blade was bronze the same color Angel's weapon was before she had anymore time to analize it the furie noticed it before it could do anything Caitlyn stabbed it in the stomach "You--," it didn't finish what it was going to say because it turned to dust before she knew it Caitlyn was falling "Ahhhhhh," she screamed. (tell me if you like it. Part 10 will at rlg)