Person-Centered Care for Mental Illness: The Evolution of Adherence and Self-Determination

Person-Centered Care for Mental Illness: The Evolution of Adherence and Self-Determination

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Person-Centered Care for Mental Illness: The Evolution of Adherence and Self-Determination by Patrick W. Corrigan, American Psychological Association

Many people with serious mental illnesses reject mental health services, or drop out of interventions early. As a result, their condition may become more disabling. In the past, mental health professionals considered this behaviour to be a failure to comply with or adhere to treatment. This narrow focus, however, is changing. In the new person-centered care environment, recently codified in the Affordable Care Act, people are seen as consumers of mental health services rather than patients who must comply with doctor's orders. The ideas presented in this volume are the future of care for mentally ill patients. Using the latest outcomes research, the authors in this volume show that having control over one's life goals and treatment plan is essential to clients' recovery. They also demonstrate how person-centered care can take place across various contexts, including mandated treatment, psychotherapy, medication management, supported employment, family education, complementary medicine, and peer support. Readers will familiarize themselves with practices that enhance self-determination among people with serious mental illness. These include collaborative goal setting, motivational interviewing, and creating psychiatric advance directives.

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ISBN-13: 9781433819773
Publisher: American Psychological Association
Publication date: 04/28/2015
Edition description: New Edition
Product dimensions: 8.60(w) x 11.20(h) x 1.60(d)

Table of Contents

Contributors ix

Acknowledgments xi

Introduction Patrick W. Corrigan 3

Chapter 1 The Problem of Adherence and the Importance of Self-Determination Patrick W. Corrigan Kristin Kosyluk Petra Kottsieper 9

Chapter 2 Beyond the Rational Patient: Implications for Health Decisions and Behaviors Patrick W. Corrigan Karina J. Powell Patrick J. Michaels 29

Chapter 3 How Does Stigma Impede Adherence and Self-Determination? Patrick W. Corrigan Andrea B. Bink 53

Chapter 4 Person-Centered Care Larry Davidson Janis Tondora Rebecca Miller Maria J. O'Connell 81

Chapter 5 Psychiatric Advance Directives Maria J. O'Connell 103

Chapter 6 Shared Decision Making Beth Angell Elizabeth Mattheivs Victoria Stanhope Michael Rowe 117

Chapter 7 Increasing Employment Motivation for Individuals With Psychiatric Disabilities Jonathan E. Larson 141

Chapter 8 Cognitive Approaches That Impact Self Determination Patrick J. Michaels Karina J. Powell Patrick W. Corrigan 155

Chapter 9 Self-Determination Within the Context of Legally Mandated Treatment Amy C. Watson 173

Chapter 10 Peer Support and Service Engagement Mark S. Salzer Petra Kottsieper 191

Chapter 11 Self-Determination and Cultural Considerations: An Asian Perspective Eun-Jeong Lee Choiu Lam Nicole Ditchman 211

Chapter 12 Critical Last Thoughts About Self-Determination and Recovery Patrick W. Corrigan 235

Index 243

About the Editor 251

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